Yossi Fisher | The Power of a Strategic Mindset & How to Shift Your Perspective From Failure to Learn | FloInsider Ep #18

Welcome to the 18th episode of FloInsider – a podcast for photographers and creative business owners who seek inspiration and a fresh perspective on how to run their business, navigate this weird time that we all live in, and find meaning and happiness in their daily routines. 

Today’s episode will blow your mind! It’s powerful, insightful, and motivating. We talk to Yossi Fisher, a holistic brand consultant and mindset strategist, about why you need to erase the words “failure” and “failing” from your vocabulary. Yossi shares practical advice on how to reframe your perspective into treating failure as a learning experience, which is a default part of growth. We also navigate through a lot of real-life examples, where a simple shift in mindset and wording can turn the odds in your favor. 

Tune in, take notes, and let us know your own thoughts on this topic! 

A few cliff notes from our chat with Yossi:

  • Try erasing the words failure and failing from your vocabulary. You never fail – you learn. Every ‘failure’ can be a stepping stone closer to where you want to go. You have to choose to focus on the lesson and grow from it.
  • A strategic mindset doesn’t necessarily mean having a 5 or 10-year plan. It is a way of refocusing and centering. Of course, every business needs goals. But the strategic mindset means looking at certain situations with more empathy. Think about your clients and your partners, get a better understanding of the market needs and shifts, and build a strategy around that. It’s no longer about counting each dime and penny. 
  • When people ask you what you do – they’re actually asking what you can do for them. Hence, instead of saying “I’m a Brand Consultant” say “I help empower brands to thrive” and the immediate response is “I’m a brand that wants to thrive!” – you get more attention and more opportunities that you can grab on.
  • Connect words to emotions. Instead of saying “I’ll try” say “I’m going to do it”.
  • When you feel like an imposter, think about the things you’ve already done right, think about what you’ve achieved. Focus on your successes and how you got there. You are not an imposter.

Find out more about Yossi Fisher, his consulting services, and ways he can help your business grow – via his website yossifisher.com
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