Migrate from Any WordPress Theme to Flothemes

Switching has never been easier. With the creation of our Flo Launch plugin you can now work on switching to Flothemes in the comfort of your existing WordPress dashboard.

No need for a temporary site and the hassle of a migration.

Get started with your switch today.

Flo Launch

Get the plugin and start creating your new site. Once downloaded, check out the steps below, and then follow our guide on how to make the switch.

The Process

There are 8 simple steps for making a transition from one WordPress theme to another. They are outlined below, and fully explained in our article and video on switching WordPress themes.


Once installed you can setup your Flotheme privately while keeping your current site live. READ MORE HERE.

Create Slideshows

Create any new slideshow to add to the top of your pages to give your site the wow factor.


Create your new galleries using Flothemes built in gallery posts. The best way to display your new portfolio.

Update Pages

Review your existing pages, using our new page build create each page to be unique

Contact Form

Test your new contact page and make sure that the emails are sending. Even better, check out our Flo Forms plugin to create a custom contact form for your site.

Review Plugins

Remove any plugins that you're not using to improve overall site performance, you may no longer need plugins for galleries etc.

Test Site

Test your site across multiple devices to make sure that it's working correctly and you're happy with how it's looking.


Once you're happy, 2 click launch the new site! Share it with the world, sit back end enjoy your new site with a smile.

Watch video Tutorials

Check out the following 3 part video series showing how to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Using other platform?

Check out our handy guide on how to make the transition to WordPress from other platforms.

Let us help

Installation Services

Want a helping hand? Let us assist you with the transition using our advanced installation services.

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