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A fresh and playful addition to our website designs! You will love Trento for its simplicity, quirkiness and the Custom Feel it adds to your website. This theme was crafted for the adventurous souls, who love to travel, shoot lifestyle, editorial and portrait. It’s for the creative hustlers who seek a beautiful new way to share their stories, photo projects and artwork.

Apart from all the perks related to customizable layouts, variety of page blocks, interactive elements and its page builder, we’re bringing to the table more control over colors and your theme’s styling. Now, you can easily switch between different style kits (with predefined colors and fonts) or create your own style direction based on your brand colors and fonts and apply it easily to all site elements.



We can’t wait to see how this quirky & fun website theme shapes into something extraordinary and remarkable under your creative leadership, and photography / videography work. Yes, just like most of our previous themes, Trento perfectly supports video content. Add video embeds anywhere on your site, as well as self hosted videos to your slideshows.

Excited? So are we!

But before we jump further, we’d love to give our kudos to Ben Sasso and Jordan Voth for their stunning work featured in Trento’s Demo sites.

The Backend

We continue enhancing our theme backend and your experience with setting up and managing a WordPress website. Every page layout and block can be easily previewed, drag and dropped and tweaked. You have control over which blocks display on your desktop vs. mobile site. Customize predefined layouts or create a new page structure with our page builder. Tweak the Default Blog post / Gallery post templates or extend them with a few custom blocks. Any changes you make to the default post / gallery templates will automatically apply on all pages you’ve used this template for.

If you need a specific post/gallery page customized, overwrite the default post/gallery template specifically for this page. Here’s an example from our demo of a Default Gallery Page and here’s an Extended (Customized) example of that same page. It’s really up to your imagination and needs, which blocks you add and how you shape each page.

Style Kits, Fonts & Color Management

Literally in a matter of a few clicks you can turn your feminine, airy website, into a moody editorial one. How? Stylekits! You can use the predefined ones we’ve added to your dashboard (see how different the Editorial and Refined stylekits look and feel), or create and save your own style direction, based on your branding colors and typography. If you’ve worked hard on one style, but want to test out a different mood and vibe, backup your current settings, activate a new stylekit and voilà! A completely different website!

Trento - Website Theme for Your Destination Travel Stories, Lifestyle, Portrait & Editorial Photography, ben sasso, style kits

Headers & Slideshows

Trento bares 3 beautiful & unique sliders, as well as 4 header options (+1 right aligned menu attached specifically to Slider C). This theme is all about playfulness and interaction with your site visitors:

Slider A – A fullscreen, framed slideshow. Your featured text is on the left, center side. Just above it we’ve introduced a “location coordinates” area, for those of you who do destinations or travel a lot and what to show locations in a more unique way. Your Quick Links are on the right, bottom side of the slider, with the ability to keep it just as text or add a small image to it. You’ll also notice that your mouse turns into fun arrows, that will encourage navigation through your slideshow.
Slider B – A beautiful, interactive slider, with a visible nearby snippet on the right side, clean navigation arrows and featured text on the left bottom side.
Slider C – A unique slider, with a right aligned burger menu (specific just to this slider), featuring your text underneath, in beautiful interactive blocks, for a more editorial/magazine type of look. On this slider you can see how Quick Links show up with a tiny image snippet.

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Portfolio & Blog Listings

Four stunning and unique ways to showcase your galleries or blog posts. Remember, each of these 4 predefined listing layouts can be enhanced with additional blocks, be that a featured image, text intro, publications or partners presentation, etc.

Listing A – a 50/50 view, cropped, with interactive elements and movement. 1 cover image is larger, 1 smaller, alternating from right to left, with the larger one extending to the screen’s border.
Listing B – If you plan to use both, verticals and horizontals as your featured images – this listing type will masterfully help you do that. Don’t worry, it beautifully displays even with just horizontals or verticals (for a more airy, minimalistic look).
Notice the gorgeous “Browse by category” block placed under the listing? You can add this one to any page!
Listing C – a 50/50 view, with text under. Perfect to play around with vertical and horizontal featured images.
Listing D1  – a 3 column grid view. All images are top aligned.
Listing D2 – a 3 column masonry grid view.

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Single Galleries & Single Blog Posts

With Trento you are getting 3 layout options to showcase each gallery.

Gallery A – A beautiful 50/50 view with vertical slider for your images on the left, and a static text area on the right.
Gallery B –  This is a wide visible nearby slider, with a fun navigation arrow. You will notice how the image in focus is brought closer to the viewer (displayed a bit larger). Make sure to also notice the beautiful “Next Gallery” block, located below the slider.
Gallery C is a grid view that so many of you have requested, and it will be added with an update next week.
Take a look also at the Extended examples for your Gallery layouts. As explained in the Backend section (above), you can customize and overwrite the default gallery template, to personalize specific galleries only.

The same principle applies to your Blog posts. You can build any type of layout structure, with all the available page blocks inside your dashboard. Add featured images, related posts, newsletter subscription or comments section. It’s really up to your creativity. Here are just 2 layout examples, to get an idea: Blog post 1 (default) and Blog post 2 (extended).

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Custom Pages & Building Your Own Layouts

By now, you already know how flexible and interactive our new backend is. We don’t just recommend, but highly encourage you to play around and experiment with the layouts and page builder. There are so many beautiful page blocks available for you to use, while creating a very unique and personalized structure.  And please, do not limit yourself by the block’s title. For example, take a look at the second Testimonials block on this page.

Now, see how we’ve used this same block to feature your pricing packages here (second block)? You get the point. This theme, and these customizable blocks and layouts are like pieces of clay. Shape them into what ever you want! Actually, on the Investment page, all 3 blocks used to present your prices have been built with various blocks.

For your footer area, we’ve included 3 different layout options, already combined with your Instagram showcase (which can be added as a live feed, or a series of static images linked to your account). A few more features worth mentioning are a Travel Journal block that will allow you to share more about your destinations and travel plan for the next 12 months, an FAQ block that will help you answer some of the common burning questions your clients usually have, social buttons to stay connected, multiple Call to Actions for internal/external linkage, as well as basic styling applied to your shop once you add WooCommerce to your website.

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Got a portfolio worth sharing? Get a website worth seeing! Enough reading, be brave to bring your ideas to life with this beautiful and easy to customizable website design, especially since it’s 15% off this weekend! And if you’re feeling lost about where/how to get started, we’re also offering Setup Assistance, to help you learn how to manage and customize your new website.

Designed to Impress & Inspire.

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