LVY 2: Your online art gallery

It’s called Lovely (LVY) for a reason!
We preserved the exquisite, airy design of LVY, which worked so well for portrait, editorial, fine art and film photographers (basically anyone shooting verticals, though it works well for landscape images too). And we’ve rebuilt it from the ground up, to include our modern drag & drop functionality, 50+ stunning block layout options, more mobile and customization flexibility.

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LVY 2 is like an online art gallery, where your portfolio is the centrepiece. Each layout and detail is designed to captivate and flirt with your site visitors, inviting them to explore more!

Scroll to the end for discounts and upgrade offers (for LVY and Rebecca users), or keep reading for 7 features that make this theme so extraordinary:

1. Flexible site width! You heard it right! LVY 2 allows you to adjust the width of your entire website, anywhere from 990px to 1440px. Or, you can choose the “responsive” mode, for the default parameters. For example the Classic demo has a fixed width set to 1180px, while the Editorial demo is set to responsive. Watch this video for more details.

2. A beautiful side bar for your pages, to engage visitors with more of your content and galleries (find examples under BlOGS 2 on both demos)! If potential clients land on your website and start exploring your work, naturally you want to show them more, some of your best work. LVY includes a side bar option, that you can add to your pages on the left or right side, for extra call to actions, content highlights and social media connection. Here’s a video explaining it further.

3. Do you shoot mainly verticals? Portraits, fine art or film photography? Well, this is the perfect theme for you! LVY 2 incorporates a multitude of options to showcase vertical images in sliders, galleries, featured blocks, etc. But, it will also beautifully work with landscape images.

4. Want to stand out and impress potential clients at first sight? Our mosaic slider is EXACTLY what you need. Its smooth transitions, and fresh, elegant design won’t leave indifferent anyone browsing through your website. See it here.

5. LVY 2 can literally transform your website into an online art gallery. You can add beautiful frames to your gallery grids, to make it look like an art exhibition. Now imagine, all those beautiful portraits, details, styled shoots or conceptual work, beautifully framed, each with its own spotlight?
Of course, you can always disable the frames if you prefer a clean masonry grid, and tweak the gutter space between your images.

6. Browse through LVY pages. Do you feel that? The smoothest transitions, beautiful hover effects with CTAs (call to actions), as well as parallax options for those who love scrolling effects.

7. LVY2 is versatile! The second, Editorial stylekit serves proof for that. Just by changing the typography (check out these free font kits we offer) and color palette, you can breath in a completely different, daring and trendy vibe into your website. Use it for editorial, fashion, lifestyle photography, or a personal blog where you share your favorite outfits, restaurants, trends and trip destinations. It’s really up to your creativity, we give you the toolbox. Use it!

Obviously there’s more than 7 reasons, as LVY also includes video options, full screen sliders, plenty of variations for your header and footer, stunning testimonial and FAQ blocks, CTAs, the ability to craft your own pages or use predefined layouts, options to hide blocks from mobile users, SEO flexibility, and of course a much simpler and easier to use backend that you will enjoy building your new website on.

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Dare to express yourself! Stand out and be irresistible in 2018!
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With Love,
Flothemes Team.

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