New Flothemes Backend for 2017

With 2017 well underway, we’ve already released 2 gorgeous new themes –  Monte and Rosemary for you to play with and build your new site on.

We also spent a large part of 2016 working on a new theme backend, inside WordPress, aiming to improve and simplify your user experience when setting up a new site. The new backend is only available for those who get our latest themes – Rosemary and Monte, and all future releases. Here is an overview of the features and benefits:


new-themes-backened-flothemes-tutorials and documentation integration

Page Templates

Page templates are a powerful tool that will help and simplify your process of building your website. For your convenience we’ve included both – Predefined page layouts for a quick setup, as well as a Default template that allows full flexibility in terms of customization. If you are interested in launching your site asap – choose the predefined templates. All you’ll need to do is fill in the pages with your own content, choose which page sections you want to include, and you’re done! As simple and easy as that!


However, if you want to build something more custom, select the Default page template! Now you have the opportunity to create Custom Pages using the block builder. Easily add any blocks you want, reorder them by drag and dropping, then populate your new page. You’ll be surprised how much customization and creativity you have at hands. Build unique pages, tailored specifically to your needs and taste and impress your users and our team at Flo with your design vision!:)

You’ll also notice the documentation is added directly into the Pages. Now you can learn more about their features and customization options, straight from your dashboard. Read more about the documentation integration below.



We’ve added a brand new font interface, with a live editor. This includes options for letter and word spacing, sizing options, as well as alternatives for default, hover and active styles.
Default styles are the regular font option, the hover styles are the predefined settings when someone hovers over a specific word of a sentence, while the active style is the when someone clicks on that specific word or sentence (for example underlined). As it’s all done live, you’ll know exactly how it will look before you use it on your site.

If you don’t have the font you need, you can always add a new font from Google, or upload your own custom fonts. This gives you the maximum flexibility to style your site according to your branding and taste.


You also have the option to create custom font styles. With the custom font styles you’ll be able to assign a specific look to different elements on your page. For example, if you want a different page title font for your About and Contact pages – just create a custom style and assign it to those specific pages. As simple as that!


Documentation at Your Fingertips

We understand that setting up a site can sometimes be challenging, especially when you’re new to WordPress.

With our new backend, we’ve integrated the documentation right into your dashboard. You can find it in your Flothemes area, and while using our custom page templates. This eliminates the need to go access other platforms, searching for relevant information and tutorials. The description about each page and section is available directly on that page. All you need to do is read it and proceed to customizing it. We’ve also included video tutorials in the introduction tab of each section, to help you get a better understanding of what each section is all about.


Getting Started

Our new “Getting Started” section will help you set up your site according to your needs. The results are tailored based on the answers you give to each question. The aim is to provide you with the relevant items to get started with your new theme.

For example: If you answer “No” to “Do you have existing content?” you’d be offered the option of importing the demo content. The demo content is useful when you want a quick setup process, as you’ll only need to replace the text and images with your own content and choose from the page layouts available in the demo.

If you do have existing content, we’ll suggest you a list of recommend plugins to install, we’ll help you set up your menu, footer copyrights, and add a favicon to your site. This way, situations when content is overwritten by mistake gets completely eliminated from the setup process.


Custom CSS and Custom JS

Just like our old themes we’ve added a custom CSS section, for those of you who want to tinker and change things a little bit further. Now we’ve also introduced a custom JS section. This will let you inject custom JS that can be used on your site, such as Google Analytics, Facebook Pixels etc, allowing you to build on the functionality of your site even further.


Concluding, we hope you enjoy our new theme backend, as we strive to innovate and improve our products while listening to your feedback and assessing your needs. If you want more insights on how the new theme backend works, check out the video tutorials below:

Rosemary Theme

Monte Theme

As always we are listening and looking forward to hearing your questions and impressions after using our new themes and improved backend.

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