Destination Photography with Diktat Photography: 10 Best Places for a Photoshoot in Bali

Diktat and Kadek are the brilliant eyes and talent force behind Diktat Photography, a leading wedding photography studio based in Bali. With their creative visions, they are able to capture the connection and authentic emotions between two people in love, not to mention the epic scenery and unimaginable atmosphere, colors and locations they choose to take their couples to. Brilliant with lighting and composition, their photojournalistic images are so remarkable that you will continuously be lost for words every time you look at them. And since destination photography is a popular trend this year, we interviewed Diktat & Kadek and asked about their Top 10 Favorite Photos and Photoshoot Locations in Indonesia!

top 10 best photoshoot locations in Bali

#1 Komodo National Park

Photo & answer by Diktat:
Komodo National Park is situated in the eastern part of Indonesia. As a photographer, it was an exciting moment since I had an opportunity to explore new parts of Indonesia. The photoshoot session ran smooth, as expected. We explored the sea and walked through the hills to experience and capture the best parts of this beautiful park, the islands and the sea. Luckily I got to work with a couple who loves exploring nature, so the whole experience was amazing, fun and ended in a successful shoot. Not to mention the great weather we were lucky to have.

Diktatphotography weddings in Bali, top 10 best photoshoot locations in Bali - Komodo National Park

#2 Tamblingan Lake

Photo & answer by Kadek: 
We had a beautiful couple from the US arrive in Bali, a couple of months before their wedding. They both loved Bali very much. On my recommendation, they had chosen for their wedding venue and ceremony, a location with lakes, waterfalls, and rice fields. Since I have done a good number of shoots for married couples in Danau Tamblingan in the past, I knew it would perfectly fit them. So, location found. At this point, I was wondering if I could create something special for their photoshoot. And then it hit me – I used a “petromax” lamp for this idea. How did it work? We left for the venue at 4 am, very early morning. And arrived at 6 am since it took around 2 hours from Denpasar. I was excited as the weather did support “the program”. The water was very calm – a perfect time for photoshoots. I turned on the “petromax” and took the couple to the boat that was assisted by a lady who owned the boat. I went into the water and looked for the best angles, while the boat owner paddled it. The result was perfect!
side note: When the photo was taken, the boat owner was hiding in the boat.

Diktatphotography weddings in Bali, top 10 best photoshoot locations in Bali - Tamblingan Lake, foggy

#3 Lembongan Island

Photo & answer by Diktat:
Lembongan Island is situated in the southern part of Bali, my hometown. Lembongan Island has given me the space to develop and enhance my photography skills.
It was a huge pleasure to be trusted by a client who was a professional photographer from Australia. He offered an opportunity to work with him for his wedding. I was given the freedom to expand and challenge my photography technique through this photoshoot with him.

Diktatphotography weddings in Bali, top 10 best photoshoot locations in Bali - Lembongan Island, blue sky

#4 Singapore (Malaysia)

Photo & answer by Kadek:
Singapore is very well known in Asia. This was my first photoshoot ever taken overseas. If talking about Singapore, my imagination goes right away to Marina Bay Sand. I was imagining I would do this session with modern tall buildings filled with lights as background. However, the couple insisted on a more natural background instead. I was thinking very hard on how to make it happen. We went for the light in the afternoon and this is the result.

Diktatphotography weddings in Bali, top 10 best photoshoot locations in Bali - Singapore (Malaysia)


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#5 Tegallalang – Ubud

Photo & answer by Diktat:
Situated in the heart of Bali, Ubud has been a well-known place nationally and internationally. I chose an early morning photoshoot, due to the morning haze and the rice fields overlaying the background from one corner to the other.

Diktatphotography weddings in Bali, top 10 best photoshoot locations in Bali - Tegallalang – Ubud, rice fields

#6 Tegenungan Waterfall

Photo & answer by Kadek:
The island of Bali is rich with its beautiful and natural spots. We had a couple from Singapore who had given us the trust to decide the best location for them to arrange a photoshoot session in Bali. I had selected Tegenungan Waterfall, as it has a panoramic waterfall, best for morning photoshoots. The couple enjoyed and the most amazing experience during this. They both took the time to embrace the purity of the water which extended their satisfaction and joy.

Diktatphotography weddings in Bali, top 10 best photoshoot locations in Bali - Tegenungan Waterfall, couple passion in water

#7 Sunset Effect Reflection

Photo & answer by Diktat:
This capture tells us more about how creativity and thinking out of the box can create a different perspective while you shoot. This photo is a result of a perfect combination from the water reflection and sand particles that formed the crystal effects on the photo.

Diktatphotography weddings in Bali, top 10 best photoshoot locations in Bali - Sunset Effect Reflection, beach, golden hour couple

#8 Riverside Wedding in Ubud – Bali

Photo  & answer by Kadek:
One of my photography dreams was to organize a photoshoot in one of the eco resorts in Ubud. This venue is very popular for foreign guests. This dream came true when a client sent me an email for his wedding photoshoot arrangements. It became challenging since my emails did not go through and reach the client. I had to search for the client on Google and social media, trying to guess the person from their email address name. After many days of research, I finally found a name that matched the client’s name on Twitter. I reached out, and it turned out to be the person who has emailed me earlier.

The client wanted to have a wedding ceremony organized in the eco resort. This resort has so much to offer, from its lovely hills to its panoramic rice fields. It took a lot of time and effort to reach the main venue. We had to go down the valley and pass through a small bridge following a small path until we reached the main area. On top of that, the blessing ceremony took place on a riverside, where the couple could see local people busy with their own work and activities. The blessing ceremony went very well. It was a wonderful wedding ceremony. The couple, the distinguished guests, including myself enjoyed dearly the process.

Diktatphotography weddings in Bali, top 10 best photoshoot locations in Bali - Riverside Wedding in Ubud - Bali, eco resort, greeen

#9 Volcano Stone – Batur – Bali

Photo & answer by Diktat:
Dozens of volcano stones shining and reflecting the sunrise offered great depth to this image. We let our clients walk through the stones while I took the moment to capture several photos with Batur Mountain as the background. I went for a natural view for this photo. The only challenge that day was to get to the venue early in the morning and reach the top of the mountain.

Diktatphotography weddings in Bali, top 10 best photoshoot locations in Bali - Volcano Stone – Batur – Bali

#10 “Pursuing the Morning Sun”

Photo & answer by Kadek:
The venue took place in a secluded area named Pinggan Village, very close to Batur Mountain. Those who search for the best sunrise, Pinggan Village could become their favorite spot. People can see beautiful hills covered by haze in the morning. It took about 2 hours from Denpasar to reach the location. The weather played its cards for us, the light was gorgeous and out couple was beyond satisfied.

Diktatphotography weddings in Bali, top 10 best photoshoot locations in Bali - Pinggan Village, morning golden hour

So, who’s now sitting inspired in front of their laptop or mobile, suppressing the strong desire to start looking for flight tickets to Indonesia? Yup, us too! As many photographers mentioned, the best advice when you plan a destination wedding/photoshoot (in your neighboring city, or across the ocean) is to always contact a local photographer. If you get in trouble with equipment, get lost or need tips about the location – there’s no one better who could help.  Now, you know two insanely talented and awesome photographers from Bali. Time to get that suitcase packed!

With Love,
Flothemes Team

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