Recommended Flothemes Designer Spotlight: Interview with Caroline Liabot

We here at Flothemes have one important goal: to develop elegant and flexible WordPress themes that any creative can use for their website, regardless whether they’re a novice or seasoned business owner. And though our themes are designed in a way that allows you to go wild and create really custom and original looking websites (thank you, Flex), not everyone is built to enjoy this process. Some of you would rather hand this process over to a professional, who can implement your vision – faster and in a more refined way. If you’re one of those people – you’re going to like this article.

You may know by now that we have a list of Recommended Flothemes Designers. They are fellow creatives just like you, with a good eye for detail, an exquisite aesthetic taste, and vast experience in building websites with Flothemes templates. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be introducing you to each one of them.

These are talented people from all around the world (they may speak YOUR language), who can help you bring that custom and personal look to your website, tailored to your voice and target clientele

If you want to check out the full list of our recommended designers, click here. Otherwise, grab a cup of coffee as we’re about to introduce you to Caroline Liabot – a brilliant family photographer and website designer based in France. 

Caroline has a vast portfolio of client websites built with Flothemes: from portrait and kids photography sites, to travel and lifestyle blogs. She knows all the ins and outs of WordPress and is ready to share her expertise with anyone who needs an imposing and impactful online presentation. Some of you may recognize Caroline from the lovely video tutorials that she helped us create for our French speakers (check them out here). 

Without further ado, meet Caroline Liabot and the beautiful websites she creates.

How long have you been working as a website designer and what are your areas of expertise? 

I have been working as a web designer for the past two years now, on top of being a lifestyle photographer as well. I only work with Flothemes templates and have made it my expertise. I would say that my strongest competence is to guide my clients on their communication strategy. I think that today a strong design is not enough. A strong communication tailored to a client that you know how to address is a must. Design, colors, fonts and portfolio curation are extra tools to enhance the message you want to give to your client. 

With my clients, I work a lot on understanding their customers and how I can help them express their unique voice. We elaborate together their key message before getting into design. 

What is your favorite thing about Flothemes? 

Flothemes allows me to express my vision – as an artist, as a creative, and as a business entrepreneur. I can wear all hats at once and create strong designs that serve both, my creativity and my commercial strategy. The second best argument for Flothemes is your team. The support team is amazing. The creative team also. Everyone is customer focused and makes a priority to help clients have performing templates, technical optimization and solutions! 

Which theme do you like the most? 

Oh boy! I am not sure I can answer, as I am a Flo addict. If I had to choose one only, it would be Mono. Mono is edgy, strategic, creative, and business-focused. The style kits are just unbelievable and impossible to choose from! Every time I get to design with Mono, I have fun because it just makes me feel like I can do anything and that the end design will be unique!

Share a design or website advice for Flothemes clients.

It may sound cheesy at first, but I would say – Stay true to yourself! We all work in a competitive industry, and right now our businesses and creativity are suffering a bit. My advise is to take this moment and really think on what’s your own voice, that is not influenced by others on social media. I believe that being true to yourselves is the best strategy. It makes it much easier to communicate, to find strong keywords and messages for your daily posts on social media and so on. I really believe that each of us has our own way of looking at the world and I want to help others find their voice!

Which are your favorite websites built with Flothemes templates?

Here are 4 of my favorite websites built with Flothemes templates : 

Eva Lagardére

Built with Mono + Osaka Style Kit

Eva has such a unique vision on maternity and postpartum. It was great working with her and I just love the final result of our collaboration. 

Magali Selvi

Built with June

Magali had a real challenge – we had to find a way to structure lots of information from her previous website and carefully think out the navigation that would simplify her message. Her visual identity was non-existent, so we had fun putting together a color palette, fresh and full of peps. It matches her work and personality brilliantly. 

Sylvain Marchand

Built with Narcisse* and FlexBlock

*Narcisse theme is no longer available, yet you can build a similar website with Mono theme + Narcisse style kit.

Sylvain is a portrait photographer and probably the most soulful artist I have worked with. His vision is strongly influenced by art and literature and it was important to create something special and unique for him. It was a great challenge and we loved exchanging ideas and being creative about the design! 

Le Girafe Qui Vole

Built with June

This is a travel and lifestyle blog built with Marlene. A colorful and vibrant universe that was tricky to built like this one website is addressing 3 different types of clients with many many blog posts to orchestrate. The challenge was to create different atmospheres for each destination and keep the navigation easy, to create effective Calls To Action. It was great working with a blogger and such an enthusiastic one!

I have another 6 clients waiting for me to start working on their new websites. I am very excited to work with Zephyr and Cotton soon – I have been dying to built websites with these templates! I feel like a kid on Christmas morning and I am grateful to be doing all this work. I am a lucky girl. 


If Caroline’s works have resonated with you and you’d enjoy building your new website with her, send her a message via her website:

You can also connect with Caroline via Instagram: @caroline_liabot

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