20+ Remarkable Custom Websites Designed by Flothemes

Do you feel that it’s time to push your business and brand to the next level? Has your style and aesthetics evolved, while your branding or website do not reflect that anymore? If you want to refine and narrow down the type of clientele you attract – a custom designed website can really make a difference in the way your brand is positioned and perceived by potential customers.

Design is not just a pretty layout, it’s a visual strategy that tells your story and presents your work in the best possible way. It’s meant to start a dialog with your potential clients and filter out users that do not fit your preference .

We’ve been consulting and designing custom websites for creatives from different backgrounds for over 10 years now. If you’re considering going Custom, need a refresh for your branding and simply want to re-launch your business with a stronger website that gets you clients and revenue – let’s talk. You can schedule a free consultation with us here.

Still on the fence? Here are some of our favorite Custom Websites that we designed in 2018 and 2019.

Photographers & Videographers

Before you dive deeper into checking out these stunning website examples of known photographers, videographers and educators, make sure to also bookmark this article explaining how design affects your website traffic, business growth and pricing offerings.

India Earl

Wedding & Elopement Photographer, Educator |indiaearl.com

Custom Websites Designed by Flothemes - India Earl

Katch Silva

Wedding & Couples Photographer | katchsilva.com

Custom Websites Designed by Flothemes - Katch Silva

Jennifer Michelson

Wedding & Elopements Photographer | agirlandacameraphotography.com

Custom Websites Designed by Flothemes - A girl and a camera photography

Tinted Photography

Wedding & Elopement Photographers | tintedphotography.com

Custom Websites Designed by Flothemes - Tinted Photography

Cody & Allison Photography

Wedding Photographers | codyandallisonphoto.com

Custom Websites Designed by Flothemes - Cody & Allison Photography

Merari Teruel Photography

Wedding Photographer | merari.com

Custom Websites Designed by Flothemes - Merari photography

Laurken Kendall

Wedding & Couples Photographer | laurkenkendall.com

Custom Websites Designed by Flothemes - Laurken Kendall

Heather Waraksa

Wedding, Fashion & Editorial Photographer | heatherwaraksa.com

Custom Websites Designed by Flothemes - Heather Waraksa

James Day

Wedding Photographer | jamesday.com.au

Custom Websites Designed by Flothemes - James Day

Wilde Scout

Wedding Photographers | wildescout.com

Custom Websites Designed by Flothemes - wilde scout

Some Fuzzy

Wedding Videographer | somefuzzy.com

Custom Websites Designed by Flothemes - some fuzzy

Thierry Joubert

Destination Wedding Photographer |thierryjoubert.com

Custom Websites Designed by Flothemes - Thierry Joubert

Event Planners & Wedding Vendors

Wondering whether we can pull off an elegant, epic and one of a kind website design for a non photography business, who is still very visual, craving for refined aesthetics and a bold, memorable presentation? You bet! Check out some of the few recent websites that we’ve designed for event planning and event design companies.

Jenn Events

Luxury Weddings & Events | jennevents.com

Custom Websites Designed by Flothemes - Jenn Events

ROAR Events

Corporate Events & Educators | roarevents.com

Custom Websites Designed by Flothemes - ROAR Events

Posh Floral Designs

Wedding & Event Floral Designer| poshfloral.com

Custom Websites Designed by Flothemes - Posh Floral Design

Griffin & Griffin Event Design Illuminated

Event Lighting Professionals| griffingriffinlighting.com

Custom Websites Designed by Flothemes - Griffin & Griffin Event Illuminated

Erica Elizabeth Designs

Wedding Accessories Designer| ericaelizabeth.com

Custom Websites Designed by Flothemes - Erica Elizabeth Design

Communities & Presets

We love working with photography communities, supporting their ideas and efforts to educate, empower and help other creatives grow, and become happier and more successful individuals. Below are a few recent examples of Custom Websites we’ve designed + the Meridian Presets website which we worked on in 2017 and are currently freshening up. So do come back to see its new look in a few weeks!

G- Presets

Photography Presets by Greg Petersen| gpresets.com

Custom Websites Designed by Flothemes - G Presets

Beloved Stories Community

Photography Community, Presets & Educators | beloved-stories.com

Custom Websites Designed by Flothemes - Beloved Stories

Meridian Presets

Photography Presets by Leading Photographers | meridianpresets.com

Custom Websites Designed by Flothemes - Meridian Presets

Personal Brands

Before starting work on any of our custom website projects, we research and analyze the information collected from you to gain a better understanding about your business, your goals from this redesign, the clients you want to attract and the brand voice that best speaks to them. We’re always excited to work on Personal Brands, as these allow us to dive deeper into your personality, aspirations, business wants and needs, and find that exact visual portrayal that you’ve always felt drawn to but couldn’t quite verbalize it. See below a few of our recent projects:

Erwin McManus

Pastor at Mosaic & Writer| erwinmcmanus.com

Custom Websites Designed by Flothemes - Erwin McManus

Erica Powell & Co

Strategic Business Coach, Educator & Motivational Speaker| ericapowell.com

Custom Websites Designed by Flothemes - Erica Powell & Co

Brittany Anderson

Nurse Practitioner & Wellness Advocate | brittanyanderson.net

Custom Websites Designed by Flothemes - Brittany Andreson

When & Why get a Custom Website Design?

Still with us? Great, most likely the idea of getting a fully tailored website design for your business has crossed your mind, at least once, right? But you’re still wondering whether it’s the right decision, whether it will positively impact your business, whether it will make your brand more successful and bring you more revenue.. Obviously.

All these questions are completely normal and you should ask them. A custom website design implies a significant business investment, and you want to be smart and absolutely sure about it.
Below, we have listed a few scenarios which indicate that your business needs a more sophisticated, custom website solution:

  • Your business is growing and expanding in various directions. Hence, you require a website that will allow you to scale, and could also use some professional advise on how to best communicate all your various offerings.
  • You feel like your site does not represent your business and style any longer. The clients that you’re attracting are not the type of clients you want to work with. And sadly, the theme options are not fully capable to reflect that unique brand voice and brand experience that you offer.
  • You got new exciting branding and need a website that will be in line and fully compliment your new business look.
  • You have a big project in mind, an e-commerce website, a community, etc. but do not know how to achieve your vision and need some professional, creative help.

Can relate to one of the scenarios from above? Wonderful, let’s talk more about it. Our free consultation does not oblige you to anything. We’re here to help you figure out whether getting a Custom Design is the right step for you to take now. It’s worth also mentioning what does a Custom Design Package with Flothemes actually imply:

  • Work with our creative team to identify your needs and your ideal clients’ needs, to accurately cater them with the new website design.
  • A close collaborate to get the best aesthetic presentation of your Brand Voice online.
  • Custom technical solutions to your most complex visions and requests.
  • One on one communication with our team (we have over a decade of experience working with creative businesses) to shape your vision into reality.

See below more details on each of our packages.

Custom Design Packages by Flothemes

Custom Portfolio Websites

Our custom design packages start at $5,800, which includes 6 custom designed pages and implementation. This is a great solution for businesses that have a heavy content portfolio website, as we have a story telling approach towards presenting all of your content. Our team focuses as much on finding a compelling approach to display your Portfolio, Bio, Manifesto, Philosophy, Brand Experience, Offerings, etc, as on creating an effective user experience and increasing your website conversions.

Custom E-Commerce Sites and Community Websites

If your business has extended to offer multiple products, hosts a community, or offers workshops & mentoring, our team will work on designing a custom user and purchase experience, by integrating and customizing Woo-Commerce pages for a smooth viewer experience. This custom package is estimated at $9,800-$12,000, depending on your functionality and feature needs. Read more about our custom process here.

Ready to create something extraordinary for your brand? Let’s talk about it!
Pick a time slot here, and tell us all about your exciting new idea and vision. Or e-mail us today at info(at)flothemes.com.

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