Font System
2 Color palettes
20 unique blocks
Frequently Asked Questions

Can I mix blocks from different style kits on the same page?

Yes, absolutely! The unique blocks from each style kit get added to your common library of Flex blocks. You can mix and match your theme and style kit blocks as you wish, regardless of which style kit is activated on that specific page.

Can I use multiple style kits on the same site?

You sure can! You can have 1 style kit applied as your Global one, which dictates the styling on all pages. Yet, you also have the option to overwrite that, and apply specific style kits on specific pages. This allows you to differentiate your landing pages, multiple brands or services that you provide, etc.

Can I use this library on multiple sites?

No, 1 subscription is applicable to 1 flextheme license. You can’t activate this subscription on multiple websites at the same time.

Can I pay monthly?

This Style Kit subscription is available only as an yearly payment.  The subscription includes all current style kits as well as future additions.

How many style kits are included in the subscription?

There are 24 style kits included in the subscription: 11 style kits inspired by Classic Themes: Porto, Crowd, Rosemary, Evora, Cannes, Cube, Fiji, Osaka, LVY, Milea, Narcisse, 11 style kits inspired by Flexthemes: June, Faro, Velvet, Elise, Lyra, Verso, Nessa, Nomade, Zephyr, Ember and Cotton and 2 New style kits: Niko & Kaya.

Can I buy just 1 style kit?

The style kits are available only as a subscription option, where you get access to the full library.

Do the style kits work with Pronto?

Yes, the style kits work with Pronto, similarly as they work with any other Flextheme.

What happens to my site when I cancel/don’t renew my subscription?

That’s a great question. If you cancel your subscription, your site layouts will remain as they are, nothing will change on the front end. The style kit that you will have applied as global will also remain active on your site. You will lose access to the style kits library and the unique blocks that come with it. This means, you will no longer be able to apply those extra style kits to new pages on your site + you won’t have access to new additions that will be added into the library.

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