Recommended Flothemes Designer Spotlight: Interview with Louise Everarts de Velp

We continue introducing you to our Recommended Flothemes Designers – a group of fellow creatives with an amazing eye for detail, remarkable aesthetic taste, and experience in building websites with Flothemes templates. 

If you ever feel like your website needs a more personal and custom feel; if you need help with brining some cool new pages and sections to your website; or if you would love to hire an expert who will take care of your site like its their own – we recommend reaching out to one of our Recommended Designers. They are based all around the world, speak a variety of languages, and have very different styles – every client will surely find their perfect match.

Today, we’d like for you to meet Louise Everarts de Velp – a talented designer and branding expert from Colorado, USA. 

Louise is the mastermind behind September Design Studio – a branding and web designnstudio that serves female entrepreneurs and helps them unlock their brand’s unique value. In her portfolio, you’ll find many impressive websites, including those built with Flothemes designs. She has worked with about any type of creative entrepreneurs: from life coaches and interior designers, to copywriters and wedding photographers. 

How long have you been working as a website designer and what are your areas of expertise?

I’ve worked as a web and brand designer for almost three years! I was once a contemporary dancer in Europe, then moved to LA and became a celebrity nanny for a while. But I later decided to merge my love for beauty and art with my passion for helping women thrive with their creative businesses! I work with female entrepreneurs in the creative and wellness fields (e.g., photographers, life coaches, nutritionists, therapists, etc.). I finally found my ideal career where I can nourish my creative soul and satisfy my drive to help others thrive while enjoying the amazing bonus of having the freedom to live the life I want: working from home and living in the gorgeous Colorado mountains! 

What’s your favorite thing about Flothemes?

I have to say it’s Flothemes’ flexibility + topnotch design. I really believe Flothemes is THE platform for building the website of your dreams! The predesigned blocks are always so stunning and don’t lock you in a fixed layout. I love that every detail can be customized!

Which theme do you like the most, and why?

I have a big crush on Nessa! The Branding Kit (fonts, color palette) is just on point, and the layout has a minimal, yet warm and feminine design, filled with discreet, lovely details and surprises like the textured background, the lines, and oval shapes – it’s everything I love in a theme!

Share a design or website advice for Flothemes clients

Though it’s exciting to get your new theme and start working on your dream website, I recommend avoiding tweaking the theme too often. If you start fiddling with the fonts, the colors, the layout, etc., the theme can end up looking messy and not cohesive at all, which can make user experience unsatisfactory. My best advice would be to hire a brand designer that will create a cohesive brand for you. If you have a smaller budget and only have a logo, select a theme that reflects your brand the best and do minimal changes to the Style Kit. Mono theme is a great option as it has a lot of pre-made brand kits to choose from, so you’re guaranteed to have a professional, cohesive brand and website look as a result!

Which are your favorite websites built with Flothemes templates?

Carolina W. Rivera Photography

Wedding Photographer | Built with Elise theme

Heidi Hauer

Holistic Health & Life Coach | Built with June theme

Laken Design 

Interior Design Firm | Built with Evora theme*

*Evora theme is no longer available, yet you can build a similar website with Mono theme + Evora style kit.  

Lindsey Steinberg 

Copywriter & Yoga Teacher | Built with Osaka theme*

*Osaka theme is no longer available, yet you can build a similar website with Mono theme + Osaka style kit.  


In love with Louise’s work and style? Want something similar created for your own brand? Contact Louise via her website or follow September Design Studio on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest

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