Will I be able to transfer all the content that I currently have with my ProPhoto website?

Yes, all the content that was used with default WordPress functionality will be transferred over automatically, only the Galleries and ProPhoto blocks will either need to be recreated or you could use one of the setup package in order to get help with that.

Will you be switching to full subscription as ProPhoto did?

No. We may introduce a subscription option to offer more benefits and value to our customers, but it will be optional, not forced. The one time payment will also remain available for those who want it. 

Can I keep my ProPhoto site live until I’m ready to launch the new site with Flothemes?

Yes, you absolutely can! We developed a plugin called Flo Launch, it comes for free and allows you to create clone of your website, to safely work on your new site there. Your current website stays live and available for clients to browse, while you build your new website in a safe testing environment. Once the new website is ready, with a simple click you publish it and it replaces your old site. 

How does the ProPhoto builder compare to the Flex Builder (also knows as FlexBlock)?

The Flex builder allows you to customize and create basically anything. You can pre-made layouts to start with, yet have the freedom to personalize and adapt them to your own needs and liking, on both, desktop and mobile. Here’s how it works. 

Are Flothemes SEO friendly?

They sure are. Flothemes are built on WordPress, the most powerful, SEO-friendly CMS out there. Each theme is fully responsive, optimized for speed right out of the box, and offers you maximum control over your SEO settings. Read more about SEO and how to keep your website Google friendly here.

What do I need to get started with Flothemes?

You need 4 things – a domain, a hosting provider and WordPress, which you already have + a Flothemes design. That’s it!
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