13 Fabulous WordPress Websites Built With Nessa

Want to spice up your online presentation with a fun and fresh website design? Need a template that would support and help you market all your products, services, courses, podcasts, and life ideas? Want something that feels natural, inviting, and effortless? Then you’ve found your perfect website match! It’s called Nessa, and it’s one of the most charming WordPress templates that you’ll ever own! 

Intrigued? Keep reading to find out why Nessa is the perfect website design for you. We’ve also included 13 real website examples built by our clients to show you how versatile and easy to adapt this theme is. 

Wordpress Websites built with Nessa theme by Flothemes

Nessa was created for those who need a website beaming with personality and charm. Whether you’re an educator, coach, influencer, blogger, or creative artist, Nessa will help you create a strong and memorable online presence. We’ve got it packed with gorgeous templates for Landing pages, Education and Resources pages, Instagram links layouts, sections for your podcast, and so much more!

Nessa is also very popular among our photographer clients, and rightfully so! This theme can beautifully adapt to your photography portfolio, be that wedding and elopement imagery, portrait and lifestyle work, or commercial and editorial pictures.

We’ve collected 13 fabulous website examples built with Nessa by our awesome clients, from all around the world. Scroll down to see how this theme can help you build an outstanding website that will reflect your brand’s character to a T. 

Shae and Evan | Wedding & Elopement
Photographers + Videographers


Shae and Evan Wedding and Elopement Photographers and Videographers Flothemes Website

Beba Vowels | Brand & Wedding Photographer


Beba Vowels Brand and Wedding Photographer Flothemes Website

Borgo Leoni Fotografia | Photography Studio


Borgo Leoni Fotografia Photography Studio Flothemes Website

Nadine Killmeyer Photography | Wedding, Couples
& Lifestyle Photographer


Nadine Killmeyer Wedding Couples and Lifestyle Photographer Flothemes Website

Brianne Daigle | Wedding & Elopement Photographer 


Brianne Daigle Wedding and Elopement Photographer Flothemes Website

Princess of Cups | Lifestyle Maternity Photographer


Princess of Cups Lifestyle Maternity Photographer Flothemes Website

Casa Cappello | Brand & Web Design Agency


Casa Cappello Brand and Web Design Agency Flothemes Website

Dan & Tyler | Wedding & Family Photographers


Dan and Tyler Wedding and Family Photographers Flothemes Website

Black Bird Tale | Family & Motherhood
Photographer + Educator


Black Bird Tale Family and Motherhood Photographer and Educator Flothemes Website

Katelyn Mallett | Educator & Coach for
Wedding Photographers


Katelyn Mallett Educator and Coach for Wedding Photographers Flothemes Website

Loarwenn Photographe | Portrait Photographer


Loarwenn Photographe Portrait Photographer Flothemes Website

Lexi Works Photography | Wedding, Couples
& Portrait Photographer


Lexi Works Photography Wedding Couples and Portrait Photographer Flothemes Website

Viviana Cardona | Editorial, Wedding & Portrait Photographer


Viviana Cardona Editorial Wedding and Portrait Photographer Flothemes Website


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Want to see some more examples, before deciding which website template to get? Great! Check out our showcase page, with 100+ stunning website examples, built by various creatives, from photographers, videographers and designers, to bloggers, planners, etc.  

Flothemes Team,
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