Flothemes Pricing Changes in 2018

Hey All,

Please take some time to go over the information below about price structural changes for Flothemes for 2018. Since the last time we chatted about our pricing was back in December 2016, we are excited, as price change means that we are on a roadmap for ongoing improvement.

Since our last price changes in 2016, we have doubled our Support and Setup team members, and added more hours of coverage. We’ve also improved our services process by building our own CRM for client management to offer a more transparent, engaging process. This also includes more individual video and call time.

Our dedication to a non-subscription pricing model remains the same. We strongly believe that users should be allowed to purchase a theme and use it for as long as they want to.

Our goal continues to remain – empowering our clients with better education and support, as well as more active connection time for users who need 1 to 1 assistance with their setup.

Please find below the breakdown of changes, which will all start kicking in from May 2018 for services and June 2018 for Themes.

Flothemes Pricing Chnages 2018 - Services

We currently offer 2 tiers of services. Our very popular Setup Services, and secondly our Custom Design and Branding offerings. Changes will occur only to our Setups and Custom Design services, starting May 14th. Not to our branding packages.

Branding Packages can be found here.

Setup Services

By this day, we have supported thousands of clients who needed help with setting up their website with Flothemes. When we created our Simple, Advanced and Advanced Pro packages our aim was to provide an affordable option to receive help for each business, whether that be for convenience, time management, technical support or other reasons.

Since the popularity of our Advanced Package continues to grow, in 2017 we invested 5 months into developing our own CRM which has helped guarantee all clients receive the same process and availability. While that has assisted and benefited many clients, we do fall short on providing the service or needs to those who have higher expectations, and require extra service work due to their site structure. To solve this, we are changing our packages to include more education for our clients to benefit from, as well as an a la carte Service Add On. This allows more assistance with setup and site structure, plugins, SEO and site optimization, as well as grants a more dynamic approach towards meeting our clients’ growing and changing needs.

Our Simple Setup will increase to $179 from $169
Our Advanced Package will change to $449 from $399.
Our Advanced Pro Package will remain at $999 until later in the year.

Custom Design Packages

After having worked with 50+ custom website design clients, we decided to iterate how and what we offer customers to make the services more flexible.

The changes are meant to facilitate a more in-depth relationship between us and you as our client, but mainly to focus on more customization for those who really want to be unique.

Package 1
– $6000
– A Refresh Branding Package. We use your current logo and revise the entire aesthetic and style of your branding through colors, styling and type pairings to create a unique renewed aesthetic for your brand.
– Custom design functionality and styling for 4 pages of your site.

This is the most popular package suitable for businesses that are seeing fast growth and increased opportunities whereby you want to optimize your Brand as it matures and gains popularity both with clients and/or within the industry.

Package 2
– $10000
– Branding plus Package 1
– Our Top tier package. Ideal for those who want a full rebrand, consulting and mentoring from our Creative Lead and Founder Ross Tanner.
– Includes 5 custom designed pages for your site.

This package will be suitable for anyone expanding their business into new services or merging existing ones into one, changing names or locations, offering more education or new products. It’s also suitable for teams that have a more dynamic sales approach and need some professional expertise and guidance. This package will also come with Service Add Ons for additional consulting, marketing assets, shop design, as well as finance plans for assisting clients who want to invest into their business’ improvements.

Flothemes Pricing Chnages 2018 - Themes

Our policy remains the same, we include support inside our one time theme purchase. This in itself is a huge advantage for many clients and we do constantly iterate our processes and methods to improve the ways we support clients. At the same time, ongoing business growth and being able to continue supporting clients through new sales and no recurring income, adds pressure to our support team. We have calculated that we can maintain and keep improving our support service both in education, documentation, products, and service hours through increasing the rate of our themes from $249 to $279. (Changes to theme prices will roll out on June 4th).

This is just over a 12% increase which will continue to go towards investing into developing our platform, supporting our clients and providing more insightful education to benefit you with your site. It also means as a business we can invest more into our team to improve their day to day approach in creating tools that support your business.
We will also be offering a 10$ additional add on for those who want to support our chosen charity in need – generosity.org who build wells for families located in areas where water is still not accessible.

Lastly the GOOD NEWS, as most of you who are reading this are existing clients:

Loyalty Discount Anytime!

Rather than waiting for discounts with our new rates, we want to honor our clients by providing a default price point for all themes at $199. This will be valid at any time within 12 months of purchase of a single theme and can only be used for your own business. After 12 months users will require to use standard promo codes that are periodically available.

I do want to take this opportunity and thank you all personally for investing into our business, community, product and vision. We are excited for the future and the ongoing tools that we are working on for next Flothemes updates. Pricing is a delicate subject and we want to share our pricing publicly in advance so you are aware of the rate changes as well as the package alterations.

Thank You!
Ross Tanner,
Founder of Flothemes.

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