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Exciting Upgrades to Your Cube Theme

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Today, we’re excited to be releasing Cube v. 0.6 for 2 major reasons!

One – we are upgrading and enhancing the backend experience for Cube users, adding the drag and drop page builder functionality, as well as the interactive page blocks previews, to simplify and make the process of building your pages more pleasant.
Two – there are 35+ page blocks available now with your Cube theme (many beautiful new designs), which you can tweak, mix and match to create new, unique page layouts for your site!

To see the new page blocks and layout examples you can build with them, take a tour through the Cube’s Demo, and look out for the pages labeled as NEW. Or, check out this page.

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New blocks obviously require new possibilities to use and tweak them, that’s why we’re introducing new Page Templates for your Cube theme. Basically, before this update you’d choose one of the predefined page layouts (from your right side bar) and customize it with your own content. After updating to Cube v. 0.6, you’ll get new page templates that are much more flexible, built out of page blocks which you can reorder by drag and dropping them, remove or add new ones. Many of these blocks can also be hidden from your mobile site, to offer a smoother experience for your mobile users. Watch the following video for a better understanding:

Excited? So are we!

This upgrade allows you to create new page layouts with a larger variety of blocks (old and new) or extend your current page layouts if needed – by reconstructing them with the Default Template.

While this sounds like a tedious process, trust us – it’s NOT. You have all the content on point, and just need to copy paste it into the new page template, while being offered the ability to add, remove, reorder page blocks and tweak everything! Remember to always backup before making any changes to your website.

We hope you’ll enjoy the upgrades for your Cube theme, and start testing and tweaking these new possibilities right away. To upgrade to Cube v. 0.6 check your dashboard, for a notification via your Flo Update plugin, Do a website backup before updating  to avoid any issues or unwanted changes, and get Creative!
We can’t wait to see your new site transformations!

If you have questions or would like to share your experience with the new page blocks and templates, please leave a comment below.

Flothemes Team,
Supporting You.

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