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Switching from ProPhoto has never been easier. With our new PP FloSwitch plugin you can convert your old ProPhoto galleries and grids so they can be used with any theme.

FloSwitch is compatible with PP4/PP5.

Also you may want to check out Flo Launch plugin.

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Q & A

Do I keep my existing content?

When switching from one WordPress theme to another all your content will remain the media library, your pages and posts will also still be present, only theme specific items may not work with a new theme.

What does the FloSwitch plugin convert?

The plugin will change your ProPhoto grids and galleries into standard WordPress functionality, or Flothemes specific features if using Flothemes.


Only a matter of minutes, depending on the number of posts, and pages using ProPhoto specific content.

Do I keep my SEO?

Only the ProPhoto specific SEO items are lost, you may want to install Yoast SEO or an alternative plugin which will allow you to enhance your SEO with better functionality and options.

What happens if I switch back to a ProPhoto theme?

If you’ve used the FloSwitch plugin to switch the ProPhoto shortcodes they will no longer work when switching back to ProPhoto. Make sure to make a database back up before you use the plugin.

How can I switch whilst keeping my site live?

If you have experience setting up WordPress sites and with using databases you can set up the site on a temporary WordPress site and make the switch, alternatively you can use our full installation service and we can help you with the process.

Do you offer transfer and switching services?

We do, our full installation service covers a full switch and assistance with styling, all whilst keeping your main site live. You can view our full installations here.

What should I be aware of when switching?


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