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Once Instagram launched Stories, the way we interact with the platform has significantly changed. With it has also changed Instagram’s potential in terms of brand exposure, promotion, sales & of course audience engagement.

Instagram stories offer an easy, fun and interactive experience for ALL its mobile users. You, as a brand and growth oriented business owner should take full advantage of its possibilities. Not just by using the Stories option, but by investing time & creativity into Story posts that stand out, trigger curiosity or an action from your viewers – be that to swipe up, vote on a poll, ask you a question, buy your product, recommend you to somebody, etc.

We won’t bore you with tips about ways you can grow your following through Instagram stories, or improve your marketing strategy, as there’s plenty of information about this online. What we will focus on in this article is Instagram Story Templates – why and how to use them for your brand. You’ll also find 25+ elegant & trendy instagram story templates for photographers, that you can download for free, easily customize in Photoshop and put to work already today.

instagram story templates

The fact that Instagram Stories expire in 24 hours and don’t mess up your perfectly curated Instagram account, doesn’t mean that you should forget about aesthetics and your brand guidelines. This is what differentiates you from amateurs and other photographers . Present yourself professionally and capture user attention in those 15 second slots.

Honestly, in the long run, having Instagram Story covers already adapted to your branding and portfolio style – will save you time. You won’t have to come up with new ideas when announcing a new article or gallery, a preset pack that you’ve released, a workshop that you’ll speak at, or your travel dates with a call to action for potential clients, etc.

You won’t have to waste time on choosing an appropriate font, layout & color. Your pre-designed templates will already have all that structure and decisions in place, all you’ll need to do is add some text and images to it – and DONE!

instagram story templates free

Don’t take the chance of potential clients & fans tapping past your stories!

Use Instagram Story mockups for a more professional, clean & elegant look that makes people stop and read into your stories.

As promised, we have a bundle of beautiful Instagram Story Templates that you can download, customize & use to impress your fans. Sign up here to get them, they’re absolutely FREE!

Get Free Templates

What’s included:

– 1 PSD file with 29 Instagram Story templates that you can customize
– 1 folder with free Google fonts that you’ll need to upload to customize the templates (feel free to switch these fonts with your own branding typography).
– 1 folder with all 29 previews for the Instagram Story templates
– 1 Read Me document with a video tutorial explaining how to edit the Photoshop file.

Special thank you to Jane Iskra for her breathtaking images featured in our Instagram Story Templates.

Flothemes Team,
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