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To ensure, that you receive the best support possible, please follow the steps:
1. Make sure your theme/plugins/browser are all updated to latest versions.
2. Clear your browser and website cache.
3. Something as simple as googling your issue + adding “Flothemes” in the search bar might help you find the solution faster (i.e. emails not working Flothemes).
4. Check our FAQ & Documentation, as most questions have been covered by our team through tutorials.
5. If steps 1-4 didn’t help, select the type of issue you’re experiencing to find a solution or get in touch with support.

CSS Customization
Wondering how to achieve a look outside of theme's functionality?
If you’re trying to modify the existing functionality or look of your theme, and the option you’re searching for isn’t available as a theme default, we assume that custom code would be required to achieve this specific look/functionality. Our team would gladly help, though, please note an additional fee might be applied to bring your idea/desire to life. Before submitting your request, we’d recommend to try creating the desired block in FlexBlock.
Third Party Issue
Having an issue with your hosting, emails or non-Flothemes plugins?
If the functionality of your website was corrupted after installing a 3d party plugin, try to deactivate that plugin, and clear your site / hosting cache. If you are still having issues continue to disable plugins one by one until you find the offending plugin. Please note that Flothemes does not support any 3d party conflicts, since the issue isn’t directly related to our themes (see paragraph 5.g in our Support terms). We’d recommend at this point contacting the plugin’s support team or simply deactivating the plugin.
Frequently asked questions

When I'm trying to submit a ticket it says that my support expired, why?

All of our themes come with 12 months of free support after the purchase date. Once this period expires, you have an option to extend your support package to keep receiving assistance from our team.

How long will I continue receiving updates for my theme?

Per our terms of service, all themes receive updates up to 18months from the official release date of the theme. This date can be found on the product page. This means that regardless if you have active support or not, you still receive all public updates within the theme’s lifespan.

Is it mandatory to buy a support subscription after the 12 months of included support have expired?

No, it’s not mandatory, unless you’ve upgraded to Pronto. Pronto, the new theme version that integrates Flex directly into Gutenberg, requires an active support subscription at all times. With all other themes, getting a support subscription is optional. If you feel confident with managing your website on your own, and you won’t need our team’s help, you can continue using your theme without having an active support subscription.

What type of questions/problems are covered by the Support Care Packages?

Any questions related from achieving the demo layouts of your theme, troubleshooting and bug fixing, answers and guidance to questions about the features and functionality of your theme or Flo plugins.

The Support Care Packages don’t include Customizations, Content Management, SEO, or Speed Optimization assistance. They also don’t include help with any third-party plugins or compatibility issues caused by non-Flothemes products.

What type of questions/ problems are solved for free after my support expires?

Only bug fixes related to Flo products. Within the theme’s lifespan, our team supports issues related to our products. The fix can be applied directly to your website or can be solved in a future update.

To identify whether you’ve found a bug or if the issue you’re struggling with is caused by a third-party variable, please consult this guide.

Why would I need to pay for support to solve an issue, if it's not my fault?

Your WordPress website has multiple variables at stake – your hosting, your theme, WordPress, the plugins and the extensions that you use. Each of these variables impacts the way your website works, and interacts with all the other components. Sometimes these can conflict with each other, if not updated on time or misconfigured. Hence, the issue you’re experiencing on your website could be a Flothemes bug, yet it can also be caused by one of the third party variables.

To identify the source of your problem, we urge you to follow the steps described in our troubleshooting articles.

If you’ve found a bug strictly related to a Flo product, you won’t need to pay to have your issue solved. Bugs are solved for free, regardless of having an active support subscription or not.

To receive a bug fix, you first need to update your Flo Plugins, WP version, and theme. Next, make sure you have deactivated all your third-party plugins and test whether the problem persists on other browsers. If the issue is still present, log into your account and use the “Request a Fix” form to report the bug.

Can I pay per request?

Yes, though it’s important to note that solving a technical issue would usually cost around $39-$79, because one-time requests cover the hours of work spent to investigate and solve your issue.

The support subscription is not billed hourly though. It’s a care package that includes 60+ tickets and access to premium Flo Plugins (depending on the package you choose). So given that you can submit up to 60 tickets with the $79/year subscription, in 99% of the cases it’s more convenient to prolong your support subscription, rather than pay per request.

How do I choose the right package for my needs?

When choosing a support package, we recommend making the decision based on the extra perks offered with each package, not just the ticket allowance.

Even with our lowest tier, you still get enough support to cover all your possible questions throughout the year (unless you’re a designer using multiple Flo products). So the question is whether you need the additional plugins and benefits of the Personal and Business Packages (i.e. FloForms Pro, Flo Pack 1, Flo Credit Removal, Style Kit Subscription).

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