FloForms Pro | Our Recommended Contact Form Builder for WordPress Websites

FloForms Pro | Our recommended Contact Form Builder for WordPress websites in 2020

Having tackled the topic of How to create a highly converting contact page, we left you equipped with a list of proven tactics on how to improve your page structure to increase the number of inquiries you get via your website. Yet, we haven’t really talked about the tools you can use to build custom contact forms and collect a prospect’s information. 

We, here at Flothemes, believe that running your own business shouldn’t be hard. That’s why we continuously work on ways to simplify WordPress and website management. We build our own frameworks to offer you guys a more intuitive and good looking (read as less scary) interface, and our own plugins, to empower you with more control and freedom over how your website looks and works. Today, we’re excited to release an enhanced version of our own contact form builder – FloForms Pro

Many of you are already familiar with FloForms and have been using the free plugin version to create custom contact forms and collect tailored information from your potential clients. While the free plugin already offered great functionality and customization options, such as multiple field types, conditional logic, email reminders and dashboard notifications for unread entries, confirmation emails for clients, thank you messages, we wanted to take it up a notch. 

Here are some of the new features and powerful extensions available with FloForms Pro: 

Built in SMTP for better email delivery

SMTP, also known as Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, helps your emails bypass the standard WordPress mail function, hence removing most server related issues, and improving your email delivery rates. 

Need a bit more clarity on this? Basically “SMTP provides a set of codes that simplify the communication of email messages between email servers. It’s a kind of shorthand that allows a server to break up different parts of a message into categories the other server can understand. When you send a message out, it’s turned into strings of text that are separated by the code words (or numbers) that identify the purpose of each section SMTP provides those codes, and email server software is designed to understand what they mean.” You can read more about it in this article by What is my IP address.

Predefined templates

Premade solutions are meant to save us time. FloForms Pro comes with a list of pre-designed form layouts, plus the ability tosave your own forms as templates and reuse them at a later stage. This is particularly handy for those who love using longer, more detailed contact forms, for each type of service they offer, yet don’t want to spend too much time on rebuilding each form from scratch.

Advanced Styling Options & Custom Fonts

We know how attentive to details you are, and how much you care about maintaining the same aesthetic and brand voice across each page of your website. Especially your contact page, that crucial section where a site visitor decides if they want to reach out or not. With FloForms Pro, you get full control over such details as Fonts (upload your own custom fonts or use the multitude of Google fonts available inside), Colors and Buttons. You don’t have to choose between functional and pretty, enjoy both!
For more details on FloForms Pro Styling options check our docs.

File Upload option

Sometime you may need to collect additional information from your prospect or site visitor in the form of an image, pdf file, video, etc. FloForms Pro allows you to easily do that. All you need to do is drag and drop the Upload option into your form. Done. 

Notifications about New (or Unread) Entries

Let’s agree, no one likes to think about the possibilities and clients they may have missed out on. The thought that you may have neglected a business opportunity just because you did not see a message submitted via your website contact form – is painful and frustrating. Since there are so many factors that can cause issues with a contact form not delivering messages (server mail function errors, spam filters, conflicts with other plugins, etc) we’ve packed FloForms Pro with the following features:

  • All your form entries are saved inside your site dashboard and can be accessed or exported as an excel file at any time
  • Dashboard notifications – every time you log into your site, you’ll see a notification for new form entries
  • Email reminders about new, unread form entries
  • Slack notifications – whether you already use slack to chat with your team, or it’s a new tool for you (it’s free), you can easily set up an account, add the app to your phone and computer and get a slack notification every time someone fills out your contact form. 
  • SMS notification – connect your contact form to your phone and get an SMS every time someone submits an entry. All you’ll need for this is a Twilio account.  

Exciting Integrations 

A great tool is not only the combination of all its features and functionality. The way it works and integrates with other software and plugins is as important. Currently FloForms Pro integrates with the following tools:

  • Tave integration
  • ShootQ integration
  • Mailchimp integration
  • MailerLite integration

Know that we’re currently working on a Zapier add-on which will allow you to connect your contact form to over 1500 apps, and make your workflows more powerful and automated. Also, we’re looking into a possibility to integrate FloForms with FlexBlock. We’ll share more in the future. 


We’re excited to share FloForms Pro with you. Get all its perks and integrations for $49/year. Or, if you need just that one extension, buy it as an Add-On for a one time fee of $19 and use it with your free FloForms version. 
Have more ideas for features and integrations? Let us know by filling out this form

Flothemes Team,
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