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We love launching new websites and working with incredibly warm and fun couples, such as Shayne and Melanie. This amazing couple approached us and FloAgency with two important tasks. Since the Melli & Shayne brand was originally created as a DIY project, it was failing to reflect the character of the brand and the two amazing photographers behind this name, and attract the desired target audience. First, FloAgency did their brand revamp, focusing on an edgy look, supported by bold typography treatment with custom made script elements and beige tones to ensure contrast. Then, our custom design team at Flothemes stepped in to help them craft their website layout.

For the site, our main task was to position Melli & Shayne as authentic storytellers, who are open for adventures and destination weddings, while showcasing their photography, filmography and educational type of content. We aimed to restructure their brand communication, to portray the uniqueness of their brand identity and fun personalities.

And before you dive into exploring the results and style kit presented below, here’s a some quick feedback from Melli & Shayne, about the process and impact the new photography website design had on their business and brand:

What was the ultimate goal for this website redesign?

One of the biggest goals for our site redesign was to have a platform that matched not only our style as photographers but us as people. After all, we believe that representing our own character is equally important as the work we produce. Our previous site was big, clunky, full of unnecessary plugins & catastrophic code. Our decision to change from our poorly handmade website & branding to outsourcing the brand design and website to Flo marked a turning point in our career as Wedding Photographers and small business owners.

Has the new site affected your business in any way?

Not only did this improve our situation from a business point of view, it also boosted our confidence and helped us believe in ourselves and push ourselves to higher levels. Our brand is finally attracting not only more but also our dream clients; people who share the same vision as us.

How was your process of working with Flo on your new website?

It’s not often that we felt immediately connected to someone we work with, but Flo manages to achieve this flawlessly simply by listening to what we were after, understanding our needs and offering the friendliest & most professional experience all along the way. Right from the initial conversation, throughout the design process & finally the implementation – it was a pleasure. We are really happy to have found FloThemes & to be able to outsource all our website needs to professionals who simply get us.

Now, go ahead, scroll to see the end result, and take a tour on Melli&Shayne’s actual website:

Melli & Shayne Wedding Photography, Germany, website design, flothemes, rebranding

Melli & Shayne Wedding Photography, Germany, website design, flothemes, branding blog layout

Melli & Shayne Wedding Photography, Germany, website design, flothemes, branding 3

Melli & Shayne Wedding Photography, Germany, website design, flothemes, branding, blue sea, couple

Melli & Shayne Wedding Photography, Germany, website design, flothemes, branding 2

Melli & Shayne Wedding Photography, Germany, website design, flothemes, branding 1

custom-packages-flothemes, website design, Ashley Ludaescher Photography

If you love how Melli&Shayne’s website turned out, and would like to discuss your own website design ideas, leave us a message here and let’s brainstorm together! Find our Custom Design Packages here!

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