Flothemes Installation Services – Kick Start Your New Site

Got your new theme? Not sure where to start? Let’s create something awesome together!

We know it’s not always easy to get your new site started. Thats why we’ve created 3 set up services, tailored for your needs to help you kick start your new site.

Imagine, your new website is being setup and customized while you are sunbathing on the beach, reading your favorite book and sipping on a cold delicious drink (Well almost). How does that sound? We know how busy you are throughout the year, shooting, editing, traveling, while still trying to fit in some time for family and friends. So we want to help you, by removing the technical hurdles of building a website, yet, keeping your online presentation beautiful and aligned with your brand and personality.

Currently we offer 3 Set Up services, which will get you easily started with Flothemes.

5 Reasons to take our (advanced) Installation Services?

  1. Work with a pro. Not so tech savvy? We are. You’re going to be working with the pro’s we know the themes inside out, we’ve helped thousands of people create the site of their dreams. We can do the same for you.
  2. 1 to 1 support. What’s better than working with someone 1 to 1 on your site? Take our advanced installation services and you’ll get just that – your own website Guru to help offer advice and guide you through the entire process.
  3. Screen sharing calls. That’s right, ask us questions, watch us make updates and review your site live directly with our team. An amazing way to really understand how you can utilize your new theme for your business.
  4. Save time – we will set up the new site structure so you don’t have to. This way your time can be spent doing the things you love. All you need to do is update the content after we’ve got the structure in place. Even better we teach you how to do it in our calls.
  5. Maintain your SEO – with the advanced install we maintain your existing site structure and even move your content* (*Squarespace and WordPress, others may be an additional fee when possible). This way you’re able to keep all those valuable links and maintain (in many cases improve) your SEO.

And, to make it easier for you to decide which of the three options fit your needs better, here is a detailed description of our setup services and steps included in each package:

Start building your new website today, help with site setup, installation services, work with us, flothemes

Check out the video explaining which service is best for you:

Advanced and Advanced Plus Installation Service

The advanced installation service is great for beginners and those of you that are WordPress veterans. With this service we’ll set up the skeleton of the site. All you have to do is add some flesh (images and text) and you’re ready to rock! With this package you’ll send us all the information at the start, related to layout preferences, then we’ll send you the initial preview and instructions on how to add any new content. Afterwards you’ll have 2 screen sharing calls (3 with the advanced plus) with us to review and finesse the site. These are invaluable. You can ask us anything website and WordPress related, and we’ll show you live how to make the changes. With this package you’ll be in a great place to maintain and manage your site, by yourself, once we’ve helped you get it all set up. Even better, you’ll have up to 8 weeks of premium email support during the process, where we can answer any questions and how to’s on getting started with Flothemes.

What We do:

– Set up of WordPress on hosting if required
– Migration of current WordPress / SquareSpace Blog
– Set up of Layouts for your pages in sitemap (based on theme capabilities)
– One to one contact with an installation hero for up to 8 weeks
– 2 x screen sharing sessions up to 1 hour (this is a great chance to finalize details and ask any questions about using the theme and WordPress). You get 3 sessions with the Advanced Plus package.
– Launch of site on new or existing domain
– Contact Page Set Up
– Installation of required and recommended plugins

What You do:

– Add any new or additional content to the site (this includes slideshow images, gallery images and inside page content)
– Design direction

Start building your new website today, help with site setup, installation services, work with us, flothemes, mark flo allen

Simple Installation Service

The Simple Installation service is great for those of you that are experienced with WordPress, or looking for a DIY experience. We’ll help get WordPress installed on your hosting and add the theme with demo content, but after that you’ll have to roll up your sleeves and make the magic happen. If you’ve used our themes before, this should be a doddle.

We do:

– Set up of WordPress on hosting
– Set up of your new theme Installation of Demo content, or the page templates requested in your installation form.
– Contact Page Set Up
– Installation of required and recommended plugins
Start building your new website today, help with site setup, installation services, work with us, flothemes, teamwork, developer
What you do:

– Adding new or additional content, this includes slideshow images, gallery images and inside page content
– Design direction (the team does not provide design direction, if required, get in touch for design services)
– Launch of site if not on the main domain
– Transfer of any content from existing services
– Set up and integration of additional third party plugins


Start building your new website today, help with site setup, installation services, work with us, flothemes, teamwork, site development

What Others Have to Say

And a few words from our awesome clients who embarked with us on this creative journey, and provided us their full trust and time:

Marko Marinkovic : Flothemes are effortless, easy and productive. I was completely unexperienced and terrified with website design and organization until I ran into them. Not only it’s straight forward and easy to use, but you also have a library of well organized documentation, both PDF and video tutorials and an army of very friendly and swift support staff to back you up. I dare to say that Flothemes changed the way my clients perceive my work. I’ve heard nothing but praises about my website from both my clients and colleagues, and the fact that it’s well written and optimized for SEO and speed purposes helps me gain more reach too. If you add up the constant updates and company’s effort to build support around the themes themselves (such as pricing module) – I couldn’t recommend Flothemes enough! It’s a company that’s growing by listening to their clients needs.

Jared Ladia : Flothemes has been one of the best decisions I have made for my business. I am so amazed at how my website turned out. I probably visit it at least once a day just to look at it! Flothemes’ installation assistance was essential for me because I lacked time and the knowledge to try and figure it out on my own. They switched everything over from my old website and made sure to help me through any questions or issues Ive had. If you’re looking to build a new website, Flothemes has plenty of beautiful themes to choose from. You wont regret it!

Coralie Monnet : Flothemes did an amazing job with my website! It wasn’t easy because I knew exactly what I wanted, but I couldn’t do it by myself, and fortunately they did their best, and now I’m more than happy to have a website that reflects who I truly am. My picture are really enlighten now, and I know that I count on a personal help if I need to. This incredible crew is listening to you, the tutorials they made are helping you to create a beautiful website and the templates allow to show your own personality. That’s exactly what I needed, thank you Michael, thank you Flothemes !

Giulia Ciampini : I have had a lot of trouble with my websites in the past and a friend of my suggested I transfer to wordpress/Flothemes website. She said the customer service was incredible and if anything went wrong, I have help along the way. I was apprehensive and just entering my busy season but I really wanted to improve my website. So, I purchased a template and paid for the set up service. Radu helped me to get my new website up and running. I had so many questions along the way and he was always really helpful, friendly and polite. He would respond quickly and provide good advice and help me work through any kinks in the design. He was nothing short of incredible. Because of Radu and the Flothemes team, I now have an awesome website AND learned a lot along the way. I don’t feel like such a newbie anymore and I can fix and change many things that I wasn’t able to before. (Also, the tutorial videos are phenomenal!) I can honestly say that I’m so happy with my website for the first time in 7 years and am so thankful I did this! Serious thank you to Radu and the Flotheme team!

Rachel Wheeler : Flothemes does it right. Everything. I was blown away by how quick they were with communication and willing to help my questions with clarity and a sense of urgency. I went from Squarespace to Showit and was ready to purchase a layout for WP as I was still unsatisfied. I spent months searching for the right layout and company to support. So glad I stumbled upon Flothemes because not only do I LOVE the final look of my website I was absolutely relieved by the help I received by Flothemes throughout the installation process.

website-installation-services,-site-setup-help 2

Arabella Packford : Flotheme you exceeded my expectations. Dumitru has been brilliant, very efficient and patient and I have just launched my new site- Wedabelle. It is a hundred times better than before and it was great value for the service I received. I have had so many bad experiences with website developers before but you guys saved the day. Thank you!

Marsha Walker Zepeda : My experience with Flothemes has been beyond amazing. Not only are the themes beautiful and easy to use, but the customer service is outstanding! Everyone I have encountered has been friendly and quick to respond. I have to say a HUGE thank you to my personal designer Radu! He is always so nice and quick to help me out when I have a question. He has helped me tremendously and I can not say enough praise for him and the entire team. THANK YOU Floteam for a job more than well done! Let us know if you have any questions about our Installation services. We can’t wait to start working with You!

Yasmin Roohi : love the overall feel and aesthetic of Flothemes and often recommend your company. Your customer service is also extremely helpful every time I have reached out to them, which is a lot, considering I have no idea what’s going on my backend. You’d think they’d be sick of my questions by now but, they’re very helpful and extremely courteous.

We hope this article shed some light and answered the questions you may have had. We look forward to working with you!

Flothemes Team,
Empowering You.  

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