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There are a number of reasons why a site may be slow. Low-cost hosting which is often shared and slow, inefficient coding (theme or plugins), and non-optimized images. These tend to be the three main reasons when it comes to why your website is performing poorly. If you didn’t know already, site speed is super important for your SEO and conversion rates for the following 2 reasons (we could provide 20 but we won’t bore you):

  1. Fast sites have lower bounce rates
  2. Fast sites offer a better user experience for your users

Need more reasons? Check out this article from Crazyegg explaining the importance of site speed.

Today, everything is about speed. People need and want instant gratification. Give them a slow website, and you’re leaving money on the table. Give them what they want, make it easy, and you’ll generate more inquiries, and improve your chances of booking more clients.

With that said, we’re now offering Optimization Services, to make sure that your site is both user friendly and fast. Our aim is to help you increase those conversions on your website and improve your SEO by providing Google with those good signals (fast loading times).


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Want to do it yourself? Give it a go by following our 3 part optimization series. Would prefer to leave it to the Pros and give yourself peace of mind? Sign Up today for our Flo Optimization service!

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