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Custom Website for the Price of a Template? Yes, that’s real!

In the day and age when (almost) every photographer has got a nice website, being creative with how you present your business online is more of a requirement than an option. Frankly speaking, if you want your business to flourish, rather than get diluted among the competition, it’s no longer enough to just have a good looking website. It needs to stand out, be that through design, wording, imagery, or better a combination of all of the above.

Think we’re exaggerating?
Consider this – your potential client looks through 10-20 photography websites in a day before stumbling upon yours. Imagine that all those websites were charming and adorable, yet very similar, since the client is looking for a very specific aesthetic. Is your website different then most? Will the client single you out from the rest? If the answer is “not really”, you might want to use this down time to add more personality and charm to your online look.

Now, we’re not at all pushing you to embark on the journey called get-a-custom-website-and-spend-a-fortune-on-it. Why would you do that, when all you need to get a custom look is your Flothemes template, FlexBlock and a good dose of inspiration?

We’re pretty sure that you’re already familiar with FlexBlock. If you’re not, head to this article to find out more. Long story short, FlexBlock is a simple to use, visual editor that allows you to create your own website layouts, to present your work in a more unique and original way. And it’s absolutely FREE for all Flothemes clients, how cool is that?!

If you have one of our Classic themes, you can add FlexBlock to your site and create new blocks to spice up your pages. Yet, if you have one of our Flexthemes (which integrate FlexBlock) – you basically have no limits to how your website can look!

Obviously you’re here for solid proof and real examples, right? We’ve gathered some of our favorite client website build with Flothemes, but customized beyond recognition with the help of FlexBlocks! Enjoy!

Early Night

www.earlynight.com | Porto II + FlexBlock

Jen Krause

www.jenkrause.de | Cannes + FlexBlock

Ashley Smith Photography

www.ashleysmithphotos.com | June

Baptiste Hauville

www.baptistehauville.com | Lyra

Emanuel Mayr

www.emanuelmayr.com | Verso

Sophie Asselin

www.sophieasselin.com | Narcisse + FlexBlock

Will Patrick

www.willpatrickweddings.com | Elise

Hafenliebe Education

www.hafenliebe.education | Lyra


www.onona.co | Verso


www.rubistyle.com | Lyra

Megan Arina

www.meganarina.com | Narcisse + FlexBlock

Sandie Boloto

www.sandieboloto.com | Verso

Alisa Nicholle

www.alisanicholle.co | Lyra


www.love.nimagens.com | Lyra

Caitlyn Cloud

www.caitlyncloud.com | Lyra

Colagrossi & Co.

www.colagrossi.co | Rosemary II + FlexBlock

Hafenliebe Wedding Photography

www.hafenliebe-weddingphotography.com | Lyra

Cloud Catcher Studio

www.cloudcather.co | Elise


Impressive, huh?

Needles to say that we absolutely adore it when a client sends us their freshly launched website, and we can’t recognize what theme they used. That’s the ultimate compliment we can get for our work. Seeing what people create with their themes and FlexBlock is mind-blowing and hopefully will inspire you to follow their creative path.

So, dear reader who just checked out the website examples from above – are you ready to spice up your website and make it exceptional? You’ve got this!

And don’t forget to share your final result with us, we’re rooting for you!

Flothemes Team,
Inspiring You.

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