Bulk Upload Images To Your Blog In the Right Order

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This is a quick tutorial for those of you who struggle with images bulk uploaded to blog posts in the wrong order. Here’s a simple trick you can use to avoid going through each picture manually and rearranging it –  the gallery shortcode.

Here’s how to do it. After uploading your photos to your Media Library, select those you want to insert into your blog post. Instead of pressing the button Insert Into Post, go ahead and choose the Create Gallery option.

image bulk upload, flothemes

In your Create Gallery box double check if you have selected the images you want and click Create a new gallery.

image bulk upload, flothemes

Now you’re fully in control. The first image displayed in your blog post will be the one in your top left corner. You can choose to reverse the order you have at the moment, or drag and drop images to have them mixed in a certain way. Make sure you have 1 Column selected and the size as Large or Full Size if your image width corresponds to your blog’s width. Hit Insert Gallery and you are done!

image bulk upload, flothemes

Here’s also a quick video explaining the process.

After that, in the Gallery Settings you can go ahead and choose to have your images opened in a different page with the Attachment Page option, or not react to users clicking on them with the None option.

image bulk upload, flothemes

We hope this will save you time and effort while creating your next blog post. If you have questions, feel free to ask us in the comments section. Also, have a look at this useful guide on image sizes for web.

Flothemes Team,
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    11:29 March 3, 2016

    Alternative: after uploading images, next step is to click "Edit selection" on bottom left. Then you can move around images for custom order by dragging them. If done, then "Insert Into Post".

      Nata Flo

      10:24 March 16, 2016

      Gerry, this is a wonderful alternative, thank you for sharing!

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