Brian Schindler – How to Write Compelling Copy for Your Website | FloInsider Ep #1

Welcome to the first episode of FloInsider, a podcast for creative entrepreneurs who want a fresh perspective on business, communication, art, design, branding, and life as we know it. 
Even though we all work in the creative industry, we share similar job titles and passions – there is so much that sets us apart. Each comes from a different background. We are shaped by different life experiences and choices, hence our stories and insights are very much different too. 

FloInsider was created to celebrate these differences and offer the mic to as many voices as possible. We will bring forward guest speakers and hosts from all around the world. We’ll talk about the things that define us and affects us, as creatives, as business owners and as human beings.

To kickstart FloInsider, we got help from the talented photographer and awesome educatorBrandi Potter. She is hosting our first 4 episodes of the podcast. And our inaugural guest speaker, is Brian Schindler, a former wedding photographer who pursued the full time job of a certified StoryBrand copywriter. 

If you’re struggling with finding the right words when describing yourself and your services. If you’re looking for better ways to connect with your prospects. Or if you want to learn a few cool tricks on how to get more clients via your website – give it a listen! This interview is full of amazing insights.

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A few cliff notes from our chat with Brian Schindler: 

  • If you are not familiar with StoryBrand: this is a framework that helps you create clear brand messages that attract clients. The whole concept revolves around 2 characters: the hero of the story – that is your client, and their guide – that is You as a business. As a guide, your goal is to help the hero (client) find a solution to their problem, give them a plan and a clear call to action that will help them succeed. In the best scenario, it is your product or services that help your client thrive and ultimately be happy.
  • A common website copy mistake that businesses do: they present themselves/the company as the hero of the story (can be easily noticed with “I/me/we” centered communication). Switch your communication around and present yourself as the Guide of the story. Your services are the “recipe” for your client’s path to success.
  • Reason 1 why you might struggle with website copy: You know your business too well. You are so familiar with the ins and outs of your business, that when somebody asks you what you do – you either give an answer that is way too simplified, or you give away too much. The latter will overload your potential client and hinder them from making a decision. Talking about your business in a way that’s too plain, will simply remove any trace of mystery and curiosity from the person asking.
  • Reason 2 why you might struggle with website copy: You know you have a lot to offer to people. Having so much to give to your audience, you’ll most likely focus on our own story, trying to explain all your experience and years of work, while neglecting the story of the person who visits your website. You need to simply flip this perspective. Focus on the potential client and their needs instead, add a clear explanation of how you can solve their needs. This can make a huge difference.
  • People choose the brands that make them feel valued as customers
  • A picture can say 1000 words, but it’s not going to say the same 1000 words to everybody. If you want to make a significant change in how you present your brand online, do this: Gather 4-5 of your favorite images. Reach out to 10 people outside the photography industry (preferably not past clients). Ask them to give you 3 words that first come to mind, when they see these images. You’ll get between 20-30 words. Pick 3 that resonate the most with you personally. Find ways to embed these into your messaging, taglines, and website copy. Monitor the changes and the impact these have brought. 

Listen to the full episode as it’s full of wonderful insights and questions that will make you reconsider the way you position your business online. If you want to connect with Brian Schindler and schedule a free consultation with him, head over to his website here:

Check out the StoryBrand website here:
Donald Miller’s book on Building a StoryBrand: Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen:
Our lovely host was Brandi Potter. You can connect with her here:
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