Flothemes in Barcelona, The Rural Workshop

We started this month with an amazing trip to Barcelona for the The Rural workshop, where our founder – Ross Tanner, was a speaker. Apart from the excitement of revisiting one of our favorite Spanish cities, and meeting many amazing friends and clients, we knew that The Rural is going to be a spectacular, one of a kind experience, fun, bonding, mind dazzling. It was, so much more than that, thanks to the AMAZING team behind this workshop!

What can we say about these 3 days in Santa Susanna (50km outside of Barcelona, the location of the workshop)? It was wild, colorful, crazy, inspiring, with so many emotions, experiences, connections, open minded people and their stories.. all in one place! Not to mention the presentations and workshops themselves. We’ve listed to and learned from talented photographers like Fer Juaristi, Julia & Gil, Petar Jurica, and so many more! We got inspired, we took photos, we drank coffee, all this while enjoying the warm sunshine and chilly breeze from the sea.

After The Rural, we spent a few more days in Barcelona, exploring its beautiful streets with our dear friend, Marcos Sanches, and his lovely family. Taking fun photo walks with Julia& Gil, as well as doing Coffee Meetups. Since education and empowering our clients to become better business owners has always been an important aspect of our company, we were excited to welcome over 50 photographers at these meetups, were Ross Tanner could help answer some questions they had about branding, processes, pricing, sales, growth and so many more. It was a productive discussion, not just about business, but life in general.

We thank all and each one of you that was part of this amazing trip and experience, and cannot wait till the next time we meet again!
And our course, here are just a few of the tons of memories and emotions we have left Barcelona with.


Much love,
Flothemes Team.

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