HoldFast Gear Money Maker Review

As incredibly inspiring and emotionally rewarding photography, especially wedding photography, can be – it does come with a couple of snags. Long, standing working hours, accompanied by heavy gear, can really have a hit on your posture, back and neck health. The term “wedding hangover” didn’t appear out of thin air. The struggle is real, especially when you’re in business for over 5 years.

Our ultimate goal at Flothemes is to empower and help you and your brand elevate – today we’ll be focusing on your personal health and well being, which is just as important. If you haven’t already heard about HoldFast Gear, be prepared to be introduced to the mesmerizing and stylish world of leather straps for photographers, and one of the leading brands in this industry – HoldFast Gear.

Holdfast Gear Money Maker review flothemes. image source - slrlounge.com
image source – www.slrlounge.com

While aiming to create the best Camera Straps in the world, HoldFast manages to design some of the most functional, stylish and noteworthy gear. The beauty of using real full grain leather is that it also shows the unique life that the animal lived – the stretch marks, the insect bites, wrinkles, birthmarks, scars, etc. Holdfast doesn’t see these as defects, but rather embraces these natural markings as part of the story. A one of a kind trait for your product. And speaking of products, while Holdfast has a wide range of camera straps, bags, leashes, pouches, wallets and other goodies, today we’ll be reviewing one of our favorite HoldFast products – the Money Maker.

HoldFast Gear Money Maker Review, Flothemes, image source: www.byjosechan.com
image source: www.byjosechan.com

If you shoot alone, need to carry more than one camera, experience back or neck pains from having to carry all that heavy gear all day long – you will love the Money Maker, especially since they recently released a new version of their most popular product, with lots of improvements.

First things first. if you’ve never heard of Holdfast and the Money Maker, here’s a quick overview:
#1. A multi camera strap, designed to carry 1, 2 or 3 cameras. Stays to the outside of your shoulders, making this system very comfortable and suitable for both, men and women.
#2. Comes with everything you need to shoot with 2 cameras, including sliders, safety catches and 2 Camera HoldFasts.
#3. No need to worry about the safety of your cameras, no matter how large and heavy you think they are. HoldFast’s main clip design is based on a clip used to attach the sail to a boat. It has been slightly modified, to make it even more durable and easy to use, and has a removable safety strap.
#4. It’s not just designed for wedding photographers, a lot of sports, fashion, safari and photojournalistic photographers are enjoying this camera harness as well.
#5. Comes in a variety of colors and styles, to match the look and taste of the most eccentric or picky customer.
#6. All pieces are 100% leather, proudly made in Oklahoma, USA, designed to last a lifetime.

HoldFast Gear Money Maker Review, Flothemes 1

And of course, the best and most CRUCIAL thing about it, is that it will release the pressure off of your lower back! Each time you have your camera hanging in front of your body or to your sides – your lower back will hurt (sometimes shoulders too). Having to deal with this type of pain once or twice a year can be tolerable. But you’re not shooting just 1-2 wedding per year – are you?

You’ll be surprised by the difference they Money Maker makes, after a full day of shooting. It’s sleek and smart design allows the cameras to hang behind your midline, on each side, just around the belt area. This takes away the pressure from your lower back, and places it across the broadest and strongest part of your back.

HoldFast Gear Money Maker Review, Flothemes, image source: www.byjosechan.com 1
image source: www.byjosechan.com

Besides, have you seen all those badass photos online? This is not the case when functionality is sacrificed for the sake of the style, and vice versa. Apart from protecting your lower back, the Money Maker will also add that extra sleek, stylish vibe to your outfit. It will communicate to all folks around you that you’re ready for business and well prepared for any unforeseen events.

And since the Holdfast team are relentlessly chasing down new ideas for adjustments and ways to perfect the design of their Money Maker, we wanted to point out a few of the new perks and improvements they’ve added to it. Keep reading, or watch the video from below (or both *wink*).

◙  No more flapping leather ends in the back – all extra adjustment excess of leather are completely hidden.
◙  No chance for rust. All hardware (d-rings, rivets, washers, etc) are made from stainless steel now.
◙  New locking buckles as well as a customizable rear buckle placement for extra comfort and a more simplified, aesthetically pleasing look.
◙  Safety straps for ultimate security and impeccably versatile design

It also comes in a Skinny version, with removable shoulder pads and d-rings, if you want it as invisible and light as possible. You can easily pair it with Camera Leashes to create a 3 camera setup, attach your lens bags or the Sightseer accessories to extend its multi-functionality and accommodate your needs for the day.

HoldFast Gear Money Maker Review, Flothemes 2

And one last thing, about this amazing product. Despite of all the gear you might try and attach to your Money Maker camera strap – your hands will still be free! Free to help the bride adjust her hair or wedding dress for a photo, free to pet their cute dog or quickly get a bite from that delicious wedding cake.

If you’ve been using Holdfast Gear products already, we’d love to hear about your experience and thoughts. If you haven’t, we hope this got your curious. Just remember, it’s not about the stylish look, it’s not even about the multi-functionality and “extra pair of hands” that it offers you – it’s all about your lower back’s well being. Oh no, wait. Actually, it’s about all three of those! The Money Maker is worth a million times over!

Flothemes Team,
Empowering You.

HoldFast Gear Money Maker Review, Flothemes, image source: www.thestaganddoe.com
image source: www.thestaganddoe.com



    10:38 October 10, 2017

    The moneymaker is a blessing. After many attempts, the Moneymaker is by far the best thing for me.


    14:51 October 12, 2017

    I use a similar strap and I can recommend using such tools to every wedding photographer. Best, Sven

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