Lukas Piatek: How I Started in Wedding Photography & LooksLikeFilm

If you’re a true photographer, actively engaged within the wedding photography community, you’ve surely heard about LooksLikeFilm, and its awesome founder – Lukas Piatek. We’ve known Lukas for a few years now. We’ve been following his adventures and inspirational work, and have had the privilege to design and build his awesome new photography website with our Custom Design packages, as well as the LooksLikeFilm site through a collaboration with FloAgency. Apart from keeping the LLF community inspiring, engaging and active, Lukas never misses a chance to share a sarcastic comment or tease someone within their group. If you’re wondering what shaped and formed this talented, kind and awesome photographer, read his story.. Also, check out his best photos of 2016 here. lukas-piatek-lookslikefilm founder-interview black and white portrait, photographer

How did you start photography?

I started photography when I was 15 after my grandfather gave me a small digital camera as a gift. Back then I only shot macro images of water drops, insects and reflections. I would not call this the start of my career however. That started after I came back from a year of work and travel in Australia. I bought a Mark 2 before that trip so I could capture the beauty of the country in some landscape photos. One day during my trip, somebody broke into my car while I was on the beach and stole things like my mobile, purse, passport etc. They left my camera in there however, don’t ask me why. I took this as a sign to really get into photography as I worked as a media designer for 3 years before that. When I got back home after Australia, I started with portraits and was asked to shoot my first wedding by a friend. That turned out quite good and I started to be interested in weddings. That was the real start of my career as a photographer as I stopped working and tried to become a full time photographer. Besides that I started studying engineering just to have a back up if photography does not work out, but that is history now =) lukas-piatek-lookslikefilm founder-interview, iceland, wedding photography, black and whitelukas-piatek-lookslikefilm founder-interview, couple iceland, wedding photography

How and when did the idea of LooksLikeFilm come to life?

Creating LOOKSLIKEFILM was more spontaneous than anything else. I was a member of the VSCO group back in the days and looked for an image that I have seen, that totally inspired me, but I could not find it as there are so many images posted in there. I scrolled for minutes and got frustrated. That is why I came up with the idea to create a website for inspiration where the best images of that group get featured. One day later and LOOKSLIKEFILM was online with a wall filled with images for inspiration. That is how it started, but many things changed from there. lukas-piatek-lookslikefilm founder-interview, iceland, wedding photography lukas-piatek-lookslikefilm founder-interview, bride portrait, iceland, wedding photography

What do you love the most about Lookslikefilm?

I really love the community aspect of the group. I have never felt more connected to other artists online than in our community. I also believe it is one of the best image groups on Facebook. Over 5K people are currently waiting to join the group and that is probably a good sign that things are going pretty well in there =) lukas-piatek-lookslikefilm founder-interview, waterfall in iceland, epic wedding photography lukas-piatek-lookslikefilm founder-interview, iceland, wedding photography, black and white, waterfall

If you could start all over again, would you change or do anything differently?

I wouldn’t change anything, otherwise I would not be sitting getting to answer your questions =)

What inspires you?

I am inspired by music and images more than anything else. lukas-piatek-lookslikefilm founder-interview, light rays, smoke, wedding photography, epic lukas-piatek-lookslikefilm founder-interview, wedding photography, colorful, exotic

Quick 5

What Gear do you use: Last year I used two Canon 6D and the Sigma 35 Art for 99% of my shots. I also use the Sigma 20 Art, Canon 50L and the Canon 85 for some images, where I need them. I am also changing to two Mark 4 for this year. Favorite Presets: Pretty much all of the Tribe Archipelago presets, especially the LXC and LOAF set. However I am working on my own set since over a year now and I can’t wait when it is finished . Favorite ’90s jam or a favorite Editing Playlist: Favorite 90’s jam is def. all the stuff from the Backstreet Boys haha Books you’d recommend: Im not the biggest reader to be honest, but when it comes to reading it’s most likely business books at the moment. The last one I read was “Make Your Mark: The Creative’s Guide to Building a Business with Impact“ that was recommended by your boss Ross Tanner. Do you have a life motto or favorite quote? I don’t really have a motto or a favorite quote, but maybe Choo Choo? Just kidding. Enjoy your life to the fullest is probably the one that works best for me =) lukas-piatek-lookslikefilm founder-interview, wedding couple photography, redhead, ginger, red hair lukas-piatek-lookslikefilm founder-interview, double exposure, wedding photography Hopefully what you’ll remember from this interview is that any idea can grow into something huge and magnificent if you care and believe enough in it. Any misfortunate events (even getting robbed in a foreign country) can become wonderful life lessons that will shape and define who you are in the future. Don’t worry too much, just keep doing what you love with passion and motivation, learn some sarcasm from Lukas Piatek and get a cool new website with Flothemes and our Custom Design Packages. With Love, Flothemes Team.

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