Igor Demba | Things Nobody Tells You About Destination Photography | FloInsider Ep #10

Welcome to the 10th episode of FloInsider, a podcast for photographers and creative business owners who seek inspiration and a fresh perspective on how to run their business, navigate this weird time that we all live in, find meaning and happiness in their daily routines. 

Though we all work in similar industries, our lives are shaped by very different experiences and life choices. We want to celebrate those differences and highlight them – by offering the mic to those who need to be heard. Those who show up even when it’s hard. 

We need to hear stories and viewpoints that are different from ours. How else will we understand? How else will we gain perspective? How else will we learn and grow? 🙂 

Today’s episode is exciting for 3 reasons:

  • We have a lovely new host, sharing the stage and leading each discussion with passion and kindness. Please welcome the lovely Nadia Meli
  • This interview kick starts an Exciting Educational Campaign, meant to help photographers and creative entrepreneurs gain more insights, practical tips, and motivation to power up their 2021!
  • Our guest, Igor Demba, opens up about the unglamorous side of Destination Photography, the risks that come with offering free or heavily discounted services, as well as the most important rule you need to keep in mind when running your own business.  

Tune in!

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A few cliff notes from our chat with Igor Demba: 

  • Routines are not necessarily the killer of creativity. Sometimes, having structure can in fact give you a space to thrive and create.
  • When trying to get into destination wedding photography, you may be tempted to offer your service for free – have your client cover only travel costs. Yet, by doing so, you can trap yourself into a situation where further clients who come from word-of-mouth and recommendations also expect a free or highly discounted service. This not only makes it hard to charge a proper amount, but can also affect your perception of your work’s value. 
  • Destination weddings are not glamorous, they can be lonely, tiresome and time-consuming. You get to miss out on a lot of things at home, with your family and friends. 
  • Treat yourself like you would want to be treated by an employer: be a great boss to yourself!

Listen to the full episode as it’s full of wonderful insights and questions that will make you stop and reflect for a while. If you want to connect with Igor Demba, or find out more about how to get into destination weddings, head over to his website here: www.igordemba.com or follow him on Instagram: www.instagram.com/igordemba

Our lovely host was Nadia Meli. You can connect with her here: nadiameli.com

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