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FlexBlock, FlexThemes.. we know, you’ve been hearing a lot of these words lately, and unless you’re an existing Flothemes client who played around with FlexBlock – these words bring a lot of questions and confusion into your mind. Hence, in this post we’ll explain what’s FlexBlock, what are FlexThemes, and how they are different from our current theme collection.

Spoiler alert: this article may trigger a strong desire to update your website with one of our new themes. If you’ve recently revamped or aren’t planning to do so in the next few months – Look away! You’ve been warned 🙂

What’s FlexBlock?

FlexBlock is a Flothemes plugin and a powerful design tool that allows you to create your own custom blocks and page sections, in an easy and fun way. You’re in full control of how everything looks on desktop and mobile. You start with a clean canvas, add elements such as images, videos, buttons, text and create completely unique and fresh layouts for your site. Anything from beautiful parallax sections, to autoplay background videos or impactful typography that can be used as a design element.

You don’t need to know code, or have sophisticated design skills. The editor is very intuitive and visual. See for yourself:

Find out more about FlexBlock here and here, and if you’re curious to see what our clients have been creating with FlexBlock on our classic themes, here’s a beautiful example that charmed us away. It was built by Maike Simon for the Female Frames Community.

What are FlexThemes?

As a design and website provider, we continuously look for new ways to enhance and improve our clients’ experience with our products. Apart from offering you the most beautiful, elegant and impactful website designs, our goal has always been to remove the complexity out of WordPress. We want you to enjoy all the perks and customization freedom, through a simple, user friendly dashboard. Consequently, when somebody tells you that WordPress is scary and difficult, show them Flothemes’ interface and bust that myth.

Now, about FlexThemes.
FlexThemes are a new generation of WordPress website templates that have FlexBlock integrated into their framework. This means that most of your blocks are Flex (80% of them) and allow you to customize every single detail inside, on both, your desktop and mobile website.

When you get a FlexTheme, you receive 120+ of pre-designed templates (page layouts and blocks) with your theme files. If you want a quick out of the box solution for your website, where you simply log in, add your images, texts and branding – you can easily do that by working with the pre-made templates.

However, FlexThemes will particularly delight those of you who want more control over their website design. We put the steering wheel in your hands. Start with a pre-made Flex template, then tweak everything inside. Play with colors, fonts, composition, add videos, images, buttons and create truly unique and exciting layouts for your website. No idea is off limits. Bring out all the charisma, elegance, fun and rock’n’roll. Customize the way your clients interact with your site, both on desktop and on mobile. The beauty of FlexThemes is the massive control and freedom they give you, all inside WordPress.

At the same time, if you don’t want to start with a template, you can easily add good old FlexBlock to any page, and start creating on a clean canvas. We’ve updated FlexBlock’s functionality, so it directly pulls your font styles and color schemes from your theme’s global settings. Easy as a pie.

Let’s quickly explore each of the 3 gorgeous designs we released with our Fall Collection. Meet – Elise, Lyra and Verso.


Elise is a light, romantic website theme with a modern editorial twist. Its refined typography and delicate design elements will perfectly support those who want a minimalistic portfolio layout, with an in-depth narrative. Elise is perfect for wedding, fine art, editorial, film, family or portrait photographers, as well as planners, bridal designers, or any other vendor in the wedding and styling business.

Watch video walkthrough for Elise.


Lyra was designed with commercial and educational brands in mind. It’s for creatives who hustle, provide mentorship, travel and want a clear and captivating way to present their experience, knowledge and offerings. Any creative, be that a photographer, designer, stylist, consultant, blogger, etc will fall in love with Lyra’s impactful layouts and charismatic style.

Watch video walkthrough for Lyra.


Verso is a stylish, contemporary website design for those who dare to be bold and different. It’s for people who need a powerful tool to showcase their versatile, artistic work. If you’re involved in a diversity of projects, if you’re a designer, photographer, or any type of well rounded artist, Verso will beautifully show off your portfolio and allow you to freely express your personality and brand. From personal projects to commercial work or blogging, Verso has it all.

Watch video walkthrough for Verso.

TLDR | 7 Reasons why you’ll love FlexThemes

Want a quick and concise overview of FlexThemes’ benefits & perks? Here you go:

  • 80% of blocks are FlexBlocks, offering you full control over every single element inside the template.
  • Building with WordPress has never been easier. All Flex blocks inside the new themes come with an intuitive, simple to use visual editor, allowing you to bring your boldest, craziest ideas to life.
  • Maximum control over your mobile site.
  • 120+ pre-made blocks and page layouts, to help you get started fast and easy.
  • Ability to create your own custom blocks, and reuse them later on other pages (Import/Export)
  • Easy management of fonts and colors, with the ability to add your own custom fonts, and fully adapt your theme to your own branding and style.
  • You’re guaranteed that your website won’t look like anyone else’s, because you have the freedom and flexibility to personalize everything.

FlexThemes vs. Classic Themes | What’s the difference?

And in case you wonder what’s the difference between our classic themes and FlexThemes, this video explains it all.

We’re incredibly excited to see what you create with our new FlexThemes collection! Luckily, you can save on any of them, as we’ve just kicked off our Valentine’s Sale. Get any FlexTheme with 25% OFF by applying the code MEDAY on cart page!

More question? Check our tutorials and documentation here, or message us on live chat!

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