5 Best WordPress Themes for Videographers in 2022

Video greatly impacts the way we hold on to memories. It helps immortalize emotions, sounds and important moments from our life on a completely different level than photographs. No surprise, it has been an on going trend, and will only continue growing in the following years. With the increased interest and number of users providing quality video content (YouTube and Facebook are overflowing with options), it becomes incredibly difficult to stand out and captivate users’ attention. However, if you’re serious about your filmmaking career, consider building a good looking, unique website, tailored to your style and branding – to show off your personality and offer a memorable showcase for your videography work. This will not only emphasize your professionalism, but also provide a pleasant and smooth experience for your clients and potential leads.

Without further ado, here are the best WordPress themes for videographers and filmmakers offered by Flothemes, listed in no particular order.

Note: For a fast loading page speed we recommend using video embeds over self hosted videos. All gallery listing you can see in demos work perfectly with images and/or videos.

Top Video WordPress Themes by Flothemes

1. Cannes

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Cannes is a dynamic, captivating website theme offering advanced functionality & design capabilities for videographers and those who combine photography & cinematography in their work. This WordPress website design is all about interactive previews that grab your site viewer’s attention from the very first glance. Its pre-designed page layouts charismatically display your video portfolio, as well as provide a fresh, modern approach for your videography website. Cannes includes 2 stylekits at the moment: Cannes Weddings & Cannes Film, with more style directions to come.
It’s perfect for any wedding, travel, lifestyle or commercial videographers, who want a simple yet impactful way to showcase their video work! Also vloggers who want to grow their following and collaborate with brands on a more professional, business level, will find Cannes as a perfect fit to present their reviews, tutorials, educational films and so much more.

2. June

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June is stylish, fun, and empowering. It’s for all the hustling, go-getter type of ladies, motivated and empowered to achieve anything. Thanks to FlexBlock integrated into its framework, June offers flexibility to the greatest extent and allows you to make your videography site absolutely unique and authentic to your personality. You can customize every inch of your pages, or, if you prefer pre-designed options, use one of more than 120 drag and drop blocks and page layouts that were prepared for you! Get a closer look at June here!

3. Porto

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Porto is a timeless, fine art theme with an elegant, modern twist and multitude of customization options, slideshows, portfolio and blog listing layouts to choose from. You’ll be surprised how much this design has to offer with its out of the box features, while its modern, drag and drop backend will make the process of building a website enjoyable and interactive. Entice your clients and potential leads with full screen videos or clean, polished video galleries.

4. Lyra

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Another theme that can be adapted to any kind of business is Lyra. This website design will fascinate you with its flexibility, amount of customization options, and modern typography. If videography is your main creative field, Lyra will beautifully showcase your works both on the homepage and in the gallery. If your website has equal parts of video and photo content, Lyra will allow you to seamlessly combine the two together in an elegant manner. Find Lyra’s demo here!

5. Osaka

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Designed especially for storytellers and creatives who love sharing their adventures through visuals and enchanting narratives. Osaka offers a fresh, almost airy layout that will help your brand and creative vision stand out. Create a WOW effect by adding one of your beautiful videography works in a loop, on the main slideshow or in a modern right aligned slider gallery.  To enhance that mesmerizing experience for your site visitors, Osaka’s modern design combines delicate handwritten typography and overlapping elements, which find their balance and harmony through fine lines and soft color contrasts. If you’re looking for more creative freedom for your online presence and portfolio, this is your theme. You can read more about Osaka’s features and functionality here. Check out Osaka’s Demo here.

While these 5 themes include multiple options and functionalities designed to smoothly and beautifully showcase your videography work, note that all themes offered by Flothemes work well with video embeds. So, if you’ve fallen in love with one of our themes, which is not included in this list – you can still give it a go.

Know that we’re always open for questions. Send us a quick message on Facebook or Instagram and we’ll happily advise you on the best design to choose for your business.

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