Anti-Racism Articles & Resources for Photographers

No matter how well-informed you already are on the topic of racism and inclusivity, there is always space for more. Luckily, there are tons of resources, books, podcasts, videos, webinars, and information created by educators and anti-racism experts. Keep reading for 10+ anti-racism resources for photographers.

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If you (like many of us) have been asking yourself “What do I do next?” – here is where you can start. Sit down, listen, read, understand, educate yourself, and try to make changes that will bring true value and impact in the long run. These are a few resources that you can read through and learn more about how to make your life and photography business more inclusive.


How To Avoid Tokenism In Your Portfolio BY CATALYST WEDDING CO. 

“Tokenism is superficial; it is diversity without a commitment to inclusivity. It is a show where marginalized people are used as props for the benefit of the photographer.”

The Racial Bias Built Into Photography BY THE NEW YORK TIMES

A powerful piece, written by Sarah Lewis, on how photography can be a “technology of subjective decisions” and condition racial behavior. 

8 Podcasts To Better Understand The Black Experience BY THE GOOD TRADE

The title says it all – 8 podcasts that cover stories on the Black experience, lessons in history or privilege.

How To Be A Good Ally To Anyone Who’s Not Like You BY MINDBODYGREEN

“An ally is a person who stands with or advocates for individuals and groups that they are not personally a part of. You might have heard the term in the context of race, gender, and/or sexuality, but it applies to a lot of other cir­cumstances as well. Showing up is about showing up for everyone, especially people who have less privilege and power than you do.”

Anti-Racism Resources For The Photography Industry BY BRITISH JOURNAL OF PHOTOGRAPHY

An exhaustive list of anti-racism books, interviews, articles, and guides focused on the photography industry.

5 Ways To Be A Truly Inclusive Photographer BY PHOTOBUG COMMUNITY

A five-step plan by Cassie Lopez on how to become a truly inclusive wedding photographer, and how to represent minorities not only in your portfolio but in your lifestyle as well.

How To Dismantle Racism In The Photography Industry BY HONEYBOOK

Wedding photographers Saori and DeVante Terrell from Spirit of Revelry come up with 8 ways photographers can act upon and break racist behavior in the industry.

Dear Wedding Industry, Black People Are Not A Trend BY AIDA GLOWIK

“…suddenly seeking to feature the work of Black photographers for the sole purpose of making a “special edition” during this time needs to be dealt with delicately. We are NOT a trend! Yes, there is a call to amplify Black voices and the work of Black people, but I want to point out that our work, as photographers (who happen to be Black), is valid and has always been valid and worthy of recognition any other time beyond when there is an outcry of inequality.”

Unlearning Bias BY KATCH SILVA

“It’s one thing to know that your neighbor is just like you, despite her skin color, her ethnicity, her gender, her sexual orientation, her choice of music, her clothing, etc. It’s another thing to feel, in your very being, that you are the same, and to not feel the pull of bias everywhere you look; that big, true unlearning requires constant exploration and reinforcement.”

“Calling Out The Photography Industry – We Can Do More” BY UNSCRIPTED POSING APP

Another great article by Saori and DeVante Terrell from Spirit of Revelry. In this one, they are calling out the photography industry and give useful tips on how to be more inclusive and actively anti-racist.

Webinars & Tutorials:


Brilliant Saori and Devante from Spirit of Revelry Photography posted a one-hour long tutorial on their IGTV, sharing their techniques and mindful practices to be aware of when editing melanated skin. In this video, they show how to edit many different shades of melanin, age ranges, as well as and editing styles

Reimagining Small Business

A few business owners will hold a town hall where they will present a plan for small business owners that are committed to building anti-racist organizations.

When: Wednesday, June 10th from 6pm – 8pm EST, you can watch the replay

Healing Wounds & Bridging Gaps FACEBOOK LIVE REPLAY

An Honest Conversation About Race & Allyship in the Wedding Industry.


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