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Struggling with a slow website? Let us help you fix that! We’ll work on improving your site’s loading time, as well as aim to get you a higher score with GTMetrix and other relevant speed testing tools. We’ll optimize your images and assist you with the best caching plugins to keep your great results!


A survey from Google concluded that users want to see your site load in less than 3-4 seconds. According to Kissmetrics, 40% of users will leave your site if it doesn’t load in less than 3 seconds. These numbers are even more significant for mobile users. If your site is not responsive or loads slow, it’s time to update & optimize it. Otherwise accept the consequences. Speed is also important for site usability and SEO. Google introduced site speed as a signal for SEO back in 2010. Most recently they’ve highlighted the importance of site speed for mobile devices, as Google moves towards a more mobile friendly web. Hence, you can’t postpone it anymore – 2019 is the year of page speed. Is your website ready?

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What's Inside
The Speed Optimize Service
Start: On Form Submission
Duration: 7 Days

With our Site Speed Optimization service we aim to improve your overall site loading speed, letting Google know that you’re serious about your online business. We will review your website, implement the necessary plugins and tools to help speed it up & offer recommendations for future, so you can keep a good score. The main aim is to improve the loading time of your main pages, especially your home page. We also aim to improve your GTMetrix score & other speed relevant scores.

*Note you may need to upgrade hosting for better results, we will provide recommendations at the end of the service.

Package includes:

  • Minify Files
  • Enable Site Compression
  • Concatenate Javascript and CSS
  • Optimize Site Images
  • Enable Caching
  • Report with results and recommendations
  • Access to site speed course

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Purchase the speed optimize service. Once the order is confirmed you’ll be sent an email with a form to complete.

Complete Form

Complete our speed optimize form, include your WordPress and Hosting login details. Now it’s over to us. Do your own thing for the next week, while we work on your site optimization in the background.

Site Review

We’ll do an analysis of your current site’s speed and performance metrics and record them. We’ll use these later in the report we provide to you so you can see the improvements on your site.

Image Optimize

We will review and optimize the images on your 4 most important site pages to make sure that they are loading quickly. Then we optimize the rest of your blog post images. We’ll also offer advice on how to best optimize your images in the future.


Now that we know where your current site is, we’ll optimize your site for speed and aim to increase your performance metrics on GT Metrix, Page loading time, Pagespeed, and Yslow performance. We will minify Javascript and CSS files to improve overall performance and reduce the number of requests needed to load your site. We will record the new performance metrics.

The Results

Finally we will create a report on your site improvements and offer any recommendations that may allow you to enhance your site’s performance further. We also make recommendations for you to keep your site running smoothly in the future!


Don't just take our word for it. See what some of our customers have to say about our speed optimize service.
I knew every time I checked out my Wordpress site something was missing, the load speed was way off. My philosophy is that if your website takes longer than 7 seconds to load, you’ve lost your perspective client. That's why this service is invaluable!! After a quick tune up by flothemes my site is loading almost instantly! Not to mention my SEO rankings have jumped in certain areas thanks to google being able to load my site faster. Highly recommend, 10/10!
Nikkolas Nguyen
We are absolutely thrilled with the results! Our site has never been faster and everything Flothemes has done for us has helped take a major task off of our “to do list.” We no longer have to worry about site speed and if the overseer known as Google is pleased with out site performance.
Jacob Fink
Seriously the difference is incredible. I would get annoyed at my own site and how long it took to load, so I can only image someone just wanting to inquire! My site is now loading so much faster on desktop and mobile, and they sent me recommendations of how I can further improve my site in the future! Would 100000% recommend this service to improve your website so it's running to the best of it's ability!
Kylie Morgan

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