Mono is stylish, minimalist and very versatile. It was designed as a multi-purpose theme, to cater to the needs of various business types, from photographers and filmmakers, to bloggers, designers, stylists, planners, educators, etc. Mono comes with an additional Style Kit of your choice that you can select after checkout inside your dashboard.

Theme Release Date: June 2020

This theme is no longer available for purchase. If you are interested in this aesthetic check out Pronto All-in-One that includes this style as a starter site.
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23 Page Templates
90+ predefined FlexBlocks
30+ WP base Blocks

Stylize Mono

Get a quick preview of how Mono transforms with each style kit with one simple click inside your dashboard. How cool is that? For a real life preview go to Mono’s demo.

Reasons why we love Flothemes


I LOVE how my site turned out. It feels like me, sounds like me, and, best of all, I could do it all myself. I get comments often on my website from clients about how helpful it was for them to get to know me and my process. 10/10 recommend!

When I saw that they launched their new Flexthemes, I knew I had to use one of them! Possibilities are almost infinite. That’s crazy! I mean, I’m definitely not a coder, so having the chance to imagine and build my website in a few clicks or drag and drops seemed more than exciting!

I have been building websites with Flothemes for the past 3+ years and I truly cannot emphasize enough how tangible and approachable they make the entire process. As someone who’s a visual artist & gets frustrated with the little details (akacoding!) this is an absolute win… because ZERO coding is required!

I never in my life had the chance to interact with a support team that is so nice, so quick and efficient in replying and solving your problems. I’m really grateful and couldn’t expect better from you guys. Thanks a lot Flothemes!

One week or so after launching my new website using Flothemes, not only was I contacted and booked by an ideal couple, but they also insisted on congratulating me for my website, mentioning the About Me page which they felt was original and made them even more interested in reaching out! How great is that?

Clients Showcase

Giacomo Vesprini
Italy & Worldwide / Documentary & Street Photographer
Anna Roussos
Greece & Europe / Wedding Photographer
The Ferros
Scotland / Destination Wedding Photographers
Frequently Asked Questions

How customizable is Mono?

Very! The dashboard is intuitive and easy to work with, and we provide you with documentation and guidance throughout the whole website building process. You can change all the fonts or upload your custom ones, you can change all the colors. The theme comes with a large library of pre-made layouts and blocks, that you can further customize. You can remove sections that you don’t need, and add new blocks to present your services, products and portfolio. You also have full control over your website’s design on mobile. Additionally, you will get access to one free Style Kit with your Mono theme.

What is a Style Kit?

A style kit dictates the way your website looks. It’s a combination of predefined fonts and colors, that you can apply to your website with 1 click and change its styling. To enhance your styling options, we’ve included with each style kit – 20 unique page blocks. Once you activate a style kit, these blocks get added to your main library and offer you extended possibilities to customize your website and create original page layouts. To see all available style kits and their unique blocks visit this page. If you want to learn more about how style kits work, check this article.

Can I use multiple Style Kits on Mono?

Yes, you can. By default your Mono theme will have Mono style as a Global setting. You can either overwrite this setting for the whole site, or on individual pages. Unique Style Kit blocks can be used across pages regardless of the Global Style Kit setting or page’s Style kit setting. For more details on how to work activate and work with Style Kits, visit our documentation.

Can I get access to more than just one Style Kit?

Absolutely! You can access the whole library of Style kits via an annual subscription. If you are a Classic theme user, on top of the 1 free style kit, you will receive free access to all Classic Style Kits that match your Classic theme purchases through out the whole time you’ve used Flothemes. If you switching to Mono from any other Flextheme, you will have access to the equivalent Style kit of your previous Flextheme.

Is Mono a one time payment or a recurring fee?

Mono theme is a one time payment purchase. With your purchase of Mono, you receive free updates for the length of theme’s lifespan, and free support for 12 months from the moment of your purchase, which you can extend by getting our Support plan.

Can I build it on my own? Do you offer tutorials?

Absolutely! We have detailed documentation and video tutorials to guide you through the whole process of website setup and maintenance.
You can access our documentation hub with all tutorials related to our themes and plugins here:  If you are a Classic theme user and are updating to Mono, follow this tutorial on how to switch.
If you come across any questions or issues during your installation process, our Support team is happy to assist you. You can contact them through our Support page.

What does my theme purchase include?

With your theme you receive the theme files, along with all the layouts, blocks and features that you see displayed on the demo site. You also receive 1 extra free Style kit of your choice, free theme updates for the length of theme’s lifespan and free technical support assistance for 1 year from the moment of your purchase. It includes any questions during implementation, as well as any bugs/issues resulting from the theme directly. We recommend to get acquainted with our Support Terms here.

Can I switch to a different theme if Mono does not fit my needs?

Yes, within 30 days of purchase you can switch for free to another theme. No questions asked. Here’s how.

I have more questions, can I chat with your team?

Absolutely! We’d love to connect with you and help you make the right decision for your business. You can message us here, and one of our team members will reach out to you via Facebook asap. Or, you can pick a time slot and we’ll give you a call!

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