New Features & Block Layouts available with Flex 4.5.0. Update now!

“Ok, now we have enough features and functionality!” – said no product manager ever. Just like any creative, our team keep pushing the boundaries, adding new features and looking for ways to enhance and make our product – the Flex builder, more powerful and fun to use for our clients.

Version 4.5.0 of Flex brings exciting new features that will help you further customize your website and add a more personal touch to its design. Plus, it comes with a collection of beautiful pre-made Flex blocks that you can use to further expand your pages and present information in a fresh and charming way.

Let’s explore the new features and additions, shall we?

Before & After element

A feature that many of you have been requesting. We’re excited to announce that with version 4.5.0 you’ll have access to the Before/After element inside your Flex editor. No more need for external plugins or gifs. Now you can present your preset packs and photo editing services through a simple and easy to use slider, and integrate it anywhere on your Flothemes site.

For more details about the Before/After element, please check our documentation.

Image Masking

Image shapes have been a trend in 2021, and while it’s not rocket science to create these inside photoshop, we’re wanted to offer a simple solution for our clients right inside Flex – to save you time and effort.

With version 4.5.0, for any image element inside the editor, you’ll get access to Image Masks and choose from a list of options (i.e. pill, ellipse, arch variations, etc).

Get creative with your existing layouts, or play with some of the new pre-made blocks that apply image masks.

For more details about the Image Masking options, please check our documentation.

Context Menu

We know how busy you are with a bazillion tasks and projects on your to do list. To help you optimize time and speed up your website design workflow, we’re introducing the Context Menu. To access it, simply right click on any element inside your Flex editor, and a menu will appear that allows you to copy that element and then paste it into the same Flex block, or a different Flex block, on the same page or a different page of your website.

You can also copy the styling properties on an element and paste them onto another element, or copy and paste the animation settings of a specific element, onto anther one.

The Context Menu can also be used on groups of elements, if you’re working with more content heavy layouts, you’ll be able to group/ungroup, copy & paste a group or delete it.

Give it a try, and check out our documentation for further tutorials on how to use this new feature.

Anchor element

Now you can add localized anchor tags inside your Flex layouts into any element, to redirect your website visitors to specific sections on a specific page. It works like any other anchor link, yet provides and easy and targeted way to guide potential clients through your site.

Learn how the Anchor element works and can be applied on your site via our detailed tutorial.

Back to Top element

A Back to Top button allows your site visitors to navigate through your pages easier and quicker. Before, this was available only as part of our theme footers. Now, you can add a Back to Top button inside any Flex layout. You can customize its styling and place it anywhere you find fitted.

For more details about the Back to Top element, please check our documentation.

New predefined Flex blocks

To help you start applying the new features into your website faster, we’ve created a collection of ready-made flex blocks, that will be added into your library (available for Flexthemes and Pronto users). Simply click on Blocks inside your Flex dashboard, to access all your existing blocks and discover the new addition.

We’ve included layouts with Before/After sliders, Image Masking, countdowns, etc. You can preview the new blocks collection here.

How to update your Flex block plugin?

All the above features are available with FlexBlock v. 4.5.0 or higher. Be sure to update your FlexBlock plugin to access them. If you’re curious to see the full list of updates for v. 4.5.0, check Flex’s change log here.

Note: We recommended to create a back up for your website before proceeding to any major updates (including this one).

Previously launched features that you may have missed


Build your own slideshows inside Flex! That’s full control over the slideshow layout, on desktop and on mobile. You decide where to place the texts, how tall is your slider, whether it links into a page or gallery, and so much more.

Learn more about slideshows, how they work and can be customized via Flex. This feature is available for all FlexBlock users.


A fun and complex element that can make your website more interactive, as well as present large chunks of information in a condensed and elegant way. There are numerous ways you can use tabs inside your layouts, and we’ve released pre-made Tabs blocks to help you get started fast.

Be sure to check out our documentation to get a better understanding of how this element works and can be used. This feature is available for all FlexBlock users.

Save your own Flex blocks

Now you can save your own Flex blocks as templates and reuse them on other pages. They can be accessed from the Blocks library inside your editor. Read more about how it works.

This features is available to all Flextheme and Pronto users.

Image grid

Showcase a gallery of photos that open in a pop-up once you click on them, or create a static Instagram feed. Customize the number of images per row, the gap between images and their size. Add a link or enable them to open in a pop-up. All is possible with the Image grid element from Flex. Read more information about how it works.

This feature is available for all FlexBlock users.


We care about the experience that you have with your themes and are always listening to how we can improve and enhance our products. If you have an idea or request for a feature, please fill out this form or share a post about it inside our Flothemes Community.

Flothemes Team,
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