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We, at Flothemes, believe that you deserve more than just a beautiful design for your website. We love to think of Flothemes as of an exciting experience, where we help you build the website of your dreams. We’re all about creating the tools you need to enjoy managing and updating your site. For this reason, we offer setup services to help you get your site up in no time, SEO services to ensure that your awesome website is getting a proper amount of traffic and a good ranking score on Google. We also continue to build exciting and interactive plugins exclusively for our users. In case some of you haven’t seen the awesome plugins that we offer, here’s a quick overview of our Flo plugins:


Say Goodbye to PDFs. Ugly pricelists and hours spent on minor updates are a thing of the past. Flo HUB is an easy to use, drag and drop pricelist builder. It’s meant to replace the traditional PDFs with an interactive online presentation. Available on any device publicly or privately, anywhere. This allows customers to easily view your services, select the package they’re interested in, and submit inquiries in a few clicks. Use the predefined templates or build your pricelists from scratch. Also, enjoy the analytics to get a better understanding of which packages attract the most attention. For more details about Flo HUB, see this page. Though Flo HUB has been released in public beta, and multiple Flothemes users have enjoyed its features already, we are excited to release it officially in the following weeks and surprise you with a variety of additional features and functionalities.


Flo Forms

Flo Forms is a drag and drop Contact Form builder. It was created to help prevent issues with lost inquiries from clients that some of the third party plugins couldn’t handle. Flo Forms allows you to easily create custom forms with an unlimited number of fields. You can easily view your submissions and set reminders for unread emails. You can download Flo Forms here and check the documentation and tutorials here or in this quick video. We also have integration options for those of you using Táve or ShootQ. (more info below).


Flo Instagram

As a creative who puts much emphasis on visual content and much effort into your social presence, we recognize and understand the importance of showcasing your Instagram feed on your website. Thus, providing your site visitors with an attractive and easy way to connect and follow your work even after they have left your site. Our Flo Instagram plugin was created to cater those specific needs. It is easy to install and set up, and allows the flexibility of choosing how your Instagram images will be displayed. You can download Flo Instagram here and check the documentation and tutorials here. Also know that some of our latest themes, Kyoto and Crowd (version 2), offer some extra options to showcase your stunning Insta account.


Flo Launch

All existing Flothemes and WordPress (including ProPhoto) users will love this. Forget about downtime and maintenance modes for your website. No more “Under Construction” pages and lost communication with potential clients. Our Flo Launch plugin allows you to work on your site in the background, while your actual site stays live and available for all your visitors. Stop postponing your site redesign process, don’t be afraid to test out a layout idea that you’ve had in mind for days now. Flo Launch allows you to create a clone site, and implement all changes on it. No more fear that you may break your site. For more details, check out our documentation here and download the plugin here.


Flo Switch

Switching from ProPhoto has never been easier. Our Flo Switch plugin helps you convert and transfer your existing ProPhoto content, such as galleries and grids, into your Flothemes website. Use our Flo Launch plugin, and the migration process will happen offline. You can download Flo Switch here and check the documentation and tutorials here.


Flo Slider

By popular demand – we’ve create a plugin which allows you to create and add a slideshow to any page. That’s right, you can add slideshows to your blog posts, and each will have its own settings (type of slider, transitions, navigation, etc). Check out the types of sliders and settings you can benefit from in our documentation here. Download the Flo Slider plugin from here.


Flo Shortcodes

To offer you as much flexibility and as many possibilities as we can, when it comes to building your pages – we created Flo Shortcodes. Short-codes are building blocks, which allow you to add new sections to your pages and posts, and display more content (text, images, video embeds, etc) in a unique and personalized way. Check our documentation here for more information about short-codes and what they offer. You can download the plugin here.


Flo Mosaic

Take a more unique approach when showcasing your galleries or blog posts. Create beautiful mosaic layouts to standout and impress your users. You can link each image in your mosaic to a gallery or blog page. See an example here. For more information about the plugin, check the documentation here and download your own Flo Mosaic here.


Flo Forms ShootQ Integration

An exciting extension that we’ve recently released is our integration with ShootQ. Easily connect your site contact form to your favorite studio management software and enjoy a smooth and organized communication flow. For more information about the plugin, check our documentation here and download the Flo Forms ShootQ Integration plugin here.


Flo Forms Tave Integration

Another exciting extension that we’ve recently released is our integration with Tave ( Easily connect your site contact form to your favorite studio management software and enjoy a smooth and organized communication flow. For more information about the plugin, check our documentation here and download the Flo Forms Tave Integration plugin here.


Flo Credits Removal

As standard, our themes come with our Flothemes mark at the bottom, in the footer. If you wish to remove it from your website, and update it with your own text, you will need our Credits Removal plugin. You can download it here and read more about the process here.


Theme Updater

Keeping your website updated isn’t just friendly advice. It’s a Must! It ensures that your site looks and works properly with all new WordPress releases. You can either update your site manually, or automatize the process with our Theme Updater plugin. We recommend all Flothemes users to install this plugin once they activate their theme. Download the Theme Updater plugin here and check the documentation and tutorials here.



Flo Login

A plugin which allows you to personalize and add branding to your WordPress Login page, to make it look more personal and unique. Just a nice welcoming touch for those who like beautiful things. Before activating Flo Login, you’ll need to turn off any captcha plugins. Download the Flo Login plugin here.



We hope this article gave you a good understanding of the additional capabilities that your theme and website can get once used with our Flo Plugins. This is just the beginning, there is so much more in thoughts and process at the moment. Meanwhile, be sure to check out this list of third party plugins that we recommend for various features and functions, such as security, backup, cache, etc.

With Love,
Flothemes Team.


    Mamad M

    18:39 November 10, 2016

    I freakin' love you guys! Keep up the great work ;)

      Nata Flo

      10:11 November 14, 2016

      Thanks Mamad! Hustling every day ;)

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