Destination Vietnam by Jeff Cooke

“My adventures in Hue included getting into a motorcycle accident doing a u-turn for a photo of a farmer riding a bull, and having my wallet stolen … not by the guy on the bull, but by a clever pick pocketing system that involved 4 taxi cab drivers.” – Jeff Cooke


As Jeff Cooke mentions in his blog post – turns out, you don’t have to be Rambo to visit the mesmerizing and mysterious country of Vietnam. You do need to gear up with a camera and lots of memory cards, as the culture, history and people are fascinating. If you get a chance to shoot a wedding or two, have a friend who is local and can guide you through all the non-touristy, captivating places – know, you’ve hit Jackpot, even if that experience includes 4 sneaky cab drivers eager to steal your wallet.

Read more about Jeff Cooke’s adventures in Vietnam on his blog, and check out his smashing website, which is a Custom Design by Flothemes.

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Jeff_Cooke_Destination wedding_Vietnam-portrait, black and white

Jeff_Cooke_Destination wedding_Vietnam-yellow, boat

Jeff_Cooke_Destination_Vietnam-portrait, boat man, smoking

Jeff_Cooke_Destination_Vietnam-early morning, fisherman, purple sky


Jeff_Cooke_Destination_Vietnam-green grass, fields, farming

Jeff_Cooke_Destination_Vietnam-fishermen, boats

Jeff_Cooke_Destination_Vietnam-portrait, happy farmer

Jeff_Cooke_Destination_Vietnam-portrait, smoking

Jeff_Cooke_Destination_Vietnam-market place

Jeff_Cooke_Destination wedding in_Vietnam-57, water, bride and groom

Jeff_Cooke_Destination wedding in_Vietnam-57, caves, bride and groom

Jeff_Cooke_Destination_Vietnam-bride and groom, wedding in a boat

And a short video slide show, with a song by Francis Yip – “Green is the Mountain.” A Taiwanese folk song about a mountain range and the people that live in the mountains, which Jeff heard in a cool craft brew bar in Hanoi.

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