Tim Dunk – FaceTime Photography: Everything You Wanted to Know, but Didn’t Know Whom to Ask | FloInsider Ep #3

The third episode of  FloInsider is here! FloInsider is a podcast for creative entrepreneurs who want a fresh perspective on business, communication, art, design, branding, and life as we know it.

Tim Dunk FaceTime photography interview FloInsider podcast

Today we’re talking about a new photography trend that emerged during the first months of Coronavirus – FaceTime Photography. You’ve probably seen these slightly blurry, yet oh so mesmerizing pictures while scrolling through your feed. We believe that FaceTime photography is a beautiful, alternative way of creating art and expressing yourself, so we decided to chat with Tim Dunk – a rad wedding photographer from the UK and also the pioneer of FaceTime photography.

In this fun episode, Tim shares how he came up with the idea of photographing though the FaceTime app, what is the process behind the scene, and what you should keep in mind if you want to give this type of photography a try.

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Here are a few cliff notes from our chat with Tim Dunk:

  • FaceTime photography is all about being creative, trying new things, finding the right light, and being open to a fun process where you don’t control everything.
  • If you want to start offering FaceTime photoshoots, it’s a good idea to offer a tech checklist that explains what setting your clients have to have on their phones. Ask them to check this list and setup their phone before the shoot. This will save time and maximize the results of the photoshoot. 
  • Be flexible. The success of your photo session highly depends on your internet connections and how well the client follows your guidance. If images don’t get saved or turn out bad, it’s always good to offer your client a second session for free. 
  • There are plenty of people now who offer FaceTime photoshoot services, but this market is definitely not overcrowded. Give it a try!
  • One of the reasons why FaceTime photography has gotten so popular is that people are pretty starved for new experience with photography.
  • No fancy props or exquisite background can ensure the success of your FaceTime photoshoot. It’s all about light, as it always has been. FaceTime photography is a great exercise if you want to develop your light-seeking senses. 
  • Photography is 90% people skills and 10% camera skills. 

If you want to connect with Tim Dunk and see more of his FaceTime photography work, head over to his website: timdunk.com

Follow Tim Dunk on Instagram: @tim_dunk and @facetimportraits

A huge thank you goes to our lovely host – Brandi Potter. Brandi is a talented destination wedding photographer. You can connect with her here: brandipotterphoto.com

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