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Create a Killer Contact Page to Increase Conversions

Two weeks ago we talked about 404 error pages, why they are important, how they can help you increase conversions and what criteria to take into consideration when designing a 404 page. Today, we’ll be focusing on another extremely important and crucial part of your website, which is your Contact Page. Having a contact page on your website is a must, otherwise you risk losing valuable inquiries and potential business. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back. In this article we’ll talk about 7 ways you can increase your conversions through the Contact Page. We’ll also share some visual inspiration, so you end up excited and full of ideas to get working and improving your current one.


Less is More

Have you ever found yourself in front of a painfully long [survey] form, thinking “Oh man, this is going to take forever”, then ending up just postponing or ignoring the form all together, because it’s length is too overwhelming? Yup, the same applies to your site visitors. You don’t want to scare potential clients away by having too many fields in your contact form. Studies from Hubspot shows that reducing the number of fields from 4 to 3 already increases your conversion rates by 50%.

Your main objective with this contact form is to collect enough information to get the conversation started. You can work on collecting additional information once a potential client has made that first touch point. There is no need to add a second name field to your form, ask about how important is photography for them, ask for their parents’ names and favorite books or quotes. It add’s no value at this stage, but could potentially reduce conversions.

The most relevant fields are name, email, and message. If your business requires you to do a follow up via phone, add a field for phone . Everything else can be deemed surplus to requirement. If you want to collect more information about your clients and the event, do it after that initial contact. Send a survey, or link them to a more detailed contact form where you can collect all information and details about their event.

Note: Some photographers, after reaching a certain maturity level in the industry (experience and price wise) prefer to include more specific questions in their form, to filter potential clients right away. If you’re only at the beginning of your creative journey, and are still struggling or working on getting more clients and business your way – we recommend you keep to the “Less is More” strategy when designing your Contact Form and Page.

Remove that Annoying Captcha

Obviously no-one wants to be spammed. Being offered SEO services from Harry Potter and the Philosophers SEO isn’t that fun, along with a huge inheritance from a foreign prince requesting your bank details and a small deposit. But don’t push away actual leads by creating additional friction and barriers with captcha forms. They’re just annoying. If you’re really having a problem with spammers, try using plugins such as Askimet or Antispam Bee.

Change Your “Submit” Button

Using more relevant words and call to actions for your submit button can actually increase your conversions. Try using “Submit Request” or “Send Now” as they’re known to convert better. Here’s also a great Form Conversion Report by Formstack, analyzing the Most Popular wordings for CTAs vs The Highest Converting ones (page 12).

Create Trust

Users are more likely to reach out to your if they trust your business. Most likely you will add a form to your Contact Page, which provides an easy and convenient way for users to reach out to you. However, adding some other details to your contact page helps build trust with your potential client.

Adding your location is not only great for SEO, it’s a good way to letting people know where you’re from, and whether you’re available for travels.
Contact Details
Add an email address or phone number as an alternative to your Contact form. This allows users to choose the channel that works best for them. It’s also a safe bet, if your contact form isn’t working for some reason, they’ll still have a way to reach out to you if they really want to work with you.


Getting lots of similar questions from users that could be answered with a simple FAQ? Create and add an FAQ section below your contact form. It’s a great way to filter unnecessary messages and provide potential customers with answers to their burning questions. Just make sure to keep the questions and answers short and sweet.

Confirmation Message

Most plugins and software that you use for your Contact forms will allow you to show your users a confirmation message after they’ve submitted an inquiry. Most of these will also allow you to redirect your user to a different page. You can use this opportunity to show off some of your top work, an article about things to keep in mind when planning a wedding or choosing a photographer, etc. it can be any useful or fun resource that they will appreciate and find interesting.

Social Media Buttons

While users have already all the necessary details to get in touch with you privately, they may want to find out just a little bit more about who you are, what you like and the type of work you do. By adding your social media handles on your Contact Page you help them get that extra bit of information, as well as increase your channels of getting new fans on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

Just by keeping in mind these simple, yet highly effective tricks, you can considerably improve your visitors’ user experience as well as your chances of getting inquired/booked. And of course, no article should go without some visual examples to inspire you and get your own ideas running. But before we move to the inspirational part, let’s have a quick talk about Contact Form plugins. We recommend using FloForms, our free drag and drop form builder. It allows you to track submissions and get reminders for unread emails. Offers integration with Tave and ShootQ. Here’s a quick video tutorial on how to install and use FloForms. Otherwise, you can also take a look at Gravity Forms, which is a premium paid plugin that allows you to create contact forms, surveys, polls and client evaluations.

Time for some examples of great Contact Pages!

Inspiration for Contact Pages


Have a question or more examples of killer Contact Page designs? Share them in the comments below, we’d love to see what you like and find inspiring. Also, don’t hesitate to send us a message if you’d like to know more about our drag and drop form builder – FloForms (but also watch this video explaining how to use it), or the Contact Page layouts from our theme demos. *wink

Flothemes Team,
Empowering You.



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    Awesome post! So useful! Can't wait to redesign ours! Now time to write one for that tricky About Page? :)

      Nata Leto

      08:29 July 20, 2017

      Oh, yes! That one should be next ;)


    06:46 July 21, 2017

    Thank you for that! Just in time when i needed to revamp my site :)

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