8 adventurous WordPress photography websites built with Faro

Adventurous, daring, with a sprinkle of wanderlust and enchanting design elements – that’s all Faro. This website theme is the perfect choice for you if you’re a destination, wedding, elopement photographer and videographer. Its bold and exciting layouts will let your prospects know that you are ready to climb on top of any mountain, travel to the end of the world, or hike long distances just to capture their special day in an epic scenery.

Photo by Caroline Sada

One of Faro’s many advantages is the customization freedom it offers. As usual, you can opt to use its beautiful, pre-made templates right out of the box – just add your branding and content and you’re done! Or, if you’re eager to get your creative juices flowing and want to build a website that looks and feels like YOU – Faro will empower you with its flexibility.

Everything is drag and drop, can be tweaked, removed, edited, and personalized. You don’t need to know code. All you need is an inspiration board, a good cup of coffee, and some motivation.

But enough talking! Today, we’re excited to share with you 8 adventurous WordPress photography websites built with the Faro theme: 

Studio Fotografico Bacci

studiofotograficobacci.com | Wedding Photographers

Caroline Sada

carolinesada.com | Wedding Photographer

Maine Elopement Collective

maineelopementcollective.com | Wedding Photography & Planning Team

Viktoriia Photo

viktoriiaphoto.com | Wedding, Couples & Family Photographer

Han Designed

handesigned.net | Wedding & Elopement Photographer and Videographer

Mauro Beoletto

maurobeoletto.it | Wedding Photographer

Tim George

timgeorge.co | Wedding Photographer


steuerklasse4.de | Wedding, Couples & Elopements Photographer and Videographer


Aren’t they wonderful?
If you also own a website built with Flothemes, if you love the freedom it grants you to tweak the layouts and bring out more personality into each section – we’d love to see it! Share it with us via Instagram!

Yet, if your current website gives you headaches and makes you want to crawl under a rock – it’s time to get a better one. Reach out to us, and we’ll help you pick the right website template for your needs!

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