Changing To Flothemes: A Video Tutorial

With the new season approaching, many of you are looking into a website redesign, to give it that fresh new look. Heck, some of you are already thinking about 2018 and putting in place new strategies and portfolio presentations. In the past couple of months, we’ve had a large number of users switching between our themes (or to our themes).

Before, switching between Flothemes (or from other WordPress themes) used to be a challenge. You needed to set up a temporary site which required some technical skills or use a splash/maintenance page and work on your site for days, potentially turning away and losing touch points with new leads.

However, with the development of our FloLaunch plugin, we’ve made the process that much easier. Now, you can create a test site right in your own dashboard, set up your new site offline and in comfort, and launch it with just one click, when it’s ready to go live. The following article is your ultimate step by step guide (including video tutorials) on properly switching from one Flotheme to a new one.

Step 1: Initial Setup and First Steps

The following video explains the first steps to be taken. We cover the following items:

  • Setting up FloLaunch
  • Adding & Activating Your New Theme
  • Adding your Favicon
  • Adding your Google Analytics Code

Step 2: Checking Theme Items

In the second installment video, we cover the following items:

  • Setting your Menu
  • Adding your Logo
  • Setting up Slideshows
  • Reviewing Existing Galleries
  • Checking Widget Areas


Step 3: Review Pages and Content

In our last installment, we cover the following items:

  • Creating a Home Page
  • Setting up your Blog Page
  • Checking your Contact Page
  • Using Page Templates
  • Launching your New Site

There you go. If you’ve reached this section, you’re done and ready to celebrate your new website launch! As simple as that, with the new Flothemes Backend, switching between themes and setting up your new website can be done in less than a day!  Don’t forget to notify your friends and fans about your revamp and enjoy the compliments and likes!
If you would like to use our predefined Launch Kit banners for social media, download them here. And make sure you go through this quick checklist before launching your new site, to avoid any major bumps and mistakes!

Using one of our older themes and interested to see how to switch to a newer theme, check out the following video:

Flothemes Team,
Encouraging You.

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