What’s next for Flothemes

What’s next for Flothemes

Effective September 20th 2023, the Flothemes store is closed and Flothemes products is no longer available for purchase. We will no longer be releasing new themes and features for Flothemes products.

It is important to note that your existing Flothemes website will not be impacted. You can continue to use and update your site as usual. If you have an active Flothemes subscription, you will not be charged for renewal, and you will continue to receive access to the current product.


Can I get a refund?

Yes. If you recently made a purchase, your subscription just renewed, or you simply haven’t built your Flothemes website — reach out to our team at info@flothemes.com and we will issue you a refund.

What changes are taking place today?

Nothing. Your site will continue to run. You can continue to edit your site, FlexBlocks included.

What happens after 30th September 2024?

Your site will continue to run, and you will still be able to create and build your own FlexBlocks and edit any existing FlexBlocks. This is applicable for all one-time themes (Pronto, Flexthemes, and Classic themes) and for all Pronto all-in-one subscriptions.

After September 30th 2024, you will no longer be able to retrieve predefined FlexBlocks templates. If you intend to use any predefined block templates, Stylekits or page templates from the FlexBlock library, you should export them as JSON so you have them as a backup to use in the future. Please reach out to our team at info@flothemes.com if you need any assistance with this.

Will my website break if there are any WordPress updates?

We recommend Flothemes users to continue using the below recommended WordPress and PHP versions:
– Pronto All-in-One or the Pronto theme: PHP version 8.2, WordPress 6.2.2.
– Flextheme: PHP version 7.4 – 8.0, WordPress 6.2.2.

If you do update your WordPress version, while we cannot guarantee this, your site will likely continue to work just fine. Historically, minor updates have not known to break anything on our themes, and only major version upgrades might have an impact. For reference, here are the historical timeline for major version upgrade for WordPress:
WordPress 3 → 4: 2014
WordPress 4 → 5: 2018
WordPress 5 → 6: 2022
While we do not know for certain, the next major upgrade should be 2026 or beyond. Source

Where can I transfer my website to?

This is up to you to decide. Our team has been actively working on new designs and features for Pixieset Website, we highly recommend it as your next platform to host and manage your website. With Pixieset, you get a library of elegant website themes, hosting, blogging, bio linksFlex Editor, the ability to import images directly from your galleries, and so much more.

If you do not want to leave WordPress, there are a lot of great design studios who work with WordPress and would be able to help you rebuild your website.

Is there a discount if I transfer to Pixieset?

All Flothemes clients are eligible to receive their first year of Pixieset Website Pro plan for free. You will also get assistance from our team with creating your site on Pixieset, free of charge. To claim this offer, send us an email to info@flothemes.com or submit a ticket through your My Account page. This offer will be valid until Nov 30th, 2023.

Can I reach out to the Flothemes support team with any questions or issues?

You can reach out to our support team from Monday to Friday, between 7am – 6pm GMT+3, through the My Account page.

I have an ongoing website setup service, what happens next?

If you currently have an active website setup in progress, our team should have reached out to you by now via email, to share details on timeframes and next steps. If you haven’t heard from our team, please send us an email asap to info@flothemes.com

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