4 Reasons Why You Should Use Pixellu SmartSlides Slideshows

They refer to themselves as the world’s simplest slideshow maker, and that’s for a good reason. It took us less than 5 minutes to register for their free trial and create a simple, yet very powerful photo slideshow. It’s visual, dynamic and has a wide range of song options, provoking a lot of emotions and associations for the viewer. To be honest, Pixellu SmartSlides may be one of the most captivating and compelling tools through which you can deliver images to your client and have them transferred back to that special day. Go ahead and try it for yourself.

We’ve broken down all the perks and benefits into 4 main reasons why you’ll want to start using SmartSlides today:

reasons to use pixellu smartslides, minimal office setup

1. Simple, Intuitive & Fast

SmartSlides is so simple that a 4 year old could create a slideshow. Not kidding. You can make a slideshow in 3 easy steps:

1. Add your photos
2. Choose a song
3. Customize your slideshow
Re-order your images if needed, choose the song length, add a second or third song if you want to separate images by mood, tweak the transition effect between slides, etc.

And just like that, your slideshow is finished within 5 minutes! Not only is SmartSlides beautiful and responsive, but you can easily download the slideshow, embed it on your website, and share the link with your clients (with or without password protection).

reasons to use pixellu smartslides how to create a slideshow

2. Effective Storytelling with Music

We all know that music is a powerful trigger for memories and emotions. There is a full library of world-class, royalty-free music tracks available for you to choose from, all categorized by mood and type. From slow and romantic tunes, to fun and quirky ones. There’s something for every photographer. And if you don’t find that perfect track for your slideshow, you can easily upload your own songs into the library. Super flexible, super easy.

reasons to use pixellu smartslides music library

While you can always share a private blog post with all the images with your clients, a slideshow accompanied by music tells the story of their day in a way that takes them back. This triggers a much more effective emotional response from your clients and they will be far more excited and willing to share on their social network platforms.

3. Powerful First Impression

Slideshows are a wonderful way to tease your clients with a few previews from the full gallery. A beautiful slideshow gets them excited and reminds them what it felt like on their big day even before the whole package is delivered! Try creating a slideshow from your top favorite images of the day and allow your client to share it across their social channels for their friends and family. This will not only give you better engagement online, but may also bring extra traffic your way. More traffic = more leads = more clients, yay!

reasons to use pixellu smartslides, responsive slideshow

4. Compatible with Flothemes

We love that you can easily embed your SmartSlides slideshow on any page of your website. Just copy the embed code, add a Text Block (or add to the text content area at the top depending on your theme) to your page layout and paste the embed code into the text area in the “Text mode” tab. You will immediately see it showing up in the “Visual mode” tab. To finish up, save the page, and voila!

reasons to use pixellu smartslides how to embed a slideshow in wordpress on flothemes website

Take a look at a few real examples from leading photographers from all around the world. Ready to build your own? Get your free Pixellu SmartSlides trial here and start playing around with it today.

Flothemes Team,
Empowering You.


    Shane O'Neill

    20:04 September 4, 2017

    Hi - Do you have a live demo with Smart Slides sitting in a page?

      Nata Leto

      11:38 September 5, 2017

      Shane, you can easily register for the free trial (takes about 2 minutes) and give it a test with random images on your desktop. That's what I did ;)

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