Flexthemes Spring Collection | New Features & Why You’ll Want One

Ever since we launched FlexBlock (a year ago) and Flexthemes (in November 2019), designing new website templates, enhancing them with new features and functionality – has been an extremely fun and thrilling roller coaster, and not just for our clients. Our designers enjoy working with FlexBlock as much as you guys do. Being able to create and tweak everything inside a visual drag and drop editor, having the freedom to control every element (its placement, size, color, functionality) is incredibly empowering and motivating. Don’t you agree?

Today, we’re excited to add 3 gorgeous new designs to our Flexthemes collection – June, Velvet and Faro. This trio will definitely win the heart even of the most picky and perfectionist ones of you, because it has everything – thought-through page layouts, beautiful and functional blocks, charming design elements, as well as long awaited features (i.e. extended footer design functionality). 

Let’s go on a quick tour, shall we? But before you dive into the world of beautiful design and charming branding, know that we’re celebrating the launch of the new collection, along with the International Women’s Day, with a whopping $90 OFF Flash Sale!

All themes, including June, Velvet and Faro are only $189 till March 12th!
You have 4 days to save BIG! Details here.


June is a girl-boss, strong, independent woman type of design, meant to charm, cheer and intrigue website visitors, through its dynamic, modern layouts. June is for the stylish, fun and empowering business ladies. It will beautifully highlight a photography portfolio, a fashion or lifestyle blog, the website of a youtuber or podcaster, etc. 

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Photo credits for imagery feature in June go to Darian Kaia.

As always, you can enjoy the premade layouts, apply your own branding, add content, and smoothly launch your new website in a matter of days. OR, you can dive in, tweak every element and bring to life a completely unique and authentic storefront for your business. Everything is possible with a Flextheme. 


Velvet is a theme for ambitious, business oriented photographers, who are entering a more mature stage of their business, are active educators, workshop organizer or speakers, award winners, etc. Velvet is a polished, cultivated and high-end type of elegant. Its minimal, classic layouts will compliment any type of brand. 

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Photo credits for imagery feature in Velvet go to Emilie White.


Faro is a design screaming for adventures, wanderlust and new destinations. Faro is for the fierce travelers, the avid hikers and breathtaking photo takers. It will cater to those who love to share lots of information and resources, as well as the people of few words. It’s fun, exciting, yet also elegant, helping you always look like a pro online. 

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Photo credits for imagery feature in Faro go to Brumley & Wells.

4 Reasons why you’ll love using Flexthemes for your website

Now that you got a proper introduction to our new themes, and subconsciously decided which you like the most (June? Velvet? Faro?), let’s talk about the features and functionality that make Flexthemes so fun and empowering to work with. 

1. Full control over how everything looks and works

Each page is created out of multiple blocks. These blocks are like Legos. You can mix and match them, add new ones or remove existing to create the page structure that you need. You can also edit the contents of every block. The majority of them are Flexblocks, which means you have full control over how it all looks and works, on desktop and mobile (and they can differ if you want that).

2. A custom website at the price of a template

Personalize everything. Add your own fonts, colors, brand icons. Infuse your website with your personality, charisma and vision. No idea is off limits. Here’s how creative our clients got with our Lyra Flextheme: 

Original Lyra layouts: demo.flothemes.com/lyra
Lyra on the website of Baptiste Hauville: www.baptistehauville.com
Lyra on the website of Alisa Nicolle: www.alisanicholle.co
Lyra on the website of Amy French: www.rubistyle.com
Lyra on the website of Kelly von Rooijen: www.kellyvanrooijen.nl
Lyra on the website of Josh Rexford:  www.joshrexford.com
Lyra on the website of Nicole Sánchez: love.nimagens.com
Lyra on the website of Caitlyn Cloud:  www.caitlyncloud.com

You’re basically guaranteed that your website won’t look like anyone else’s, because you have the freedom and flexibility to personalize everything. Want more examples? Check this article.

3. Maximum control over your mobile site

With over 50% of website visitors coming from mobile devices, you can’t keep overlooking the importance of offering a smooth and pleasant user experience to those who access your website via their phones. 

With Flexthemes, the steering wheel is in your hands, as you can view how each of your page sections looks on mobile and make adjustments per your best judgement. Offer a truly wonderful and unique browsing experience to your mobile guests. 

4. New Features Added to Flexthemes

There are a few exciting new enhancements that have been released with the Spring Collection, but will be rolled out to all existing Flexthemes in the next days

Layout Sidebar – a quick preview of all your blocks (Flex and WP) on a selected page. The sidebar allows you to easily navigate through all your blocks, drag and drop them to reorder or click on the arrows. Select any of the Flexblocks, to quick edit them, etc. This feature is available inside Flexthemes, as well as FlexBlocks used with Classic templates. 

If you click on the Blocks tab, in the top bar of your Flexblock editor, a pop-up with all predefined Flexblocks will appear. You can browse them by category or search by keywords to apply a different layout to your Flexblock. 

More about this in this documentation article. 
You can also open the FlexBlock templates collection while being inside your Layout Sidebar, and clicking on the block that is already active in your editor. This allows you to switch the template of this block to a new one. 

Extended Footer Flexibility – you’ve asked for more design options for your footer area, and we’ve built it. Here’s what you need to know about building your footer with Flexthemes – there are 2 areas that you’ll be able to customize with your own elements and links, the widget area and the flexible area. 

  • The Flexible Area is your Flexblock builder – you can create a block from scratch or use a premade template as base, and basically add anything you want into your footer. Even export/import json files of existing blocks you’ve created for other pages.   

Don’t forget that you can easily have custom footers on specific pages of your website (i.e. landing pages, educational resources, etc). Just enable the Custom Footer option.

SVG files – if you have certain branding icons or elements that you’d like to use to decorate your website with (similar to what Faro has) – you can and it’s super easy. Upload any iconography and elements you have in an SVG file format and you’ll be able to easily tweak them inside your Flex editor – add links into them, change their color (border color as well as the inside fill color), etc. We’re excited to let you know that in the future, you’ll also have options to animate your SVG files, for an extra custom and fun feel for your site. 


If you’ve got more questions about our new Flexthemes collection, don’t hesitate to send us a message here. We’re excited to see how you use these gorgeous new designs for your own business, yet if you need some inspiration and ideas before diving into the revamp process – check out our Showcase page.

Flothemes Team,
Empowering You. 

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