Moody Style Kit for Osaka || New Features For Cube & Osaka

Time flies, summer is on its way, and we’re keeping up with this race. We know that many of you are still planning to do a website update before the busy season kicks in. To help make the process smoother, more enjoyable and easy for you, we’re continuously listening and brainstorming on new ideas, features and style directions. To cut it short, we’re thrilled to introduce you to a second style kit for our newest theme – Osaka, as well as a couple exciting new features for our latest themes!

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Osaka Style Kit #2

Osaka 2, muse and mirror photography, website theme for photographers

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Osaka 2 is as beautiful, refined and elegant as the first style kit, but comes with a darker, moodier vibe to cater to your photography style and branding. We’ve added one more header slider option to the existing ones. So if you’re looking for a more unique layout, choose the left aligned slideshow for your homepage. Also, due to increased interest, the Featured Post section that was available with your Listing pages exists also as a separate block now. You can insert it to your home, or any other customly crated page. The same thing goes for the listing view, now it’s separate block that can be added to any page, and you can select any of the 4 types of listing available with Osaka.

Updates & New Features

Now, let’s take a look at all the exciting new features and updates to Osaka & Cube:

Image Positioning for Slideshow Photos on Mobile

You will love this! Sometimes on mobile, the images in your fullscreen slideshow get cropped in an inconvenient way, since your main subjects can be positioned on the right or left side of the photo. So the magic and impact of the image is not the same. We have a solution for that. Now, you can choose exactly how each image from your fullscreen slider will show up in portrait mode on mobile. Feature available with Osaka & Cube.


Mobile Menu Collapse

For a better user experience for your site visitors on their mobile devices, now your mobile menu can be displayed only with your main menu items, or in its expanded version with all sub-categories visible right away. Available with both, Cube and Osaka.


WooCommerce Styling

As we receive multiple questions on ways to style your shops with the WooCommerce plugin, we’ve added the option that applies your theme styling to your shop styling. This is a basic feature that helps your shop get close to your site design and branding. See example here. This feature is available with Cube and Osaka. It activates automatically, when you install/update your theme. See our tutorial for more info.

Fading Effect Enable/Disable 

In case you’re not a huge fan of smooth fading in and fading out effects, we’ve included the ability to turn it off whenever you want. Feature available with Osaka & Cube.  You can find it in Flotheme -> Generics -> Miscellaneous


Pricing Packages

Now our Pricing Block is more flexible and allows you to choose up to 4 packages per block, to show more options for your clients on the Investment Page. If you have more than 4 packages, you can easily add another block. Feature available with Osaka & Cube.

Typography | Tablet Font Size Zoom Factor Option 

Now you are able to make small fonts proportionally larger when your site is displayed on iPads. At the moment this is feature is available only with Osaka and Cube, but will be later added to our core, for all new themes. To tweak this, go to Flotheme -> Typography -> Generic Typography.


Additional Cube Updates

Grid Listing View & Excerpt

Cube owners, with the new updates you can customize your own image ratios for the Grid 2 type of listing. Have your featured images displayed in big blocks in a classic grid, or choose a different image ratio and enjoy a masonry grid view. Also, we’ve introduced the option to show post excerpts with this listing type. You can easily activate this feature to include snippets for each of your galleries or blog posts.

Image Block on Home

Now you have the ability to choose between 2, 3 and 4 columns when showcasing featured posts on your homepage with Cube, in the large Image Block.

Header with Menu Centered

On popular demand, we’ve included the ability to tweak manually the distance between menu items for the header option with the menu centered.

Information Block

With the updated version for Cube, you can select the image position within your Information block. It can be on the left or right side of the text.

FloSwitch Updates

We’ve added support for our FloSwitch plugin, and now migration from ProPhoto 4, 5 and 6 to the Cube theme is smooth and easy.

Osaka, muse and mirror and india earl photography, website theme for photographers. light and dark style kit

If you have been on the fence about getting one of our newer themes, Osaka or Cube – hopefully you don’t need any more reasons. These themes will perfectly compliment and cater to any photographer or videographer’s needs and style, and will make your website look phenomenal among everything else on the world wide web. We’re excited to see more examples of Cube & Osaka, so please submit your website here if you want to appear on our Showcase page and social media.

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