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How to Choose a Flotheme: Your Quick Guide

Having a hard time deciding which theme to choose for your website? Though all our designs were created with photographers, videographers and creative businesses in mind, some templates work better for one brand than the other. This article is meant to help you make a more informed decision when choosing a theme, based on the type of work you do. Know that even after you pick a theme, if you realize that you’ve picked the wrong one, you can switch for FREE to a different template within 30 days after purchase.


General Features & Functionality

Here are a few things you need to know about our themes, before jumping to specifics:

  • Fonts, colors, even layout structures can be easily customized to match your branding & visual needs. Hence, when choosing a theme, try to ignore the styling (colors, typography, etc) and pay more attention to the structure, the types of blocks used on pages, the slideshows and gallery options, as these make the main difference when building a website.
    At the same time, if you get one of our FlexThemes, design limitations get erased, as most the blocks inside these themes are fully flexible and allow you to tweak and control every single element inside.
  • All themes support support video. You can add videos to your slideshow, add embeds to your blog posts, even add a video block to your main pages. However, some themes are more suitable for videographers, than others. Check out the sections below for more details.
  • You can add a shop to any theme with a free plugin called WooCommerce. Or, if you prefer a using a platform such as Shopify, we recommend just linking your external shop to your main menu.
  • SEO wise, all our themes have been optimized and offer plenty of options to include your keywords, headings, etc. Though we do recommend checking out our SEO Guide for Photographers, as there are more steps you need to take to make your site SEO friendly & get found by Google.

Now let’s get to that theme filtering.

Website Themes for Photographers

Since all our themes were designed with photographers in mind, especially wedding photographers, we’ll divide these based on style & functionality.

Minimalistic Site Design

For a super clean, minimalistic look for your photography website, pick Fiji. That’s our most popular website theme, it’s super easy to customize and works with just about any type of photography brand – from weddings, family & kids, to travel, landscape, even dog photography. It also comes in 4 gorgeous style kits to show you how versatile it can be, once you apply your branding & creative vision to it. If you want to have more customization options, pay attention to FlexThemes, more specifically to Elise, Lyra, and Velvet.
Themes Recommended: Fiji, LVY, Narcisse, Rosemary, Elise, Lyra, Velvet.
Photography Type: Wedding, Couples, Travel, Family, Fine Art, etc.

Light & Airy Site Design

These also count as minimalistic, yet add a more refined & delicate vibe to your website as compared to Fiji. For an airy & polished website look, check out Rosemary, Narcisse & LVY. Also, Elise and Velvet from our new FlexThemes collection. These themes are also great options when you predominantly shoot vertical imagery or a mix of horizontals & verticals.
Themes Recommended: Rosemary, Elise, Crowd, Narcisse, LVY, Velvet.
Photography Type: Wedding, Film, Fine Art, Portrait, Family & Kids, Editorial Lifestyle, etc.

Playful & Trendy Site Design

Want something trendy, new & different for your site? Check out Evora, Cannes or Narcisse from our Classic themes collection, or Lyra, Verso, Faro & June from our FlexThemes collection.
Each of these themes has a very unique look & vibe that helps you make a memorable first impression and stand out in the mind of your potential clients. Evora & Narcisse will add a more editorial vibe to your website. While Lyra, Verso & Cannes have a more bold, impactful approach.
Themes Recommended: Evora, Lyra, Verso, Cannes, Narcisse, Faro, June.
Photography Type: Wedding, Lifestyle, Fashion, Editorial, Commercial, Travel, etc.

Classic & Timeless Site Design

If you’re interested in a more classic design, with a timeless, elegant vibe, pick Porto, Crowd or Milea. Also, Elise and Velvet from our new FlexThemes collection. These themes are perfect for photographers who have reached a certain level of maturity with their business, and want that ageless sophisticated look.
Themes Recommended: Porto, Elise, Crowd, Milea, Velvet.
Photography Type: Wedding, Family, Portrait, Lifestyle, Editorial, Fine art, etc.

Bold & Image Driven Site Design

Love full screen sliders & bold image blocks on your pages? In this case, Porto, Verso, Faro, June, Cannes or Lyra are what you need. For Porto and Cannes, do check the various style kits, as we’ve experimented with different styles & colors to help you easily envision your own website. Don’t forget that each theme allows you to change colors, add your own custom fonts and customize the page structure.
Themes Recommended: Porto, Lyra, Verso, Cannes, Faro, June.
Photography Type: Wedding & Couples, Travel, Commercial, Educational, Mentorship, etc.

Moody or Dark Site Design

Want a dark website? You can change the background color on any theme to make it dark, or more moody (as well as experiment with the colors for each page block individually). Yet, Porto, Osaka and Cannes look particularly good in dark colors. Here are a few examples of Dark Websites created by our clients. 
Themes Recommended: Porto, Osaka, Cannes.
Photography Type: Any photographer who shoots more moody imagery and wants a non-standard, darker website.

Editorial or Fashion Vibe on Website

If you’re a fashion, portrait or editorial photographer, or perhaps just shooting lifestyle work and want a more magazine type of look for your website, we recommend checking out Narcisse, Evora & LVY. From our FlexThemes collection, check out Verso, Velvet & June. As each includes styles designed specifically for your type of portfolio & needs.
Themes Recommended: Narcisse, Verso, Evora, LVY, Milea, Velvet, June.
Photography Type: Fashion, Editorial, Portrait, Commercial, Lifestyle, Wedding, etc.


Website Themes for Videographers

As mentioned earlier, all our theme support video. With most, you can add a video to your main slideshow, into 1-3 various blocks designed to showcase films, or as an embed from youtube & vimeo. However, we did incorporate advanced video functionality into a few of our themes, to offer more flexibility and creative freedom to videographers. Our top 3 recommendations for filmmakers would be Cannes & Porto. Know that these will also work for photographers who do a mix of photo & video work. For more details and additional theme suggestions check out this article. 
At the same time, our FlexThemes are built mainly out of FlexBlocks, which allows you to add a video almost in to any section on any page. Verso, Lyra, Elise & Faro. are perfect for videographers who want more control over how their website looks, and love experimenting with layout ideas.
Themes Recommended: Cannes, Porto, Osaka, Verso, Lyra, Elise, Faro.

Website Themes for Bloggers

We have lots of bloggers & social media influencers using our themes for their website. Any one who has a blog about fashion, lifestyle, traveling, food, crafts, life coaching, etc can easily use one of our designs when building their website. The themes will showcase your images and new posts in a beautiful, fresh way + many of them have beautifully predesigned side bars that allow you to interact more with your readers and keep them curiously browsing your site.
Verso, Lyra, Faro and June from our new FlexThemes collection, have been designed with active creatives in mind, who want a unique and impactful way to showcase their work, experience and projects they’ve worked on.
Themes Recommended: Evora, Milea, Fiji, Verso, Lyra, Faro, June.

Our Top Popular Website Themes of 2019

Curious which themes were most popular among our users in 2019? These were Fiji, LVY. Crowd, Porto and Osaka. You can also snoop around some real website examples built by our clients, to get a better idea of which theme you prefer for your work. There are over 90 client websites showcased here, built by photographers, videographers, bloggers, designers, etc.

An of course, don’t forget to look into our newest theme collection, called FlexThemes, as these revolutionize the way you can build your site on WordPress, and offer you maximum control over how your site looks on mobile and desktop.

Need More Help?

Still not sure which theme is right for you? Send us a message, as our team has lots of suggestions and insights that can help you pick the right design. Make sure to include in your message a link to your current website (so we can see your work) and short description of what you’re looking for in your future website. And we’ll be right on it!

Flothemes Team

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