FlexBlock & FlexThemes Reviews | What Flothemes Clients Say

Back in March of 2019, we launched FlexBlock, a site design tool that became life-changing for many of our clients. Fast forward to November 2019, when the world welcomed our first themes fully integrated with FlexBlock – Elise, Lyra, and Verso. We called them FlexThemes, and that’s when the exciting chapter has begun. A chapter where flexibility, customization, and creative freedom are the main attributes. Since the release of the first 3 FlexThemes, we’ve created 9 more beautiful and customizable designs for any taste.

If you’re new to Flothemes and have no idea what all these “Flex things” are, check this article where we explain everything in the smallest details! But here is a quick recap:

FlexBlock is a Flothemes plugin and a powerful design tool that allows you to build your own custom site layouts with zero code required. You simply drag & drop elements around, such as photos, videos, fonts, buttons and create absolutely unique layouts for your site pages.

FlexThemes are a new generation of themes that have FlexBlock integrated into their framework. This means that you will be able to customize almost every single detail within your website and make it look exactly as you’ve envisioned it, both, on desktop and mobile.

We know that one honest client review is worth a thousand company words, so we asked a bunch of Flothemes clients to share their experience with using FlexThemes and FlexBlock. It’s a useful read for all those who are considering getting a new theme, yet worry how they will they work as compared to their current theme/provider.

Tove Lundquist | Wedding Photographer

www.tovelundquist.se | Website built with Mono theme

“I love freedom, and my theme has given me just that. The freedom to make my website exactly the way I want!  FlexThemes are for the creatives who want to be involved in the making of their websites – but it is also so, so very easy to use when you are new to WordPress and Flothemes! With a simple CLICK! you can make changes to your website with new FlexBlock layouts.”

Charlotte McGarry | Portrait & Wedding Photographer

www.rosenleephotography.ca | Website built with Lyra theme

“I decided to try out Flothemes after I heard great reviews from other photographers. I started out with the Crowd II theme because it really resonated with the vision I had for my photography brand.

I loved Crowd II so much that I decided to purchase another template once Flothemes released the FlexThemes. I’m now using the Lyra site and I just love it.  The ability to custom design your mobile and web view was one of the main reasons I purchased this theme. Flex Blocks are so easy to use and they actually made building my new site so much fun 🙂  The fonts are amazing too.

To be honest, my theme sat in my downloads folder because I didn’t want to start over, but when I finally sat down to start rebuilding, the process was so seamless!  My favorite part was that I was able to build and test my website using FloLaunch before my new site went live!  I didn’t have to go into maintenance mode. Yay!

I’m always adding and changing my site, and the Lyra theme makes this a piece of cake.  I can hop on quickly and make changes that would have taken me hours to do before.  Also, the galleries look amazing. I love how simple yet elegant everything looks and I really believe my new site makes it easy for my clients to navigate. If anyone is thinking of switching their theme, I highly recommend Flothemes.”

Baptiste Hauville | Wedding & Elopement Photographer

www.baptistehauville.com | Website built with Lyra theme

“I’ve been using Flothemes since I started wedding photography, 6 years ago. Each and every year, when the season is off, I take time to change everything on my website. Each and every year, I’m coming back to Flothemes because they’re just innovating all the time! And this year is no exception.

When I saw that they launched their new Flexthemes, I knew I had to use one of them ! Possibilities are almost infinite. That’s crazy! I mean, I’m definitely not a coder, so having the chance to imagine and build my website in a few clicks or drag and drops seemed more than exciting!

So, I took time to think about what I wanted, to find great inspirations from outside the wedding industry and wedding photographers’ websites. Then I started to work on it. It took me only 3 weeks to finish it, where it could have taken me one year or two of learning code and trying to build something different from what I’m used to see in this industry.

In two words? Easy and flexible!”

Darian Kaia | Wedding & Elopement Photographer

www.dariankaiaphotography.com | Website built with Lyra theme

“My experience with Lyra was so amazing! I had been stalling on creating a website over the last YEAR and finally made the jump to create this perfect site, showcasing me, and what I am about.

Whenever I thought about creating my website, I figured it would take weeks. Weeks of planning, editing over editing, and finally coming to the decision to publish it. What I didn’t know was how easy to use the theme would be when it came to creating my site. I could do whatever I wanted, and be so dang proud of whatever page I was creating.

There were a couple issues with domain transfers, and fonts not going through, however within 24 hours I ALWAYS had a response from the Flothemes team, and they were able to fix it ASAP. Their service was impeccable. I was one of the first people to publish a website with Lyra, and could not be happier with how it all turned out.

The peace of mind you get knowing that your site is up, is something you should never take for granted as a business owner. Having contact pages linked directly to your phone versus messages getting lost through Instagram DMs, and, frankly, being able to show people, “This is my work, and something I am super proud of,” is rewarding.”

Will Patrick | Wedding Photographer

www.willpatrickweddings.com | Website built with Elise theme

“Working with Flexthemes was the first time I felt truly free to design exactly what I wanted for my website. The included layouts and blocks in the theme are an amazing starting point, but things really hit another level when you make the most of FlexBlock. I found, early one, that I could do whatever I wanted to, and suddenly everything and anything was possible.

Much, much easier to bring my new brand to life than any other site builder I’ve used. Feedback has been amazing since I launched. Absolute game-changer!”

Ashley Smith | Wedding Photographer

www.ashleysmithphotos.com | Website built with June theme

“The Flextheme I used was SO easy to tweak and match to my branding. Everything is customizable which made for a site that felt all my own!

I LOVE how my site turned out. It feels like me, sounds like me, and, best of all, I could do it all myself. I get comments often on my website from clients about how helpful it was for them to get to know me and my process. 10/10 recommend!”

Wieslaw Olejniczak | Wedding Photographer

www.wieslaw.cl | Website built with June theme

When Flothemes launched FlexThemes and Elise, it was like love from the first sight. I just knew that this was the site I wanted for myself. I bought it right away and started to work on a new design. At the beginning , it was quite difficult, as FlexBlock is very different from everything I’ve known before. But after a few days, I was making my website really the way I wanted it to be for a long time.

Changing to Elise had a huge impact on my business. First of all, it represents my style and makes my images pop. Second, it makes my site stand out from all other photography sites that are in my country (Chile).  I always hear from my clients that my “work is different”. Somehow, they don’t know why but they see my site and they know they will have a different experience with me. Now I am getting the exact clients I expect. Actually, they ask me for specific kinds of photos that I love to make.

I truly enjoy my new website, I am proud of it. I am obsessed with optimizing it more and more for Google and SEO. Each day I am refining some small details to make it look even more beautiful. I also love the fact that, when I go to a meeting with my clients, I can just sit and enjoy the time with them, as they have already seen my blog, photos, website, and all the information they need. The only thing left is to sign the contract.

To those who think that having social media is enough, I would say that you are quite wrong. Maybe you get some bookings, but you really have no idea how huge jumping to a good website can be. I highly recommend Flothemes and FlexThemes! You will move your business to the next level. You will start selling “luxury services in luxury office” and clients will get the idea from the first look.”

Jeremy Chou | Wedding & Editorial Photographer

www.jeremychou.com | Website built with Elise theme

“I’ve been using Flothemes websites for the better part of my career, and I am constantly amazed at the compliments I receive on my website. Their themes are clean, modern, and easy to navigate. Not to mention the great customer support I receive from the entire team. I’d highly recommend Flothemes to any creatives looking to elevate their brand!”

Elisabetta Red | Wedding Photographer

www.lillyred.it | Website built with Lyra theme

“We’ve been using Flothemes for many years and it’s really great to see continued evolution especially with Flex. It allows us to design without limitation – that’s the customization we need so that we can continue evolving our brand and offerings. I love that the themes and design elements are always growing with better functionality and new features, that’s the sign of a great product.

The support is also really great – that made a big difference when we were getting into the details or launching and needed some things figured out ASAP. The Facebook group is amazing too, always helpful responses from other users or someone on the Flo team.”

Alice from The Chronicles | Wedding Photographer

www.thechroniclesphotography.com | Website built with Elise theme

“As a visual person, I’ve always found it easier to express myself through images and diagrams rather than through text, so when it came to writing that very important piece of content for my own website, the About Me page, I kept postponing it for months, always pushing it further down on my ‘To Do’ list just because I was dreading the idea of writing a few sentences about myself.

However, everything changed once Flothemes introduced FlexBlock and their Flexthemes soon after! With the help of these tools I was able to enjoy so much freedom and flexibility in creating just about anything that I wanted – on both desktop and mobile versions of my website – without worrying about code and instead just concentrating on what I love most: the visuals. The About Me page has become the one I’m most proud of as it is no longer a dusty boring page buried among others, but one that can speak of me and my personality, something that I always wanted to achieve but never entirely could.

One week or so after launching my new website using Flothemes, not only was I contacted and booked by an ideal couple, but they also insisted on congratulating me for my website, mentioning the About Me page which they felt was original and made them even more interested in reaching out! How great is that?”

Nadia Meli | Portrait Photographer

www.nadiameli.com | Website built with Lyra theme

“Flothemes are the best! Working with them was smooth sailing from start to finish! This team is so professional, while being 100% human and caring. They laid a perfect foundation for me to imagine my new website, constantly involved me in the process and took me seriously. Creating a website can be so daunting, and Ross and George made it so easy, guiding me through all the tough stuff. ⁣

Never have I had such an effortless website design experience, I’m totally sold. I cannot say enough good things – just get your Flothemes theme today because there’s no one better out there.”

The Ferros | Wedding Photographers

www.theferros.com | Website built with Mono theme

“We found the new Flexthemes so intuitive to create your website, they made the actual process fun and 100% customisable.”

Madelaine Roberts | Floral Designer

www.moodfleuriste.com | Website built with Verso theme

“As a creative person, I am always tinkering and trying to discover how to make things more personal, more creative, and more unique for my business. After over a year of research, I decided to go with Flothemes because they not only appeared to give you a user-friendly and adaptable website template but also give you the freedom to break from that template.

You can use the template as a foundation to create a new beautiful, custom layout that looks so much better than a CSS customized block, or spacer-based website creator.

I didn’t have the time or capacity to learn the full set-up myself, so I bought the Pro package which helped the website get on its feet. From there, I made something truly beautiful and representative of my brand. Then the Flo team took that site, optimized it, and helped me prepare for launch. I think the most helpful aspect of the process was learning more about SEO and having the team install and explain Yoast to me so that I can be more intentional about the copy on the website.”

Kim Hildebrand | Newborn & Family Photographer

www.kimhildebrand.com | Website built with Lyra theme

“Flothemes is the perfect platform for creatives.  As a new Flothemes user, I loved the look and feel of their new Lyra theme, but I wasn’t sure what to expect about learning the platform and getting my website created in a timely fashion.  I couldn’t believe how incredibly easy the transition was! I learned so much quickly and easily through their staggering amount of video and written tutorials, located both on their website and within the FloLaunch plug-in.  When I couldn’t find an answer, the Facebook group and support team were incredibly responsive and helpful.

I bought the Advanced set-up package because I’m not super technical and didn’t want to lose any existing content migrating my site over, and I’m so happy I had experts help me along the way.  While I still had to build my site from scratch, I found the FlexTheme blocks easy to learn and use, and the possibilities are literally endless!  Customizing the Lyra website for my business and brand with new colors and fonts truly make my website unique, and it took me only two weeks! 

I’ve gotten fantastic feedback from clients and fellow photographers saying it’s so clear, fast, responsive, and “me” – and that’s a win-win!”

AJ Tamari | Wedding Photographer

www.ajtamari.com | Website built with Verso theme

“I use a lot of different mediums when photographing, so it’s always been difficult for me to feel like I can include and highlight them all together cohesively in the way that I imagine. While building my new site with a FlexTheme I felt like I could create anything I could dream up. It was incredible. What I’ve ended up with is a website that is the most aligned with the vision I have for my work.”

Alisa Nicholle | Brand Photographer

www.alisanicholle.co | Website built with Lyra theme

“I have been building websites with Flothemes for the past 3+ years and I truly cannot emphasize enough how tangible and approachable they make the entire process. As someone who’s a visual artist & gets frustrated with the little details (aka coding!) this is an absolute win… because ZERO coding is required!

Recently, as some of you may know, I went through a full re-brand on my entire website and this is my favorite project I’ve done yet!!!”

Fanis Rami and Jenny Grapatsas | Wedding Photographers

www.daysmadeoflove.com | Website built with Verso theme

“Flothemes really helped us build our desired website with the minimum effort. The themes offer flexibility, various options and give us the tools to build a fully customizable website which would represent our brand.

We recently switched to Verso, one of the new FlexThemes. We felt that its modern and minimal aesthetics would truly represent our style. It took us a bit more time to fully comprehend its abilities and options, but once we learnt how it works we loved the flexibility it offers.

We feel that the end result really represents our work.”

Mauro Beoletto | Wedding Photographer

www.maurobeoletto.it | Website built with Faro theme

“I’m not a WordPress pro, however with Flexthemes I had the opportunity to create a stunning website without writing any HTML code. With Flexthemes, I had infinite combination to create a personal design on every page of my site, and this is a big plus for me.

Honestly, now I feel better than before because I’ve got a great website that fully reflects my personality and talks about my world. Apart from that, I have surely improved my professional image in the eyes of customers. I feel good when I see my new website, and I love the minimal and clean design.”

Bianca & Lukas | Wedding Photographers & Videographers

www.biancaandlukas.com | Website built with Lyra theme

“Flothemes offers the best themes I’ve ever used – and I’ve used and tried a LOT! The setup is super easy, especially for people who aren’t into HTML, CSS or anything else with tricky letter/number lines. The customer service is amazing! I’ve written them a few times and always received an answer and a solution within half an hour. I already built my 4th website with Flothemes and I’ll use their themes forever. Thank you Flothemes – you are great!” 

Hillary Joy | Wedding Photographer

www.hillaryjoyphoto.com | Website built with June theme

“I have been struggling for years to create a site that I would love, and I finally have it! So beautiful and easy to do! I highly recommend the FlexThemes, because there are SO many options for customization.

Also, their support team is very quick to reply and always willing to help if you are having any trouble. The Facebook Community is a great resource as well. They continually work to update and improve their already awesome products. I will always recommend Flothemes!”

Leah Thomason | Wedding & Portrait Photographer

www.leahthomasonphotography.com | Website built with Velvet theme

“So I just redid my whole site in 1 day with VELVET using the FloLaunch plugin (I was switching from a random theme that was hard to use). Wow wow WOW I thought for sure something would break and I’d have to start from scratch but everything went super smooth and the amount of documentation that is provided with one of these themes is outstanding, so easy to follow!

The new site is now live and ready to serve my clients! I’ve never had a theme that is so versatile and able to grow WITH my brand. I only wish I had committed to Flothemes sooner. 100% worth it.”

Cassie Lopez | Wedding & Portrait Photographer

www.cassielopez.com | Website built with Elise theme

“Flothemes made every theme I’ve used since starting my business. First with original Crowd, then LVY II and now FlexTheme Elise. I chose Elise because I liked the styling and balance of images and text in the theme templates. In addition to being beautifully designed, the new FlexBlock allows me to tweak each block design to perfectly work with my specific words and images.

Instead of making my work fit into the theme, it feels like a collaboration and really gives life to my brand. I’m so in love with the end result.”

Carolina Rivera | Wedding Photographer

www.cwrphotography.com | Website built with Elise theme

“FlexBlock is a game changer! I can now make my own changes to my site and have them look good without having to search through code, etc! The first time I’ve built my site with Flothemes, I opted for the full set up, and they were great about getting my vision down until it was perfect.

This time around I chose to do this myself, but every time I run into a question, customer service is super helpful and timely in answering my questions! I would recommend Flothemes to anyone looking for a clean, stylish website without all the hassles of setting up a website usually come with!”

Nici Schwab | Wedding Photographer

www.foto.nschwab.com | Website built with Verso theme

“I really loved working with Flothemes. The whole process of building my new website was so fast and easy and now I am totally happy with the result. 

At the beginning it was very helpful to have the FloLaunch Plugin, so my old website was still online while I was working on my new one. I picked the Verso theme because I really liked the clean style and its pre-built  layouts. I used the FlexBlock to build the different parts of my website. It is easy to use and you are completely free with your design. 

For me, the biggest advantage is that with Flothemes you can get a beautiful, modern website even if you are not a designer. But you can also realize your own ideas if you want to, and adjust everything to your corporate design.“

Baptiste Plichon | Wedding & Portrait Photographer

emgkphotographie.fr | Website built with Lyra theme

“I was always reluctant to spend that kind of money on a WordPress theme. I changed my mind with Lyra and the FlexThemes block system. Intuitive, professional, very freeing. You can build anything, and it always looks good (even if you are like me, and know nothing about web design).”

Shannon & Jake Gray | Elopement & Wedding Photographers

www.thegrays.co | Website built with Lyra theme

“We have been with Flothemes for a while now (since 2012). We moved to Flothemes because we loved the clean designs and wanted to be different. We’ve purchased 7 themes over the years, so you can tell we love them! We love our new Lyra theme and the flexibility we have to design it. The new FlexBlock is also a game changer and lets us make things more personal and unique too. Love it!”

Mitch Colagrossi & Savanna Paige | Wedding & Elopement Photographers

www.twinflamesphoto.com | Website built with Mono theme

“Flothemes has made it impossibly simple to create a website that really represents who we are as a business and as people! Mitch and I are beyond grateful for the versatility and quality their themes give us, and for all the phenomenal customer support.

Also, FlexBlock has pretty much changed our lives in the best way. Can’t recommend them enough!”

Luke Hayden | Wedding Photographer

www.lukehayden.co.uk | Website built with Mono theme

“I have just updated my current website to a new Flothemes website. I was already using a Flothemes template, but it was about 5 years old so I thought I would give my site a new look. I’m really impressed with all the new features that come with the new themes. FlexBlock is a game changer and I’m super stoked to have all this extra flexibility when it comes to updating my website.”

Destiny Lorraine Alrik | Wedding Photographer

www.blacksaltphotos.com | Website built with June theme

“I loved upgrading to my Flothemes site! I chose the June theme because it had so many options to make my website varied but professional. Editing my site was easy and Flothemes customer service was a breeze. I love the included Flex blocks and other designed pages so I can mix up my pages easily whenever I want to. Flothemes allows me to have a unique website, personal to me and my brand, without a ton of extra work.”

Lauren Newman | Wedding Photographer

www.laurennewmanphotos.com | Website built with June theme

“I used one of Flothemes themes and couldn’t be happier. The website templates they provide are really all about putting you in control of customizing your own site, but bringing in all the simplicity you would hope for when building a unique website from scratch.⁣”

Alice André | Wedding Photographer

www.aliceandrephotography.com | Website built with Velvet theme

“I just finished building my website with Flothemes and I’m so excited to share it with the world! I used Velvet and it took me over a month to build it and make it my very own, but I’m so so proud of it and happy with the result! I wanted to share it with you and say THANK YOU for building such beautiful templates and make them so easy to use – this was my first time ever building a website.”

Robert Marcillas | Wedding Photographer

www.robertmarcillas.com | Website built with Lyra theme

“I have been a Flothemes user for more than 4 years. In the past I was using the Porto II template, but for a long time changing my website was on my mind. So I took advantage of the launching of FlexThemes.

Using the Lyra theme, I was able to build my website in a very short time and I could do everything that other templates didn’t allow me to do. The experience of building the website is very simple and intuitive, you just have to have clear ideas of what you want and have everything outlined, since the construction process is easy.

Right now, many of my current clients who come to me through the website say how beautiful it seems to them and how easy it is to navigate through it. The truth is that using the FlexTheme was a safe bet.”

Nicole Sánchez | Wedding Photographer

www.love.nimagens.com | Website built with Lyra theme

“At first, I built my website with VIVI, a Legacy Theme, so Flothemes was with me since day one. While Vivi was a very limited theme and WordPress backend was not very flexible, the transition to the new Lyra theme and FlexTheme building system was a day to night transformation.

With Lyra it was incredibly easy to apply new layouts. You do, however, need to watch tutorials (which are perfect in length and amount of information), and dig around. No site building is fast, and it requires a lot of effort and time doing it on your own. 

However Flothemes is full of Q&As and help. The most fundamental help is, of course, support team! The support team was able to fix minor details in a blink of an eye. Overall, I am very satisfied with the way I rebranded and with how minor changes can be done easily.”

Stefanie Buma | Wedding Photographer

www.stefaniebumaweddings.com | Website built with Velvet theme

“Design is not a skill I was naturally blessed with, so I’m extremely grateful for Flothemes making it easy to create a beautiful website. Their templates are so adaptable and versatile making it quick to add new content that immediately looks amazing and well-thought out.”

Megan Arina | Brand Photographer

www.meganarina.com | Narcisse theme + FlexBlock

“Working with FloThemes since 2018 has been a level-up to my website and brand reputation. One of the biggest compliments I get are about the ease of use of my site and its design, and now with the FlexBlock I was able to freshen up my entire website within 2 weeks without the struggle of switching themes. 

Using the FlexBlock gave me the ability to control everything, taking advantage of ideas I always had at the back of my mind! The total user experience and total design for anyone who visits my site is now laid out in a way that is truly me! ⁣

I was able to combine my theme Narcisse with the FlexBlock elements to work seamlessly together. The biggest things I noticed that made FlexBlock great to work with was the ability to import blocks I had already made on other pages, the ability to tweak things to your liking such as links/buttons, and easy, short learning curve. I went from not knowing how FlexBlock works to re-designing my site using FlexBlocks within 2 weeks! ⁣

Use FlexBlocks as a way to level up your design with an already awesome Flothemes website. Now I have a website that is truly me! The only limit to an awesome design with FlexBlocks is your imagination. Thanks Flothemes!”

Simon Geisberger | Lifestyle, Portrait & Wedding Photographer

www.simongeisberger.com | Fiji II + FlexBlock

“First off: I love my new website! And judging by the feedback I get, my customers and followers apparently love it, too. Since I am not specialized in one specific genre of photography I had to find a way to present an overview of my work without confusing my audience. My main source of income is weddings but I also do a lot of work for artists, travel photography, and lifestyle. Combining all of these into one brand on one website was quite a challenge. And that‘s where FlexBlock comes into play.⁣

Even though I did not have any knowledge about designing and building a website from scratch, I definitely had high expectations. Since I had already bought the Fiji II classic theme a while ago I decided to test out how far I can take it with the FlexBlock instead of buying another theme (But I‘d highly recommend getting a Flextheme if you‘re new to Flothemes.)⁣

Working with FlexBlock really gives you endless opportunities. I started each page with a blank canvas and came up with everything by myself. It can be overwhelming if you lack practice but once you got everything down, it‘s an absolute joy to create your own design with it.⁣

I have full control over anything related to design and content and if I have to, I can easily change anything I want. Whenever I struggled the support was there to help me out or I took to the awesome Facebook Community group. I would definitely go with Flothemes again without hesitation.”

Sophie Asselin | Wedding Photographer

www.sophieasselin.com | Narcisse + FlexBlock

“I built my whole website myself with FlexBlock, except for the header and the footer. The whole website was designed by me 🙂 Can you believe that? All customized online with the Flothemes platform. My previous website was designed by me, but was integrated by a web integrator and it cost me thousands of dollars. With Flothemes, the cost is fair, and I could build my whole website without any help and with a lot of freedom.

I had to get in touch with the technical team and the service was perfect! They replied within 24 hours and solved every problem very quickly.

I only have nice things to say about Flothemes :)”

Hilde Franzsen | Elopement & Wedding Photographer

www.wednesdayandoctober.com | Narcisse theme + FlexBlock

“Honestly the easiest, most intuitive and great looking themes out there. The introduction of FlexBlock has also been a total game-changer – it’s so easy to create literally anything you want. Their support team is amazing too, super kind and helpful. I’ve been using Flothemes for 4 years and will never look anywhere else!”

Sven Götz | Wedding Photographer

www.svengoetz.com | Porto II + FlexBlock

“Flothemes are awesome! Their products alone are great! They look stunning and are easy to handle compared to other themes and editors. The latest addition of the FlexBlock finally unleashed a whole new way of possibilities. However, even more than that, their support is awesome! Can’t recommend them enough!”

Alex Mari | Wedding & Editorial Photographer

www.alexmariphotography.com | Milea + FlexBlock

“I made the switch to Flothemes last year and it was the best decision. One of the things that initially drew me to them was the attention to seamless user experience, modern and beautiful theme designs and the ability to customize your site with the Flexthemes. I’ve worked with so many limiting platforms in the past that don’t allow a lot of customization, and when you’re a creative who has a specific vision in mind, it’s a huge roadblock.

I’ve tried installing a theme by myself, as well as Advanced Setup – setting up your pages yourself does take time and some patience, so if you want the whole package, I can’t recommend the Advanced Setup enough. The Flothemes team is quick, responsive and knowledgeable and they work alongside you to put together the website you’ve been dreaming of without the hassle of figuring it out on your own.

I finally have a website that I feel reflects the quality of my work and services and contributes to the client experience from the moment they land on my homepage.”

Nirav Patel | Wedding Photographer

www.niravpatelphotography.com | Milea + FlexBlock

“Using the new Flexthemes with FlexBlock was an absolute dream when designing my new site.  Having something that provided me with much more control over customizing every part of my site, while also having that process be intuitive/simple made it possible for me to create something unique that truly represents who I am as an artist.  The ease of customization combined with the amazing support from Flothemes made it possible for me to have a site that I’m incredibly proud of.  Can’t thank them enough!”

Jordan Voth | Wedding Photographer

www.jordanvoth.com | Osaka + FlexBlock

“I cannot say enough good things about Flothemes. Their team of professionals is so responsive and helpful. I primarily worked with George on the implementation of my site. I constantly had questions for him, and he was always so patient to answer.

My Flothemes site has taken my business to the next level and does a wonderful job at showcasing all of my work. I can’t thank them enough for all their help with setup and even assisting with setting up my previous website on a new domain. Flothemes, you rule!”

Can’t wait to play with a FlexTheme?

We’re humbled and excited to have these talented photographers as FlexThemes pioneers. We’re truly impressed with how creatively they adapted their themes, fueled them with a new personality and charisma. Don’t you agree?

Note: At the beginning of March we’ve launched a new Spring FlexThemes Collection! It came with three fresh and stunning designs: June – dedicated to girlbosses, Faro – to destination photographers, and Velvet – to active educators, etc. Earlier this year, we released Mono, which allows you to pick a second styling for it for FREE. Then, this October we released the most endearing website design for Family, Kids & Newborn Photographers, called Cotton! And, last but not least, back in November of 2020 we launched 4 more themes, each for a designated type of businesses: Nomade is for filmmakers and destination photographers, Nessa is for educators and bloggers, Ember is for workshops and other educational events, and Zephyr is for design and trading studios.

All of our website designs are currently on sale, grab a code, and start preparing your business and beautiful new website for 2021!

Flothemes Team,
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