Béatrice The Quirky | Imposter Syndrome & How to Overcome It | FloInsider Ep #24

Welcome to the 24th episode of FloInsider – a podcast for photographers and creative business owners who seek inspiration and a fresh perspective on how to run their business, navigate this weird time that we all live in, and find meaning and happiness in their daily routines. 


Today’s episode will hit close to home for many people. We’re talking about imposter syndrome – that inadequate feeling of self-doubt so many of us experience throughout our lives. Our guest is Béatrice De Guigné – an awesome French photographer and one half of The Quirky photography and videography duo. 

Béatrice shares her first-hand experience of living with imposter syndrome as a photographer and creative entrepreneur – from the effects it has on her personal and professional life, to tips and techniques that help her overcome this beast.

Tune in and give it a listen – we’re sure you’ll find this episode useful and motivating. 

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A few cliff notes from our chat with Béatrice:

  • Nobody is born with imposter syndrome. It’s given to us by society, our family, our teachers – basically everyone who surrounds us and has some kind of influence on us. This inadequate feeling of self-doubt and not accepting your achievements is a learnt trait. Therefore, it can also be unlearnt. 
  • Imposter syndrome will make you feel like the glass is half empty; like the worst-case scenario is going to happen to matter the circumstances. Be aware of these feelings and, whenever you feel a wave of “it’s going to be terrible” coming upon you, change the narrative and try thinking about a possible positive outcome, not a negative one.
  • Unless your family and close friends are also creatives who have experience in opening and running a creative business, don’t go to them for advice on your craft or ask for their opinion about your ideas and potential projects.
  • Everyone gives advice based on their own experience and self-esteem. Hence, remember that when someone criticizes your ideas, makes you feel bad about them, and tells you that you won’t be able to pull something off – they are speaking from their point of view.

Want to learn more from Béatrice the Quirky? Connect to her through her website the-quirky.com and via her Instagram account: instagram.com/beatrice_thequirky
Our lovely host is Nadia Meli, whom you can find via Instagram – instagram.com/nadiameli,
and via her website – nadiameli.com


Have you ever dealt with imposter syndrome? How did you overcome it? Do you have any tips or for those struggling with it right now? Share your story and thoughts with us! Also, don’t forget to subscribe to FloInsider via your favorite platform, for amazing interviews and insightful discussions, just like this one!

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