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Get Your Client Magazine!

a customizable magazine template for your clients & vendors


Do you want to get your time back to do the things you enjoy? Use our Magazine Bridal Guide to educate your clients, answer to their FAQs and do just that!

What’s inside?

Get 34 unique page layouts to build a magazine for any occasion. Whether it’s an engagement shoot, a wedding ceremony, an elopement or boudoir session – you can easily educate your clients before the session, by building out a magazine guide with all the need information, your advice and recommendations.

Link Your Partners

Share some love for your favorite vendors, partners and venues. You can also include some photos of their products and services from past events you’ve worked together. They will surely return the favor and recommend you too!

Increase Your Earnings

Talk about the advantages of doing an engagement shoot and throw in some photo and location examples. Add details on the benefits of printing your work, with a few testimonials from happy clients. Show previews of your albums and make those up sells easy!

Download your Guide!

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