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Living in a van, always on the road exploring breathtaking, secluded locations, rock climbing and of course capturing life and people in a their most natural, sincere and profound way. That’s Katch Silva! She is no stranger to Flothemes, and has been using our Crowd theme prior to getting a Custom design for her photography website.

Obviously we were very excited about this project, as Katch is a very active, lively individual, who loves nature and is an evolving and maturing brand online. She is also partner to Ben Sasso. Both of them are two different brands, who express themselves and their art in a very different way. That being said, they’re both very experimental and have been traveling together around the US in an RV, enjoying the outdoors, camping and exploring their creativity.

With the new website, we wanted to fully incorporate and sync Katch’s fun personality, active lifestyle, incredible travels and inspiring work. At the same time, the new design had to appeal to and target certain types of clientele for elopements and couple sessions. It also had to work with her increasingly fast growth inside the industry as a speaker and social influencer. To cater to these specific goals, for her new website design, we brought her branding and illustrations in, and developed the message and style kit around that.

You can see the final result here: www.katchsilva.com as well as enjoy the design snippets showcased below.

Katch Silva photography: Custom Website Design

Naturally, we’ve also asked Katch to share her experience with Flothemes, and results after launching her new custom photography website. Keep reading:

Katch, how was your process of working with Flothemes on your website?

I was super pleased with how quickly you guys always responded to my emails, and how flexible you were with customizing everything until I was 100% happy with it. Sometimes working with a designer is tricky because you’re not sure if they’re gonna get exactly what you’re going for. But I think you guys really nailed it and made my abstract ideas tangible.

What was the ultimate goal for this website redesign?

I had new brand illustrations and a new brand direction, but it wasn’t tied into my website well at all. I had just roughly added the illustrations, logo, and some other elements to my site (I did it myself), and it didn’t flow well together with my old design. So the goal was to use my already existing brand art in a way that actually worked together with the design to reinforce my brand. And I think the new site design definitely does that super well.

After launching your new site, how has that affected your business (if it has)?

I can’t tell you guys how many emails and comments I’ve gotten about how much the site stands out, and how well it shows off exactly what my personality and brand are. Friends say that the site reflects exactly who I am and what my work is. Clients say that they were very drawn to the elements on the site and it left a memorable positive image in their mind. It has also brought me more clients that completely align with my vision and style, since it shows off what those are so well!

Thanks guys! I really do mean everything I say, my website has really revamped everything for me and people are always asking about it, you guys killed it!

Katch Silva photography: Custom Website Design 2

Katch Silva photography: Custom Website Design 3

Katch Silva photography: Custom Website Design 4

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If you feel it’s time to push your business and brand to the next level. If your style and aesthetics have evolved, while your branding and website do not reflect that. If you want to refine and narrow down the type of clientele you work with – we can guide and assist you through that process. Design is not just a pretty layout, it’s a visual strategy, that tells your stories, presents your work, and filters the clients you want to work with. If have questions about your current website and branding, or would like to discuss some potential ideas – leave us a message here. Let’s brainstorm together!

Read more about The Way Custom Design can affect your business, and check out our Custom Design Packages. Payment in installments is available.

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