Why Use Flothemes for Your Photography Website?

Building a website for your photography business can be a daunting, complex process, whether you’re updating an existing website or creating a new one from scratch. While there are several platforms that you can choose from, if you want extensive flexibility to design and customize your pages, as well as maximum control over your SEO – Flothemes on WordPress is what you need. And luckily, you can get up to $129 Off with our Hot Website Deals. Now keep reading to learn more!

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What’s Flothemes?

Flothemes are premium, fully customizable WordPress themes for photographers, videographers and creative businesses. Each template is focused on presenting your portfolio and visual content in a trendy and unique way, to captivate your clients’ attention and guide them through your website through Call to Actions. To preserve and enforce your brand voice and aesthetics, each theme integrates numerous page layouts and features, customizable fonts, colors and icons, as well as social integration. All this to give you the freedom and possibility to create a beautiful, personalized website and memorable user experience for your clients.

Having worked for over 10 years with photographers and creative businesses from all around the world, Flothemes understands the fundamentals of a good looking, well functioning, and highly converting website that stands out from the crowd. Currently they are offering 10+ beautiful website designs, from Bold & Ambitious, to Feminine & Elegant and Airy & Minimalistic. Each photographer and videographer can find a template that perfectly matches their style and visual preferences.

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Who are Flothemes for?

Photographers, videographers, event organizers and other creative vendors and businesses that need an image-centric website design, to showcase their portfolio / products in a beautiful and unique way.

Why Choose Flothemes?

Here are the main benefits and reasons why you’ll want to choose Flothemes for your website:

Modern, Elegant Design – out of the box , elegantly designed templates that will offer your website that Custom Feel.
Easy, Flexible Interface – WordPress like you’ve never seen it before. Tweak and customize the predefined layouts, or build your own page structure with a drag and drop page builder (valid for all themes released in 2017).

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Fully Customizable Page Layouts, Fonts, Colors – Adapt your website to your branding, upload your own custom fonts, add your brand colors. Make your website an extension of your personality and brand identity. So your website visitors get an idea about who you are and what it feels like working with you.
FlexBlock – Though each theme comes with 40+ page blocks that you can build and customize your layouts with, we’ve also recently launched FlexBlock. A designer tool that allows you to build your own custom page blocks and add more uniqueness to your website. See more details here.
Beautifully Responsive Design, across all devices – we live in the era when over 70% of web traffic is done from mobile devices. All themes beautifully display across any device. While all themes released in 2017, also allow you to customize your mobile website, by removing or adding certain blocks and provide a better mobile user experience for clients.
Social Integration – easily link your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter accounts to your website, to always stay connected to your fans, and have more channels to communicate with them. For Instagram we’ve also built an integration plugin that shows your Instagram news feed live and it comes in a few layout options, to offer you a beautiful, stylish design, in line with your theme and website aesthetics.

Education & SEO – Apart from full Documentation & Tutorials to teach you how to set up and manage your website, the Flothemes team constantly puts together educational, inspirational and entertaining articles, How To’s – to empower and help you elevate your business and website skills. There are tons of free SEO resources, to teach and guide you through building Keyword Strategies, Optimizing Images for the Web, Improving your website loading speed, and Google Ranking.
Free Support & Online Community – if you get stuck, need help or have a question about something, submit a ticket and the Flothemes Support team will help you. Also join the Flothemes Community on Facebook, interact with other Flothemes users, share your experience, ask questions and enjoy exclusive discounts and sneak peeks for new designs and products.
Integrates with WooCommerce for a Shop – Need to sell something through your website? Install the WooCommerce plugin, which is free, setup your payment method, and you’re ready to sell. The theme will also apply basic styling to your shop, so it looks more aligned with the rest of your website.

Free & Paid plugins & integrations – multiple clients that Flothemes users can benefit from, such as a TestDrive plugin that allows you to build your website offline, and not stress out about braking your website or loosing clients because of downtime. A contact form builder, with integration for some of your favorite management tools, a slideshow plugin with 13 different slider options to create something unique, Instagram integration, Proofing integration with Shootproof, a plugin to customize your login page, and many more.
FloHub – how are you sharing your pricelist with your future clients? Sending them a PDF? Describing everything each time via email or phone calls? There is a more efficient and interactive way to do it – with FloHub. A drag and drop pricelist builder, with responsive design across all devices, and interactive blocks to showcase your various packages, extra services, image galleries, albums, etc. The plugin also include Statistics that you can analyze to identify what clients are most interested in, and which pricing package brings the most clients and traffic.

One time fee – no subscription and annual fees. You pay once, and the theme is yours forever + all future updates are for free. And you get member discounts for any future theme purchases.


By now you realize that each theme by Flothemes is worth 10 times it’s price. Each template is designed with you in mind, built to be on trend (and often ahead of the trend) in the photography industry. With a few simple clicks, you can turn your minimalistic, feminine website, into a dark, moody visual masterpiece, by switching the theme style kits. It’s beautiful, it’s fully customizable, it will help you create a long lasting impression and attract the type of clients that you really want to work with.
Flothemes isn’t just a platform where you build a website, it’s a tool meant to help your business grow and evolve into a refined, unique brand.
If you get a new website today, you can save up to $129 on your purchase. Check out all our Hot Website Offers here.

Flothemes Team,
Supporting You.

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