16 Things People Ask About Flothemes | FAQ

In love with how Flothemes website designs look, yet have a lot of questions on how to get started, what the process looks like, how much can you customize and whether it will be easy? We’ve got you covered! Here are 15+ common things people ask about Flothemes, and the answers to these questions.

1. What is Flex and how does it work with Flothemes?

If you’re new to Flothemes, you probably keep hearing about Flex, FlexBlock and Flexthemes and feel confused about all this terminology. Here’s a quick explanation:

FlexBlock is a Flothemes plugin and a powerful design tool that allows you to build your own custom site layouts with zero code required. You simply drag & drop elements around, such as photos, videos, fonts, buttons to personalize the layouts that are included inside your theme, or create new, completely unique ones. 

Flexthemes are the latest generation of themes that have FlexBlock integrated into their framework. This means that you will be able to customize almost every single detail within your website and make it look exactly as you’ve envisioned it, both, on desktop and mobile.Note: All the themes currently available inside our shop are Flexthemes.  

2. How much customization can I do with Flothemes?

The short answer is A LOT. Each theme comes with Flex, our drag & drop design tool, and allows you to personalize everything, easily, on your own. No code or fancy design skills required. 
Use the pre-made page templates and blocks as a starting point, and go as creative and artistic as you wish. No limits, seriously. Our clients have been jazzing up their websites ever since we launched Flex, and it’s incredible!

Each theme comes with its own typography and color combos which you can easily adapt to your own branding and portfolio. You have a library of 100+ blocks that work like legos. Simply drag and drop them around to create your own page layouts. Missing a certain type of block? No problem – Flex, allows you to create your own sections. You can use images, texts, videos. gifs, shapes, svg elements, colored background, countdown timers, etc. You’re in control of how they look, where they are placed, how big they are and even how they move (thank you animations).

And that’s not all. You can also control and customize the way your website looks on mobile, to offer a powerful and seamless experience for those who access your site on a smaller screen. 

Clients who use Flexthemes say: 

“Working with Flexthemes was the first time I felt truly free to design exactly what I wanted for my website. The included layouts and blocks in the theme are an amazing starting point, but things really hit another level when you make the most of FlexBlock. I found, early one, that I could do whatever I wanted to, and suddenly everything and anything was possible.Much, much easier to bring my new brand to life than any other site builder I’ve used.” ~ Will Patrick

“I LOVE how my site turned out. It feels like me, sounds like me, and, best of all, I could do it all myself. I get comments often on my website from clients about how helpful it was for them to get to know me and my process. 10/10 recommend!” ~ Ashley Smith

Read more client reviews and feedback on Flex / Flothemes.

3. I’m New to WordPress, what do you need to get started? 

There are 4 must-have components that you need to have, to build a website with Flothemes:

Domain Name
You’ll need an address for your new site, for example johndoe.com. If you already have a domain name – that’s great! If not, you can check out providers such as GoDaddy.com or eNom.com for domain name availability and prices. 

Hosting Provider
Websites are hosted, or stored, on special computers called servers. You’ll need a reliable hosting provider that allows you to install WordPress.org and your Flothemes design on top of that. WordPress.com hosting can also be used, YET you’d need their business plan, which proves to be a more costly investment as compared to WordPress.org with your own hosting.
If you don’t have hosting yet, check our Recommended shared hosting providers.

You can download it for free from wordpress.org. If you’re still wondering what are the differences between wordpress.org and wordpress.com, read this article.

A Theme by Flothemes
You’ve got this one, right? If not, choose your favorite theme here.

4. What is Hosting and how important it is?

If you want to build a website on WordPress you need hosting, period. This is a server were all your website content and database will be stored. The provider that you choose to host your website with, plays a major role in your site’s performance, which in turn affects the experience that users have on your site, as well as your ranking in search results. 

We recommend the following hosting providers for your Flothemes website. Yet, if you’re curious to know how we’ve hand picked these brands, check this article that explains how hosting affects your business. 

5. Can I build my website on my own? How easy is it?

Absolutely, 90% of our clients choose to build their websites on their own. If it’s your first website ever, or your first experience with WordPress, know that there is a learning curve to it. Just like with any other tool, it takes a few minutes (sometimes hours) to get used to a new dashboard and learn how everything works. After that, it’s smooth and fun sailing!

We provide full documentation and video tutorials to guide you through each step of the way. You can also download our Building a Flothemes Site Checklist, with all key steps and links, from theme activation to launch. And, we have a dedicated support team available to assist you with any questions, struggles or issues. 

While the idea of building a beautiful new website, all by yourself, that you’re really proud of, is incredibly empowering and confidence boosting – if for any reason you’d rather hand this process over to a team of professionals, we can help you with that too. Here are the 3 type of setup services we offer. 

Clients who’ve built their own website say:

I have been building websites with Flothemes for the past 3+ years and I truly cannot emphasize enough how tangible and approachable they make the entire process. As someone who’s a visual artist & gets frustrated with the little details (aka coding!) this is an absolute win… because ZERO coding is required!” ~ Alisa Nicholle

I like to do things myself and throw myself into the deep end, so even though I’ve never created a website in my entire life I went with Flothemes because of all the detailed tutorials for every single feature, and because of how unbelievably customizable it is. Plus, if you get stuck even after all that, they’re super helpful in getting you back on track. ” ~ Caitlin Estep

Read more client reviews and feedback on Flex / Flothemes.

6. Do you offer support if I get stuck?

Yes! We’ve got your back in case you hit any questions or bumps while building your new website with Flothemes. Here are a few ways you can get help:

  • Submit a ticket with your question and login credentials, and our team will look into your issue and get back to you with a solution /recommendations. To submit a ticket, log into flothemes.com/my-account/flo-support
  • Join our Facebook Community and ask your question there. Basic inquiries will get help and answer, yet for more complex investigations you will still need to submit a ticket (#2)

7. Can I get a service package later on, if I get stuck or need help?

Of course! We always encourage our clients to give it a try and build their website on their own. Yet if you’d rather skip the technical part and have our team assist you with setting up your pages and preparing your site for launch – you can grab one of our setup services, at any time. 


8. What is the Easiest way to Change WordPress Themes?

The easiest and most seamless way to change from a WordPress theme (Flo or not) to a Flothemes design, is through FloLaunch. It’s a plugin that allows you to create a clone website, and work in test mode on your new theme, while your actual one remains live and available for clients.

Check more details about FloLaunch and How to Build your Flothemes website.Also, download our quick checklist on Building Your site with Flothemes, to make sure you have all key areas covered before going live.

9. They are SEO friendly, right?

Absolutely! When it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), WordPress is without a question the best platform to use, and that’s what Flothemes are built on.
All our themes are SEO friendly and include a multitude of features and options to help you build a strong SEO strategy. If you wonder, what actual features are we taking about, read on:

Page speed – Flexthemes are optimized and loading fast right out of the box. You can get great loading times without any extra configurations (given you optimize your content before uploading it).

gtmetrix score

Full control over your mobile site – after the mobile-first indexing update, your website is ranked based on its mobile version. Thus, it’s very important to have that control and freedom to customize your mobile site and offer a smooth and pleasant experience to your users on any device. With Flexthemes you have a separate editor that allows you to tweak and personalize how your website is displayed on smaller screens. 

Full control over the semantics – you have the possibility to adjust your markup the way you want it. This allows you to better describe your content – label it as a paragraph or a heading. Which in turn allows search engines to better understand your content and rank it accordingly. 


Responsive images – we have implemented the srcset attribute, which serves appropriate image sizes based on the device you are browsing from. Also, all images are defined with <img> tag instead of background images, which is beneficial for your image SEO.

Built in lazy loading – it serves images when they are needed (when you scroll down the page), instead of loading all images at once. This makes your page load faster and provides a better user experience, especially on mobile devices. Read more about Lazy Loading.

10. Can I customize my mobile site? I heard it’s important for SEO

As mentioned in the section above, you sure can! Design a fully tailored experience for your mobile users. Our themes and Flex offer you maximum control over the way your pages look on a phone. Place your photos, texts, buttons & urls exactly where you want them to be. Adjust the size and placement of each element, add animations and movement to guide your viewer towards certain sections or CTAs. 

11. Can I make my own pages and layouts?

Absolutely! Our themes come with predefined page templates to get you a head start. But you also have the freedom to create your own pages with the 100+ blocks included with your theme. Just drag and drop them around and create your own page flow.Additionally, if you’re missing a certain block, you can design it on your own, inside Flex, then add it to your pages. VIDEO or GIF

12. How do I choose the right theme for my business? I like all of them!

First of all choose based on the layouts. Each of our themes allows you to personalize its colors, fonts, even change up the page structures and elements inside blocks. Yet, it’s easier to start working with a template that is already close to the result that you want to get. Look in the demo site at how content is presented. Look at the blocks that show your services, your portfolio, your packages, your testimonials, About Me information, course details, etc. Are the layouts in sync with how you want your information presented? Can you see your own content in these layouts?If these answers is yes – you’ve found your theme! If you’re struggling to decided between 2-3 options, send us a message, and we’ll help with a recommendation!

Mono-website-theme-review-in-French-by-Caroline-Liabot (2)

Also, here are some basic guidelines and suggestions:

For wedding photographers
All our themes are tailored to showcase a photography portfolio. If you want a timeless, elegant look – go for Elise, Velvet or Mono with a Style Kit (style kits: Crowd, Rosemary, Porto, Lovely, Elise).

For portrait, fashion or editorial photographers
Again, any theme can work well depending on the style and vibe you want for your website. Look into: Mono with a style kit, Lyra, Zephyr, Nessa, Verso, Ember.

For family, kids & maternity photographers
Any theme can work, yet look into Cotton, Elise, Mono with a style kit.

For videographers
Any theme can work, as they all support video files, and you can adjust any block in the demo, to showcase a video instead of a photo. Pay special attention to Nomade and Mono with Cannes or Cube style kit. 

For Educators and Consultants
Any theme can be adapted to work to your special type of content and portfolio. Yet Nessa, Nomade, Ember include premade blocks and page layouts to help you present and sell your services, mentorship and expertise. You can also check Lyra or Mono with a style kit. 

For Designers and Content Creators
Any theme really, you guys have the aesthetic taste and eye for details, so can easily transform and adapt any theme. Yet, Zephyr, Nessa, Lyra, June and Verso will have a special appeal for your type of business. 

Have more questions? Send us a message. 
p.s. You have 30 days after purchase to switch for free to a different theme, if you start second guessing your first choice. 

13. Is there a better theme than others? Asking for a friend 

Well, there is always a better theme for YOU, depending on your business, your portfolio and the clients you want to attract. Functionality wise – all our current themes are the same. They are fully customizable, allow you to personalize everything from fonts and colors, to page structure and how your site looks on mobile. 

Pick the theme that would best fit your content needs. Looks at the page layouts, and the key sections on each page, at the CTAs, at how galleries or services are presented. Also check how the theme looks on mobile, and pick the one that is closest to what you’ve envisioned for your own site. The rest can be polished and adjusted to your own brand and content. 

p.s. You have 30 days after purchase to switch for free to a different theme, if you start second guessing your first choice. 

14. Are your themes only for photographers?

Our themes can be used by a large variety of creatives and businesses. They ARE created with photographers in mind, yet the main focus is to present content in a beautiful, visual way. They support imagery, videos, GIFs. You can add your own fonts and colors, you can animate various elements so they move on hover, when the users scrolls or when the page loads. Everything is incredibly flexible and easy to customize, hence – our themes can be used by ANYONE who wants a beautiful website that helps them stand out and book more clients.

Check out some examples on Flothemes Showcase page.

15. Will I be able to add a shop to my site?

There are 6 options we would recommend, if you plan to add a shop to your Flothemes website and want to sell products or services online.

The first 4 listed below are third party options and are great for any education products, downloads, ebooks or events. The first 3 are the simplest, and ThriveCart is a more advanced solution which has a higher price tag but is also a one time fee. The first 3 make it easy to create sales landing pages for your product with CTAs that link into a new window to purchase and deliver your product/offer to your client.

1. SendOwl
2. GumRoad
3. Shopify Lite
4. ThriveCart


WooCommerce is part of WordPress, though it is not a Flothemes product. Unless you need advanced shop options and you are a power user with WordPress, the first 4 options are better to start with. p.s. We do offer help with WooCommerce setup and styling, though this is a paid service provided by our team. 

6.Pic-Time Print Store

This is a great option for anyone who plans to get a store to sell their prints. Pic-Time have a product called art galleries that act as mini store websites, and they are amazing. We also love the people behind this brand, and while there are many other proofing companies with stores, we do also have several integration plugins between Flothemes and Pic-Time Galleries.

16. Can I use your themes on Squarespace?

While you can’t use the theme you purchase from Flothemes.com on Squarespace, we do have a sister brand, called Squaremuse, which creates stunning design kits for Squarespace users. You’ll find some of our top sellers available via Squaremuse, such as : Lyra, Elise, Osaka, Fiji, Porto, Crowd. And you will also find a variety of other templates ready to rock your business and online presentation!
Check out all designs for Squarespace users here. 


Have these answered your questions?
Still need some help and clarifications?
Let’s chat! Schedule a free call or send us a message and we’ll try to help.  

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